Top 10 Best Wicket Keepers of All Times

Take a look at the below list of the world’s Top 10 Best Wicket Keepers of All Times till 2017. In the cricket game, a wicket player is the one who stand behind the stumps. He wore gloves and pads that enable him to catch the ball. This is one of the challenging tasks in the field of cricket. The entire game can fall apart if there were no wicket keepers. He is a person who preys upon the batsman. There are several ways in which this keeper can work on the batsman’s dismissal. The reflexes of the keepers are tested by a caught behind which is simple. A wicket keeper is a [player who is instrumental in running the batsman out. The following are the best 10 wicket keepers of all times till 2017:

List of Top 10 Best Wicket Keepers of All Times till 2017

10. Andrew Flower

Andrew Flower Top 10 Best Wicket Keepers of All Times

He is a legend in the cricket game. Andrew Flower can also be regarded as an ambassador of the cricket game. He is a wicket keeper as well as a batsman. He was a cricket team member of the country of Zimbabwe. In his country, he is the best wicket keeper..He has been responsible for approximately 333 dismissals behind 160 in tests and 173 in ODI’s.His skills in this career were of support in the desolated side of Zimbabwe.

09. Alec Stewart


He is a wicket keeper and a batsman who is right handed.Alec is a retired wicket keeper from England.Nowardays, he is the England cricket team captain. He is a wicket keeper with 133 appearances in the test cricket. In his career he, has achieved 431 dissmissals.Every cricket team fancy him on their discussions on the batsmen and wicket keepers. He had achieved 8,463 runs in the tests.

08. Geoffrey Dujon


He is a wicket keeper of West Indies. He is a retired wicket keeper who is now the commentator in cricket matches. He played an important part in the cricket team of West Indies in the 80s.He was a powerful athlete behind the stumps as well as a batsman who was on a lower older competent. In his test carrier, he achieved a total of 204 dismissals in 166 innings on the internationals of one day.

07. Moin Khan


He is a wicket keeper of all times. He was a team member of the cricket team which won on the world cup in Pakstan.It was on 1992.He was competing with Rashid Latif.He is responsible for 435 dismissals in the cricket game. He is best known of his behind stump activity. He is also known with his high pitched voice that distracted the batsman. He spent most of his time with Rashid.

06. Rod Marsh


He is the former wicket keeper of Australia. Rod set a record of 355 dismissals in 96 tests before his retirement. He is among the greatest wicket keepers with lots of history in the cricket game. He used to move quickly since he was light in his feet. He is a famous cricket player who has mustaches. Rod Marsh achieved a total of 124 dismissals in 92 innings on the international of one day.

05. Ian Healy


He is also a former wicket keeper of Australia. He held the world record in having the most dismissals at his retirement. In his test carreer, Ian achieved 395 dismissals in the 224 innings for the matches that he played. On one day international match, he achieved 233 dismissals in 168 innings. He had also played for Quensland.He was an important member to the teams since he would sustain success.

04. MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni Top Most Popular Wicket Keepers 2018

He is a wicket keeper from India. He is the current captain of the national cricket team of India. His performance in the cricket team is outstanding. He is a player who is nearing 600 dismissals with an in test of 248.He is well known by his creases that makes the batsman out. Dhoni is a cricket player who has sharpness speed and all the qualities that the wicket keeper need to have. The times magazine regard him as an influential person in the world.

03. Kumar Sangakkara

Kumar Sangakkara Top Popular Wicket Keepers 2017

He is a wicket keeper who a stylish .Kumar is scored 21,000 run with 47 centuries in his carreer.He holds a stumping record of 81 with 600 dismissals. Kumar’s acrobatic nature drove him to catch the ball in a distinguished way. He is a classical legend that the world has ever witnessed. He represented the country of Sirilanka in an amazing way.

02. Mark Boucher

Mark Boucher Top Famous Wicket Keepers of All Times

He is a supernatural being in the cricket game. He holds 99 dismissals. He was a lower older batsman who made the best number of balls that he had. He is the best wicket keeper in South Africa. Mark Boucher was a replacement of Dave Richardson who retired. He overtook the record from Ian Healy in the year 2007.He is the wicket keeper who has used his endurance and aggression to become the variable and cherished player.

01. Adam Gilchrist

Adam Gilchrist Top Best Popular Wicket Keepers of All Times

He is the wicket keeper who is blessed. He can follow bowlers on either side of the wicket. Adam is also a batsman who can provide explosive ammo down on the lower middle order of number 7.He is a legend who had 900 dismissals and 15,000 runs. He is the manufacturer of the golden age of Australia. He is the best wicket keeper who has dominated the world of cricket for 12 years.

So, these are the world’s Top 10 Best Wicket Keepers of All Times till 2017. Wicket players plays an important role in the cricket match.They deserves to be noticed. They play an evident role because they are the only cricket players who are allowed to wear helmets.