Top 10 Most Successful Football Clubs in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Successful Football Clubs in The World 2017. Football is one of the most popular games that anyone knows. It is sometimes referred as soccer. Not only being a sport; it is also a huge business. It becomes a business when the clubs receives sponsorships.It is a game with crazy and enormous fans who follow across the world. Football has royal fans who love and stick to a specific club up to a level of crazyness.10 Years ago, Barcelona and Madrid football clubs dominated the football up to the pitch. They acquired this by signing high profile players, competing with Europe and Spain titles as well. The following is the list of the world’s top 10 most successful football clubs in 2017:

List of Top 10 Most Successful Football Clubs in The World 2017

10. Chelsea

Chelsea Top Most Famous Successful Football Clubs 2019

This is a football club in England that tested its success in 1995.They won a premier League title.Moreover, Chelsea has 4 football League cups, 7 FA cups and 4 FA community shield. In the international level, this club won a UEFA champions league, a UEFA super cup and 2 UEFA cup winner’s cup. The club has a total of 21 titles. The club is known well by its two strikers; Torres and Drogba.

09. FC Porto


This is a Portugal football club that has many tittles towards its success..It was founded in 1893.FC Porto has won domestic tournaments like;27 primeria liga,26 Portuguese super cup etc.In addition, this football club has international titles that include; winner of the European cups twice,2 intercontinental cups and 1 European super cup..The club is well known to have successful footballers like Deco, Carvalho, Falca, Paul Mairelesn, Paul Ferreira and Bosingwa.

08. Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich Top Popular Successful Football Clubs 2018

This is a German football club that has a total of 62 trophies. It is a club that is in ownership of 24 German titles. In addition, they had a win in the German cup 17 times, German super cup in 4 times and German League cup in 6 times. All these have added up to their European honors that are impressive. They include; 9 UEFA cup, a once win on the European winner and one UEFA supercup.Moreover, they won the intercontinental like that of the FiFA world cups two times.

07. Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid Top Most Popular Successful Football Clubs 2018

This is among the most successful football clubs in the world 2017. It is also called Atletico de Madrid. It is a football club from Spain. It is the third most successful football club in Spain.Atletico, Madrid won the La Liga 10 times, they acquired a 10 times win on the Copa del Rey, It was a 2 times winner on the supercopas de Espana and a onetime win on the Copa Eva Duarte.Moreover, they won the Europa league in 2010 and 2012 UEFA supercup.Furthermore, Atletico Madrid have also won in the intercontinental cup for the Intertoto cup in 2007 and 1974.

06. Ajax Amsterdam

Ajax Amsterdam Most Successful Football Clubs 2017

This is one of the most successful football clubs in the world 2017. It is one of the dominating clubs in Dutch. Ajax was formed on the year 1900.In international level, it won the intercontinental cup twice, a champion’s league four times and a once win of European cup winners’cup.In addition, it won the Netherlands football league championship in 33 times, and in the KNVB cup,it won the Cruriff shield 8 times.

05. Juventus


It is one of the most popular football clubs in Itary.It was founded in 1897.In its domestic matches, Juventus won 30 serie A,Supercopa Italian in 6 times and Copa Italia in 9 times. It also has European titles like that of the UEFA champions Legue, 3 UEFA cup and 2 UEFA supercup.Moreover, it won the Intercontinental cup twice.

04. Manchester United


This is an England football club that is the most successful in England. It has a total of 41 titles,4 League cups,21 FA cups,3 European titles and 2 FIFA club WC.In addition, it is one of the richest football clubs in the world. Manchester United was founded on 1878.Not only being the keeping the record on the 20 FA community shield, it has won lots of trophies.

03. Ac Milan

Ac Milan Top 10 Most Successful Football Club 2017

This is an Italian football club that was established in 1899.Ac Milan has different international trophies like being the 7 times UEFA champions league winner, A 2 times UEFA cup winners’ cup,5 times UEFA supercup.In addition, it has intercontinental cups like FIFA club world cup. In the domestic level, the club has 18 Serie win, 6 supercoppa Italiana and a 5 coppa Italia.

02. Real Madrid


This is the most recognizable football club in the world. It is from Spain and it has different records of titles. This includes the; 32 La Liga titles, 1 cup Eva Duarte and 1 supercopa Espana.Moreover, it has an international win like; being the champion league winners in 10 times. The intercontinental cups include; the UEFA super cup win in 2 times and a once win in world cup. Real Madrid‘s best footballers include; Cristiano Ronaldo, Huge Sanches, Afredo di Stefano e.t.c

01. FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona Top 10 Most Successful Football Club

This is the most successful football club in the world. It 8is a Spanish club that was founded in 1899.At the domestic level, it won 22 La Liga titles, they also won the Spanish super cup for 11 times and the Copa Del Rey for 26 times. It is a football club that is far in terms of league titles.

These are the Top 10 Most Successful Football Clubs in The World 2017. Football has many fans that support a particular club. It is only in rare occasions where you can find someone who is a non supporter of the world’s successful clubs. It is an interesting and entertaining game where one can spend his/her leisure time in watching.