Top 10 Most Popular Sports in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular Sports in The World 2017. Sports have always been an event that always has been known to play a very significant role in our day to day development of skills and also as a form of entertainment. The sporting even event is always taken serious from the early years of our lives, which is from childhood to school life and even later as a career. That is why even the working class group of people say that sports has always been their hobby because after work, somebody somewhere has to be taken care of in forms of fitness and passing time. For those that have sporting activities as their profession, they have been encouraged many and even become their heroes and mentors. There is always something that pulls you to love a specific sport and leave another. The result of this love becomes emotional and fans easily turn out to be fanatics of the game.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Sports in The World 2017

10. Golf

Golf Top Famous Sports in The World 2019

Fans: more than 390 million

You won’t believe that golf has 390 million fans around the globe majority of them are in Canada, Europe and US! It is more popular in elder people as compared to young people. The game has high level of viewship on TV among male adults who belong to upper class but female and young males report to have low TV viewship. It has very low presence on social media and mostly played and viewed by people who are older than 35. It is also reported that there are low number of searches which are related to this game on internet. Since the game belongs to rich upper class, it reported to get good TV right deal for big tournament in Europe and US.

9. American football

American football Top 10 Most Popular Sports in The World 2017

Fans: 390-410 million

This is a game or sport that is played by two teams that consist of eleven players each on a yard that is rectangle with dimensions of 120 yards long and 53.3 yards wide. Each end has goal posts that are used for scoring. The offensive side always tries to run down with a ball that has an oval shape, or even pass it over the opponents. The number one rule is that they must pass it at least ten yards by use of four down so that they are able to receive a new set of 4 downs so that they are able to continue the drive. If they will not manage, they are needed to turn the ball over to the opposing team for failing to settle the demands of the rule. The fan base that supports this game is found in the US since it is played there most of the times.

8. Rugby


Fans: 390-410 million

The sport that is here is one that has a strong tradition and fan base in France. But the game became popular also in South Africa after it was introduced by the white settlers who had gone there in the 19th century. The British colonialists were also not left behind when they went to settle in the other parts of the world for instance in Australia. What is interesting is that he game has since then spread out fast and with time, might have a bigger fan base that the majority of the other big games. Out of the fans that might attend the game to see it life in the field, the TV fan base is also not left behind because in countries where they love it, find it better when they watch it on TV.

7. Baseball

Baseball Top Most Sports in The World 2017

Fans: Around 500 million

This is considered as a bat and ball game that has a need of two teams that have 9 players each who take turns in ensuring that they battle it out on the field so that they are able to win. The rules of the game are very simple, what is required is that the offense will always try as much as it can to make more runs compared to its opponents by starting off by hitting the ball that has been thrown at them by the pitcher. After a successful hit, he needs to run counterclockwise around the 4 points that have been put around the place. This is one of the world’s most popular sports 2017.

6. Volleyball


Fans: 900 million

Volleyball is always known as a team sport where each and every individual has to have more input to the team is that they emerge winners. It involves two teams but is only separated by a net that is in between them. Each of the team will want to win by scoring points by ensuring that the ball they are tossing grounds on the opponent’s field to earn scores. It has a better fan base that always try to follow it online but also watching it life. All the people that play it say that it is a game that you cannot win by corrupt means because it involves true aspects that are hard to break.

5. Basketball

Basketball Top Popular Sports in The World 2017

Fans: 1 billion

As you play basketball, you need two teams that will constitute five players each on the pitch. Unlike other, this game has been fitted with two posts at each end of the field and they have a hoop that is 18 inches in diameter and 10 feet high. You need to score a goal by shooting the ball by use of your hands through the basket when you are having a regular play. If you shoot a field goal, you will score two points but if you shoot a while far from the three point line, then you are awarded 3 points for all that. The team that gathers most pints at the end of the game is always rated as the best team that will win the match.

4. Tennis

Tennis Top 10 Most Popular Sports in The World

Fans: 1 billion

This is one of those sports which are mostly watched in the world and has several spectators from America, Europe and Asia. It features sole competition and historians say that tennis was organized before 14th century. Modern rules were later introduced at middle of 19th century and since then; no single person or country has ever dominated the game. Famous tennis stars are Rafael Nadal, Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer, and Serena Williams. Fourteen different players from eight different countries have represents this game and maybe this is the top reason why this game is such popular everywhere. Normally people play this game against single opponent and even sometimes played between 2 teams of 1 player each also called doubles. This game has the 4th rank in the list of top 10 most popular sports 2017.

3. Field Hockey

Field Hockey Top Most Famous Sports in The World 2018

Fans: 2 billion

If there is old sport which is still popular, we can put hockey in that list since it was developed in Asia and Europe during 3rd century B.C. modern rules were introduced in 19th century in England and the rules distributed outside and inside English colonies. According to 2015 statistics, it was found that 2.2 billion fans of this game are from Asia, Europe and Africa and this prove its popularity. It is called family game by some people and in Pakistan; hockey is known to be national game. Indi and Pakistan dominated this sport in mid 20th century and some years later, Australia and Netherland take the sport as major force. In North America, the game is seen as female dominating game and across other portion of globe, it is considered male dominated.

2. Cricket

Cricket Top Most Biggest Sports in The World 2018

Fans: 2.5 billion

You’ll find game to be popular in Australia, Africa, UK and Asia. British Empire makes this game to spread across world and according to some references from several sources, it indicated that this sport may have been even played back at the 16th century and took one century to be completed and codified which was near 1700’s. three different format are used to play the game which are test cricket which takes five days, ODIs which need one day and T20 that takes around four hours. It is also believed that the introduction of T20 format makes the game gain popularity and it takes less time to bring complete entertainment. There is always up and downs in sporting arena ad top favorites of this game are South Africa, India and England Australia. The 2.5 billion fans make this game to be in 2nd position. It is played between 2 teams and one consists of eleven players.

1. Soccer

Soccer Top Most Popular Largest Sports in The World 2019

Fans: 3.5 billion

What makes this game most popular is its simplicity and ease of play and another major contribution is that it is watched sport in the world making it most popular. Somewhere it is known as Football and in America it is soccer. At the prehistoric ages, kicking of the ball towards a target was the version of soccer but at mid 19th century, rules and regulation was developed. It is now almost every town is having its own clubs which call their pledge allegiance. Top favorite clubs teams that are known as Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Barcelona, AC Milan and more. Every one of us is familiar with FIFA which is association of soccer. Players are allowed to use any part of their body to touch the ball except arms and hands but it is only goalkeeper that can only use hands or arms but what about the penalty area? That is where one needs to be cautious and their ball feature spherical shape.

So, these are the world’s top 10 most popular sports in 2017. Games need to be the essential part of our life and they always make us compete favorably in all that we do. The game with the most fans will always mean that it is the one that is loved by many people but the team with the most fans does not mean that it will always take the day by winning, it is a game and that is why the team that has prepared well for the day will always take it, and sometimes, lack might fall your way to win it. But sports have always taken a center stage in our lives.

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