Top 10 Most Devastating Finishers in WWE Ever

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Devastating Finishers in WWE Ever till 2017. For those who are into wrestling, you may know the tricks and treats of your favorite male and diva wrestlers but for those that don’t and watch on the sidelines with their man or lady, knowing the devastating finishers in WWE ever is part of the fun. Especially, when you go see it live.

The majority of the time you’ll find the audience chanting the move of the devastating finisher in order for the referee to countdown to 3…and more often than not, counting down 1, 2, and 3! Here are, the most infamous finishers from the top professional wrestlers in the WWE Universe.

List of Top 10 Most Devastating Finishers in WWE Ever till 2017

10. The Spear by the Edge

The Spear by the Edge Top 10 Most Devastating Finishers in WWE Ever

This one finisher that’s performed by the Edge; basically it’s a running tackle to the person taking the move. The right way is to go left, left. When the person to the person. Knowing the coordination is essential. When done right, they person taking the spear will be that they kick their legs and land flat on their back. The attacker will spear the person taking it and that person will move the arm or hand up and around the person’s head that is spearing them. This helps in coordination, such as left arm up and the attacker uses left shoulder to spear; so left to left.

9. Doomsday Device by the Legion of Doom


Hawk and Animal from the Legion of Doom are known for “impressive physiques”. They revolutionized the wrestling business with their face paints. They also introduced the tandem maneuver which is called the Doomsday Device. They use it as the ‘team’ finisher all throughout their careers. Using it with their other partners isn’t that uncommon.

8. Dirty Deeds by Dean Ambrose

Dirty Deeds by Dean Ambrose Top 10 Most Devastating Finishers in WWE Ever 2017

Similar to the some other “driver” headlock maneuvers, what the wrestler does is apply a side headlock first before he drops down on either their chest or their knees. The momentum will automatically drive the opponent’s head down to the floor, with forehead first and with the side headlock still in place. This is the original version of Dean Ambrose which is the Dirty Deeds. One other superstar which uses it is TNA Superstar, Ethan Carter III; he uses it as his finisher, but he calls it the One Percenter.

7. Hurricanrana by Rey Mysterio

Hurricanrana by Rey Mysterio Top Popular Devastating Finishers in WWE Ever 2018

This is a favorite by many. You want speed so if your opponent runs to tackle you make sure you bend towards the height of his knees so as to grab both and pick him up. Once you pick him up by his knees, it’ll automatically cause your opponent to grab onto you but you’ll be going so fast that you’ll have both his legs wrapped around your neck and swing him to one side, upside down, then around the other side, make sure you let go of him once he’s on the other side of you…then you can jump on him from belly to belly to start your countdown, 1, 2, 3.

6. F5 by Brock Lesnar

F5 by Brock Lesnar Top Devastating Finishers in WWE Ever 2017

Being so big, Lesner was known to finish off his opponent with this one. This is a run and tackle type of move; when your opponent runs off to you from the ropes, bend low and grab both his arms to swing him above you neck (his stomach should be facing your neck) and twist him around. Both of you are opposite when you fall back, he falls face first. This is one of the Top 10 Most Devastating Finishers in WWE Ever till 2017.

5. Twist of Fate by Matt Hardy


You’re going to kick in the gut, put your arm underneath your opponent’s arm and swing your other arm and the momentum is going to take you both in when you jump up and while you both go down, your twisting your entire body including your neck and face to turn upward when you slam your back on the ground, your opponents face will be planted first as well. But, really you’re back will.

4. RKO by Randy Orton

RKO by Randy Orton Top Famous Devastating Finishers in WWE Ever 2019

Getting the person’s neck and jumping up on the person receiving it will jump up and twist. it was based on a lot of popular moves such as the twist of fate. As you jump you turn your bodies, and take a backbone as your opponent takes a “face pop”. Never try to land on each other, that will not feel good. You can break a nose or some teeth. The receiver should spread their legs out in order to make sure they get their back laid out flat.

3. Pedigree by Triple H

Pedigree by Triple H Top Most Popular Devastating Finishers in WWE Ever 2018

Kick your opponent in the stomach and when they bow down to you, grab their head in-between your legs (similar to the pile driver) and sweep your fee off under you by bending your knees to the ground. There’s the infamous pedigree by the infamous Triple H.

2. Stone Cold Stunner by Steve Austin


To put your opponent in a stone cold stunner, kick your opponent in the stomach, so when he looks down while he holds his stomach because of the pain, wait long enough to grab his head and neck by reaching around with your back facing h-is front chest while you pull his head and neck down towards your shoulder by pulling him into your shoulder then dropping your buttocks to the floor. This was created by the Steve Austin.

1. The Piledriver by the Undertaker


Most people say that this was done by the Undertaker, but die-hard fans say it was by the Von Erichs back in the 80s. But, who’s really to say who did the first Piledriver. How it goes is you kick your opponent in the gut, then put his/her head between your legs and jump up in the air landing on your buttocks. This is the infamous pile driver. It looks as if the opponent is landing on their head, but in reality it’s the person that lands on their knees or buttocks that is taking the real ‘thump’.

These are the top 10 Devastating Finisherss in the WWE according to the millions of viewers of the WWE universe. While attempting these, it’s best to do them with someone who really knows what they are doing, such as fanatics of the wrestling world. Most teens and kids try them at school or at home and find out the hard way. Finally, with these wrestlers moves, other renditions came from them or were derived from one or the other somehow. Yet, with an added one or two steps, it became each own’s signature finisher.

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