Top 10 Artificial Amazing Man Made Islands in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Artificial Amazing Man Made Islands in The World 2017. Some of these man-made islands were created for tourists or served as the protection for wildlife sanctuaries as well as protection of floods. Some of them are mystifying and some are unusual. There are also some artificial, man-made islands that were made because of the protection of natural weather occurrences, or because the habitants of the nearby land were taken over by others. Some also were made because of the protection of certain species, or for the tourism industry. Either way, they are made artificially, beautifully crafted and some can even be seen from as far as space. Here are the Top 10 artificial, amazing man made islands in the world.

List of Top 10 Artificial Amazing Man Made Islands in The World 2017

10. The Venetian Islands, Florida, United States


This archipelago artificial islands located in Miami and Miami Beach, Florida are 6 occupied man-made islands with another being unoccupied, yet it’s used for picnics. They are all individually “linked” by bridges which start at Miami’s mainland and continue to Miami Beach. It makes it one of the Top 10 artificial amazing man made islands in the world 2017.

9. Danube Island, Austria

Danube Island, Austria Top 10 Artificial Amazing Man Made Islands 2017

This island was constructed beginning in the early 70s. It’s a narrow, but long island at the center of Vienna, Austria. It sits between the Danube river, side by side of the excavated channel, “New Danube”. It is similar to any other natural island with bars, restaurants, clubs, and “a popular music festival“. Popular with locals, the artificial island is said to be busy because of the many ‘open-air events”. It was built to protect people of Vienna. It’s part of the effort to protect the city from floods when the Danube River crosses Vienna. The material that was excavated was dumped in the middle of the New Danube and the river bed that exists there which now is 13 miles of man-made land. The flood control system designed to protect those living in Vienna from the flash floods bring river water of up to 14,000 cubic meters a second. It only happened in 1501, but goes down in Vienna’s history books as torrential. Since then, there has been on other which was in 2002 that brought 10,000 cubic meters a second. Because of this, there were about 2 million trees and bushes planted during the years of 1974 through 1988.

8. Islands of the Uros, Peru

Islands of the Uros, Peru Top Most Fanous Artificial Amazing Man Made Islands 2018

The people of Peru, whom are called The Uros live on floating islands. These islands are made from the “reed” grown at the edges of Lake Titicaca, Puno. The people harvest it, then bundle it super tight, and built the remarkable floating platforms themselves a hundred years ago, now considered islands. The reason for these small islands are because the Incas took over their land. So, the Uros have moved onto the Lake Titicaca, Puno. The local people harvest the reeds and have to replenish the island, time and time again. Since the reeds get disintegrated at the bottom, it’s a must even though they about 8 feet thick. According to the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism’s they are above 1,246 feet above sea level with it being 3 miles west of the port of Puno. Each island has houses built from the same material while the biggest island has a watchtower for protective reasons. The larger islands do house 10 families while the smaller ones house 2 to 3 families. This is one among the Top 10 artificial amazing man made islands 2017.

7. The Pearl, Qatar


In Dona, Qatar, the shoreline is 350 meters from the Pearl. The man-made island is about 4 million sq. meters. Since 2012, there’s been 5,000 people whom are called residents that live on the island. The estimated project when completed will cost $15 billion. It is more than 32 kilometers of a new coastline. It’s a residential estate with at least 45K residents and 15K dwellings which is unique in itself. This makes it one of the Top 10 artificial amazing man made islands.

6. The Amwaj Islands Bahrai

The Amwaj Islands Bahrai Top Popular Artificial Amazing Man Made Islands 2019

The Bahrain is a collage of man-made islands in the Persian Gulf. They were reclaimed from the seas. It’s become available for residents now, and with the infrastructure completed, the commercial and residential portions that come with a regular city or town will all be included. Such places are residential buildings, the circular marina, and hotels. It’s a project that’s great for expatriates in Bahrain.

5. The World Islands, Dubai, UAE


These islands are in Dubai which is located 2.5 miles which will locate homes and luxury hotels. Off the coast, this is another mega-project involving man-made islands. It was unveiled to the public in 2003 as The World Islands. It is 300 small islands artificially made of sand dredged from the coastal waters which is going to replicate the shape of a globe. The man behind it: the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Delayed in 2008, the World project fell into the global financial crisis. This means that 2 of the 300 islands have been completed since 2013; Lebanon and Greenland. They are now merging and said to be sinking according to NASA’s Earth Observatory which could be seen from space (as of February 2010). It was said that erosion would end up eating away the islands because of non- development and the rising sea levels as reported by ABC News. Either way, it’s considered one of the Top 10 artificial amazing man made islands 2017.

4. Nigehorn, Germany

Nigehorn, Germany Top Most Popular Artificial Amazing Man Made Islands 2018

This artificial island belongs to the Hamburg, Nigehorn. It was created in 1989 and sits in the North Sea. It was created by a nature protection project that would be scaled at 74 acres; the island has grown naturally. It has pioneer plants which carries the ‘airborne sand’ that is blown from the island which surrounds the sandbank. What happened was an ongoing land loss dispute was settled with this piece of island. This was due to the loss of a nearby island called Scharhörn which was a breeding ground for birds. The birds became threatened and also deprived from it’s original habitat. So, because of their dependency on the land, the artificial island of Nigehorn was made. It’s now 123 acres, making it Top 10 artificial amazing man made islands.

3. The Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah Top 10 Artificial Amazing Man Made Islands

This archipelago is a set of three sets of man-made islands. The Palm Islands which is the smallest of the three is on the coast of Dubai in United Arab Emirates. The Palm Islands sits alone as part of three sets of man-made islands. Built using land reclamation by the UAE government owned company, Nakheel, it’s shaped like a palm tree, hence The Palm Islands. The other two are still not complete. They are too be extended into the Persian Gulf. This make it one of the Top 10 artificial amazing man made islands.

2. Our Lady of the Rocks, Montenegro

Our Lady of the Rocks, Montenegro Top Most Artificial Amazing Man Made Islands 2019

Created by “bulwark of rocks”, this artificial island is on the coast of Perast Bay of Kotor, Montenegro. It was made with the sinking of old, seized ships which were filled with rocks. According to “legend”, the island which started out as a huge pile of boulder rocks has a story behind it. On the date of the July 22, 1452, the image of the Virgin Mary was discovered there by two brothers (Moršić). This is the main reason for the tiny Orthodox chapel which currently sits today, and also called “Gospa od Skrpjela”. Today, a tradition is still continuing. Every year their is a custom which is called fašinada. This is when the citizens of the area ride their boats and “chunk” rocks in the sea.

1. Île aux Cygnes, France

Île aux Cygnes, France Top Artificial Amazing Man Made Islands 2017

This unique island, Isle of the Swans, is a narrow man-made artificial island in the Seine River. Located in Paris, France, it was formed in 1872 for the protection of the Grenelle Port. The tree-lined walkway of the “l’Allée des Cygnes” is notably one of the best features here. They run down the entire length of the island. One of the other main features of the artificial islands is the replica of the Statue of Liberty. It’s 1/4 scale of it and faces the original one in New York. (Originally, it was facing the Eiffel Tower, but in 1937 it was turned to face New York during the World’s Fair in Paris. Standing 72 ft. high, it faces west, it was also a gift to France, by the American residents who reside in France or the community of Americans living there at that time.

The Top 10 amazing artificial islands today may be an answer, as some scientists suggest, to the overpopulation some countries have. With the demand for land in some areas of the world, this could be a growing trend. The landforms from around the world seem to be an answer for many as you see with the Top 10 artificial amazing man made islands 2017.

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