Top 10 Most Amazing Botanical Gardens in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Amazing Botanical Gardens in The World in 2017. Botanical gardens across world can make an organically formed art show. If you are stressed, you just need to talk a walk and reconnect yourself with nature. You just stop and smell the roses and you will feel relaxed. Flowers will provide you serene calming from wide arrays of colors to sweet scents and also sounds of trees and birds. If you spend your time marveling at flora and fauna, you will realize that your body is relaxed, and you’ll feel like a new person. Have a look at these most amazing botanical gardens.

List of Top 10 Most Amazing Botanical Gardens in The World 2017

10. Singapore Botanical Gardens


This is the only botanical garden you can find in the world which is always open each day from five in the morning to midnight and the cool thing is that it is free to visitors. These gardens are found across 183 acres and have beautiful plants such as waterfalls, lakes, and also restaurants. What will attract you more about this gardens is about its 60,000 orchids and you will also get tropical rainforest and it is older than garden itself. There are also ginger garden and other flowering beauties.

9. Botanischer Garten

Botanischer Garten Top 10 Most Amazing Botanical Gardens 2017

This garden is one of the most amazing botanical garden in the world and it has three million specimens. The garden is operated as part of free University of Berlin and you will get fantastic display of plants which was collected from all corners of the world and it worth a visit. There’s wide variety of flowering cactuses, carnivorous plants, orchids and giant white water lily. It is the largest glass house in planet and house several tropical plants like giant bamboo. This place for sure worth a visit and you’ll find a lot of things to learn.

8. Jardin Botanique du Montreal

Jardin Botanique de Montreal Top 10 Most Beautiful Amazing Botanical Gardens 2017

This botanical garden has a mixture of indoor/outdoor collections which are usually captivating and it is a great place to visit no matter the weather. When the winter in Montreal approaches, you will still find that this garden with 22,000 plant species is still growing weather. What you can get from this garden is Chinese and Japanese style gardens, indoor insectariums and there are 160,000 specimens, outdoor arboretum. The material which was used to build this garden was shipped from Shanghai and it only took fifty Chinese craftsmen 6 months to assemble.

7. Reid’s Palace


This garden is one of a kind place and it is grounds of Reid’s palace hotel which is a famous luxury hotel which is found on cliffs overlooking Atlantic Ocean. It has ten acres of semi tropical plant which surrounds the hotel. The Portugal’s climate makes Reid’s garden burst with color throughout the year and trees were collected all over the world including Australia, Japan, Africa and Brazil. You will find hibiscus, wisteria, mimosa and more with admirable flowers throughout the season. This is the best place to visit with your kids during holidays.

6. Royal Botanic Gardens, England

Royal Botanic Gardens, England Top Amazing Botanical Gardens 2019

This garden spread across 130 acres and it has housed a lot of plants collection. Kew explorer train will be your best way to find yourself in the garden. You’ll find famous Davies Alpine House that is an eco-friendly building and it houses cool weather plants. You’ll also find water lily house, palm house and a conservatory and temperate house. It is also known as UNESCO World Heritage site. These gardens are the best place everyone can visit when you need something to restore your moods.

5. Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, South Africa

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, South Africa Top Most Popular Amazing Botanical Gardens 2018

This garden is found at the base of Table Mountain and it is 89 acres garden. It was founded in 1913 and one of the few botanical gardens which only cultivate indigenous plants. It was establish to preserve local flora and for now all the species found here are indigenous. You will get large conservatory showing plants including karoo, fynbos, savanna and others. You will get a lot of things which you have never seen before.

4. Orto botanico di Padova


This is the oldest and the world first botanical garden which was created in 1545. This garden still preserves the original layout and has circular central plot which symbolizes the world and surrounded by ring of water. The garden continues to serve its initial purpose just as the centre for scientific research. It covers 22,000sq meters and it is famous for its historical design and special collection.

3. Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden


This garden was opened in 1984 and covers 17 acres. It is non-profit botanical garden and it is located in scenic valley which opens out to Onemea Bay. What you can find here are waterfalls, stream and boardwalk along the ocean. The garden has over 2,000 plant species and represents more than 750 genera and 125 families with good collection of heliconias, palms and bromeliads. It has mango and coconut palm trees which are over 100 years old.

2. Kew Royal Botanical Gardens, England


The oldest botanical garden in the world and was founded in 1840. You will notice more than 30,000 species of plants and the herbarium has more than 7 million preserved plant specimens. In the water lily house, you can find amazing giant lily pads, exotic rainforest in palm house as well as ten climatic zones which are found in princes of Wales conservatory. You will discover Kew’s history and also explore beautiful Georgian royal retreat. Davies Alpine House is what will capture your attention and the environment is cool.

1. Longwood Gardens, USA

Longwood Gardens, USA Top Most Beautiful Famous Amazing Botanical Gardens 2018

This garden was once a private estate and it is located near Philadelphia. The garden spread across 1,000 acres and it includes 20 indoor and 20 outdoor gardens. You will get 10,000 different types of trees and plants and also fountains. It is one of the greatest greenhouse structures and the conservatory is home to 5500 types of plants. Exploration of twenty indoor gardens can only take a couple of hours. The highlights includes silver garden, Orangery, acacia passage, cascade garden, Mediterranean garden, outdoor water garden, tropical terrace, palm house and orchid house.

If you’re a science student and wish to know the most amazing botanical gardens with all the species of plants you want to learn, then these best ten will be your great choice. They have everything you need to learn bout the nature. Their environment is cool and their beautiful flowers will make you feel relaxed. These are the best botanical every one can visit and learn more about the nature.