Top 10 Most Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations in Australia

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations in Australia 2017. Australia is rated among the world’s most known and admired honeymoon destinations, and a destination for most amazing experiences and places in the world. Newly-wedded and love-stricken couples would find the beautiful landscapes, luxury, and the hospitality the country has to offer worth spending for. Whether you are looking forward to a honeymoon packed with adventures, a great outdoor fresh air, or even just a week of lazing around the beach, Australia is the best destination for you. Here are the top 10 most beautiful honeymoon destinations in Australia to help you pick the best destination for your honeymoon.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations in Australia 2017

10. The Perth


The Perth is the capital of Western Australia, is sunny, and has a plenty of things to see and do for your honeymoon. This destination is set between the Indian Ocean and the Darling Ranges, and is one of the top most beautiful honey moon destinations in Australia for romancing couples 2017. It is the best for a laid back kind of honeymoon. Perth provides you with a variety of recreational activities including surfing at the beaches in Perth, visiting fascinating museums and monuments, enjoying views of city skyline while relaxed in the Kings Park, and exploring the bohemian North Bridge. Has the most luxurious places to stay such as the Royal Hotel Perth and many more.

9. Victoria


Victoria is ranked among the top most beautiful honeymoon destinations in Australia due to its camping and aquatic adventures, availability of top luxury resorts, and its tropical climate. This destination has been positioned close to other beautiful cities in Australia, allowing you to cover maximum attraction sites in the country. Among the luxuries you will enjoy in Victoria includes a hike along the Goldfield or Gippsland, participate in thrilling water sports while riding in the islands, and a drive to explore the gorgeous Melbourne city. Has luxurious places to stay and the best time to visit is between June and September.

8. Kimberley

Kimberley Top 10 Most Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations in Australia 2017

This region, found in the pristine plateaus, offers couples an astounding and quiet honeymoon. The Kimberly plateau is an extensive wonderland of breathtaking landscapes and rugged mountains, gorges, and ranges. The Kimberly has a fantastic beauty that makes it an ultimate honeymoon destination. The destination has the best places to stay including the Berkeley River lodge and the homestead of El Questro Station. Best to visit from April to September.

7. The Kangaroo Island


This island is based on a secluded location and has a sparse population, making it among the indulgent places to visit for honeymoon in Australia. Couples will be have the opportunity visit rich history, unwind at idyllic cottages found here, witness the white sand beaches and pristine turquoise water. Wildlife here is also amazing. The romantic couple will have the opportunity to unwind in the beach or pamper themselves with rejuvenating spas, and visit the American River. You will find the most luxurious accommodation at Tammar Ridge and many other lodges.

6. The Great Barrier Reef


This destination is ranked among Australia’s most wonderful honeymoon destinations, with a variety of lavish facilities to splurge on during your honeymoon. You and your spouse will enjoy visiting places like Dunks Island, Heron Island, Lizard Island, and Wilson Island; witnessing marine life’s beauty while participating in water activities such as snorkeling; relaxing with loved ones along the white sandy beaches; and enjoying the panoramic views along the islands. Accommodation is available in places such as Drunk Island resort, Lizard Island Resort, and other luxurious lodges. Best to visit from June to November.

5. Tasmania

Tasmania Top Most Famous Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations in Australia 2019

Tasmania is popular for its bestowing wildlife, reserves that are highly protected, and its vastness. This is a beautiful honeymoon destination for a newly married couple, providing colorful views of rugged mountains and green dominating landscapes. This is a perfect destination for a couple searching for a tranquil getaway enveloped by nature. While in this destination you will enjoy visits to Marrawah, Grindelwald, Cradle Mountain, and also Wineglass Bay. Also, you will participate in safari tours, hike in the beautiful rainforest and experience candle light dinner while at Boat Harbor. Tasmania has luxurious accommodation at Eagle’s Nest Retreat and the Saffire Lodge. Best to visit from October to early May. This is one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations in Australia 2017.

4. New South Wales

New South Wales Top Popular Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations in Australia 2018

This is one of the most beautiful Australian honeymoon destinations for couples searching for a laid back kind of vacation. Here you will enjoy the intimacy that comes with the white sand beaches, valleys filled with snow, and rugged mountains. You will have the experience of hiking through the valley, planning a night out at Ulladulla, and a visit to the region’s snow filled mountains. Has the best accommodation facilities at Arajilla Retreat, Byron Resort and Spa, and the Resort at Peppers.

3. Queensland

Queensland Top Most Popular Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations in Australia 2018

This place provides a wide variety of destinations for newly wedded couples. The destination is rich with pleasant experiences ranging from exquisite delicacies to white sands found at the sunshine and Gold Coasts, Great Barrier Reef, and the rainforest. You will have spectacular experiences such as boat riding with your love, romantic dinners, and enjoying the City’s beautiful views form the Kangaroo Point Cliff. If you are looking for adventure, you won’t miss skydiving. Has luxurious accommodation facilities at Silky Oaks Lodge, and Retreat at East Bedarra.

2. Melbourne

Melbourne Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations in Australia 2017

Melbourne is a bustling and vibrant city, and ranked among Australia’s most popular honeymoon destinations. It has beautiful old buildings, wonderful restaurants, lanes that are filled with cafes, and the quaint alleys. A couple on honeymoon will enjoy a variety of historical sites such as the Melbourne Museum, and the National Gallery found in Victoria; take romantic walks around the destination’s gardens; and sip coffee at the sidewalk cafes. Luxurious accommodation facilities are available at Royce hotel the Crown Towers of Langham. Can be visited all year round.

1. The Whitsundays


This is considered the top most beautiful honeymoon destination is Australia. A visit to this place will be a perfect honeymoon gift for your spouse. This destination is less crowded, and has 74 island with only 8 of them inhabited, satisfying your desire for a lonely love life with just the two of you next to a beach. Here, you will have the adventure of going for fishing and snorkeling, and enjoying the morning scuba. This destination provides the best accommodation facilities at the Island Resort, Reef Review Hotel and others. The best time to visit this destination is from May to December.

These are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations in Australia 2017. Apart from these destinations, Australia has many other surprises that make the best honeymoon destinations for a married couple. Give your love the best surprise of her life by visiting one of the above destinations for your honeymoon.