Top 10 Most Affordable Cities to Live in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Affordable Cities to Live in The World 2017. These are the top ten most affordable cities you could live in. If you do some research you will find that some things cost more in certain places but it always has a reason behind it. Having the chance to live in some of these places could be great for you and your family. So do your research and find you a nice cozy home and get ready to sit back and relax because it is nice to live in these places. So go out and look at the homes here so that you can start living like you want to. Make sure to have a good job first and make sure it is in the price range so you are not living check to check all the time.

List of Top 10 Most Affordable Cities to Live in The World 2017

10. Buffalo, New York

Buffalo, New York Top Popular Affordable Cities to Live 2017

Living in Buffalo is said to be one of the affordable cities. Living in this city is going to cost you a lot less than other places because If you have an income around or above thirty five thousand then you will not need for anything. In the city it will cost you almost sixty three thousand a year to rent a house and if you buy one then you will only pay seven thousand more to buy it. Rent usually only cost you about six hundred and seventy five dollars. Gas is Buffalo is around three and half dollars to almost four dollars. It usually only takes someone twenty minutes to get to place to place so you are not waiting to long to get somewhere. You will need insurance mainly for the crime here because they rarely have severe weather, flooding, or earthquakes.

9. Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines, Iowa Top Best Affordable Cities to Live 2018

To buy a house in this area it is going to cost you around one hundred and seven thousand five hundred dollars. If you just want to rent a house here be ready to pay seven hundred to nine hundred dollars a month. Gas prices are three twenty and some places just ten cents higher. You state sales tax is six percent. Because of the severe weather, mainly tornadoes and hail, you will need to make sure you have some kind of insurance on your home, but insurance is pretty low so no worries of having to afford it. Finding insurance is not hard because this place in known for the insurance places.

8. Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama Top 10 Most Affordable Cities to Live 2017

Birmingham is a nice to live in if you make an income of twenty nine thousand. Houses sale for around ninety five thousand and can be rented for seven hundred to almost eight hundred. Gas prices are just a few cents over three dollars. It may take as a little as twenty six minutes to get to where you are trying to get to. Living here you will have to deal with tornadoes and all the hail that comes with it. Do not be surprised if when you move here if your car does not get stolen or if you deal with larceny. The crime rate has to deal with these two things but other than that you are safe.

7. San Antonio, Texas-


You need to have a household income of around forty five thousand to live here. Houses sale for around one hundred and sixty nine thousand dollars. To rent a home in this area you will be paying close to a thousand dollars or a little over. Gas is a little over three dollars like most other places. Flooding does occur sometimes so you may want to look into flooding insurance for your home if you are buying it or already own it.

6. Salt Lake City, Utah


Home sale between two hundred and sixty eight thousand to two hundred and eighty thousand. To rent a home here you will be paying a thousand dollars or a few hundred over that price. In order for you to go place to place it usually will take only twenty one minutes. Insurance is an option you need to look in to just to be safe but not much happens in this area. This is one of the Top 10 Most Affordable Cities to Live in The World 2017.

5. Las Vegas, Nevada-

Las Vegas, Nevada Top 10 Most Affordable Cities to Live

If your income is over fifty four thousand then you are safe to live here and not be broke trying to afford a place. Houses sale for around a hundred and seventy thousand and rent for about twelve thousand. Gas is almost at three dollars and fifty cents. Property tax cost are point seventy two percent and you have no state income tax. It has a high crime rate with auto theft being the highest you need insurance on your car so if it gets stolen it will be covered for the damage done to it. Twenty seven minutes is the average commute time in the area.

4. Columbus, Ohio-

Columbus, Ohio Top Most Popular Affordable Cities to Live 2018

Renting a house you will be paying about nine hundred, but if you plan to buy a house t you will pay a little over a hundred and sixty thousand. Gas prices are about the same here as other places ranging in the three dollar range. State income taxes are at a five point two range. Your insurance will be a lot lower here because the weather does not seem to get bad and the crime rate is low or below the national average.

3. Omaha, Nebraska-


Buying a house will take at least a hundred and sixty six thousand to one hundred and forty thousand depending on the house you are looking to buy. Rent will only be about eight hundred and sixty five to eight hundred and eighty. It only takes about twenty minutes from place to place and should not take any longer than that. Gas is three dollars and fifteen cents and is great for this place. If your income is over twenty seven thousand you will pay at least six point eighty four percent on state income taxes. You are at risk of many kinds of damage from different things such as tornadoes and the hail from it and the straight line winds that come with it. Plus the flooding that can occur can damage your home so think about getting good insurance before it happens to your home and it comes out of your pocket.

2. Indianapolis, Indiana-

Indianapolis, Indiana Top Famous Affordable Cities to Live 2019

Having a income of forty thousand is great for you. If you make this much then you can afford to live in this place with no problems. Renting a house would cost you about nine hundred or a few hundred under. Buying a house if you are ready for that step in your life then be ready to pay one hundred and fifty thousand or a little lower. Gas is at three forty to three forty five. Twenty seven minutes is the commute time so not much driving or walking. Insurance will cost you a little more because of the floods that happens plus you will be at risk for tornadoes, hail, and other severe weather events.

1. Memphis, Tennessee-


If you have a job that pays you forty two thousand or higher then you can afford the cost to live in Memphis. Homes sale for close to one hundred and fifty thousand. Renting a home will cost you nine hundred or a few dollars lower depending on the lovely home you want to rent. Gas is no more than three dollars and ten cents. The commute travel is only twenty four minutes and is lower than some places. Living in Memphis you are not required to pay any state income taxes which is great for you and your family. Insurance on your property will cost you a little more than you would want to pay but it is because of flooding in the area.

These are the Top 10 Most Affordable Cities to Live in The World 2017. No one wants to pay millions for homes. Well in these places you do not have to. Most of these things you will be paying for will be great prices because it is an affordable place to live. If you think about everything you will need to be paying you may see that you will be living comfortable and not have to worry about being broke all the time. If you have small kids you may rethink living in some of these places because it could be dangerous for them. None of these places take long to get to place to place. The gas prices are all about the same staying in the three dollar range and going no higher than that. Some places are lucky have no sales tax on income. Where I live you would think it is cheap but I see now that it is not.

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