Top 10 Most Attractive Cities in The USA

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Attractive Cities in The USA 2017. Going out of town should be an enjoyable experience for all. Yet, there’s a lot to take into consideration, such as the cost, soaking up local culture, and finding a spot that’s suitable for all family members. At the same time, it doesn’t hurt to venture into a world that’s different from what a person is used to being around every day. This is a comprehensive list of the top 10 most attractive cities you must visit in 2017, and there are some places you may have never thought of as an exciting destination worth seeing.

List of Top 10 Most Attractive Cities in The USA 2017

1. Portland, OR –


In the past few years, this place has become something of a pop culture phenomenon. Laid back, artsy, and many eclectic eateries (like the Voodoo Donuts, which was parodied on the Simpsons not long ago) and restaurants that perfectly reflect its local aesthetic. There are also a nice number of microbrews, as well as eco-friendly wares for sale. While there’s an exceptional night life with its many clubs and hangouts, there’s also a tranquil side that can be found at the Japanese Garden or just taking a ride in the Pacific Northwest.

2. Louisville, KY –

Louisville, KY Top Famous Attractive Cities in The U.S. 2019

The warm Southern climate is ideal for those who love the casual outdoors. Besides the number of distilleries that sell bourbon, brandy, and whiskey, the Mega Cavern is a park like nothing found in the larger metro cities. This underground bike park is located inside a limestone cavern that measures more than 320,000 feet, and 100 feet below the surface. Children and adults are welcome, as there are many options, like the ropes course, trams, and zip-lines for all levels of bikers to enjoy.

3. Philadelphia, PA –

Philadelphia, PA Top 10 Most Attractive Cities in The U.S.

While enjoying a nice philly cheesesteak sandwich, there’s much to see and do. Recently named America’s first UNESCO World Heritage City by the United Nations, you can see Independence Hall and the rest of the city from the newly-built One Liberty Observation Deck. The Philadelphia Museum of Art will also hold international art shows throughout the year. Speaking of the museum, those looking for a workout may get an intense training at the Quintessential Rocky Tour of Pennsylvania. This guided tour shows off the local spots highlighted in the 40+ year movie series, starring the legendary Sylvester Stallone.

4. Downtown Los Angeles, CA –

Downtown Los Angeles, CA Top Popular Attractive Cities in The U.S. 2018

What’s different these days about this once-industrious area are the number of unusual and high end shops, as well as familiar chains like Kroger (Ralph’s) stores, Macy’s and Target stores – all within walking distance of major hotels in the area. As a car is often needed to get around, Downtown has immediate access to a number of public transportation options that include the DASH shuttle, the Expo Line that now travels as far west as Santa Monica, and double-decker tour buses. These also go to the Long Beach Aquarium, Rose Bowl and the Staples Center or various events held in the area.

5. Cleveland, OH –

Cleveland, OH Top 10 Most Attractive Cities in The U.S. 2017

Home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, this is the ideal place for the pedestrian. Check out the views of Cuyahoga River, Lake Eric beaches, or the renovated Public Square. There’s also an awesome nightlife with breweries, dance clubs and places where people hang out at the local food truck for an eclectic treat. Downtown Cleveland also has a number of independent retailers that offer unusual wares and services. This is one of the Top 10 Most Attractive Cities in The USA 2017.

6. Las Vegas, NV-

Las Vegas, NV Top Most Famous Attractive Cities in The U.S. 2018

The great thing about this tourist attraction is there’s something for every budget. Those looking for a modest getaway may find themselves at home in Downtown Las Vegas. Of course, the Strip is a constantly-changing area with ongoing and new residencies by some of the most popular modern recording artists. Caesar’s Palace is celebrating their golden anniversary this year and introducing the renovated Julius Tower. Here, there are few rules when it comes to conduct, plenty of buffets, and a chance to try your luck at the many casinos.

7. Sedona, AZ –


If it’s peace and tranquility you seek, this desert community is the perfect environment to relax and unwind with its many vortex retreats and tours. There are many new-age style resorts and spas, along with hiking paths and nature walks. Red rock formations can be found at Bell Rock, Grand Canyon, and Oak Creek Canyon. Many lodging facilities have fantastic views of mountains, sunsets but many tourists come to see the shooting stars that appear at night. In addition to bed and breakfast, there are many dining options and wine tours.

8. New Orleans, LA-

New Orleans, LA Most Attractive Cities in The U.S. 2019

While Hurricane Katrina may have slowed tourism for a moment, the city known as the Big Easy is back and better than ever. Outside of Mardi Gras, there are a number of outdoor festivals held throughout the year. Additionally, there’s the French Quarter with its many clubs specializing in blues, jazz, and zydeco live shows. It’s the perfect way to burn off the many Cajun and creole dishes the area has to offer. Or just take a stroll along Bourbon and Royal streets to see the many unique shops, art galleries, and fantastic architecture.

9. San Antonio, TX –


Once known for its missions, this city is gaining rank on Austin for being one of the most colorful and fun places to live and travel to in the Alamo state. The Sisters Grimm Ghost House, Amazing Mirror Maze and Vault Laser Challenge, and the Agave Ranch Rustic Furniture stores are a welcome change from the norm. There are also many local Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations. While this is the home of Tex-Mex, there are a number of dining options that include Italian, Traditional American, and even vegetarian cuisine.

10. Detroit, MI-

Detroit, MI Top Most Attractive Cities in The U.S. 2017

Like New Orleans, this Northern city has seen its fair share of challenges in recent but is also about changing for the better. This year, they have expanded the popular Sea Life Michigan Aquarium. For those who love aquatic animals, the Polk Penguin Conservation is slated to be the largest penguin habitat worldwide. Fans of the Fab Four will appreciate the Beatles exhibit. The new LEGOLAND is ideal for family fun, along with tourist attractions like the Motown Museum. Downtown Detroit has a varied selection of eateries and modern distilleries.

These are the Top 10 Most Attractive Cities in The USA 2017. Sometimes, people make it a habit to travel to the same major U.S. cities year often. While there’s nothing wrong with this, it can become mundane. Sometimes, it may be beneficial to travel somewhere that’s the opposite of a large metropolitan area that has heavy traffic, huge population, and high-priced accommodations that are just average. Because many of the cities listed have features not found in the usual travel destinations, this is what makes these the top 10 most attractive cities you must visit in 2017. People who travel to unique locations find themselves adjusting nicely to the local culture and often they feel very welcome. Many places on this list also have special resources for those traveling with pets, are differently-abled, or are part of the LGBT community.

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