Top 10 Best Selling Fitness Journals in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Fitness Journals in The Market 2017. Fitness Journals are some of the important accessories that you must have, especially if you like doing regular exercises in your life. The journal is important as it will be very useful in assessing your everyday progress. You can get various types of these journals in many shops that sell them now. You can be able to get these recommended products everywhere nowadays. These planners have different prices depending on the content that they carry. Below is a list of some of the best 10 fitness journals. The list contains some of the best reviews that can help you choose the best journal that comes with complete tips, guide, and track for its users.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Fitness Journals in The Market 2017

10. The PowerBlock Fitness and Nutrition Journal

The PowerBlock Fitness and Nutrition Journal, Top 10 Best Selling Fitness Journals in The Market 2017

This journal comes with very good features that maybe very helpful to you. It is one of the greatest fitness planners that you can find on the market. This journal can help you arrange your workout schedule and also your fitness goals. You will also be able to get good fitness details that are contained in this journal, also including your workout daily record, the daily nutrition record, your daily progress chart, and also the food composition guide that you should eat. You can monitor how your heart rate progresses everyday by recording inside the journal.

9. Fitness Log Journal


This journal is another one that is recommended for fitness planners and comes with a lot of great features that are very important. It is very simple and easy to record your daily workout sessions in this journal. Everything can be kept in this journal in such a simple manner. It also helps you in monitoring your daily fitness progress everyday. It contains a 1 year weekly fitness log which you can adjust depending on your fitness goals and needs. It is much simpler for you to begin using this journal, since it will enable you to easily control your fitness activity.

8. The WODbook Fitness Run journal


This journal is one of the best and most popular in the market now. This great journal will be very helpful to you if you buy one since it will enable you to monitor your daily progress and the results easily. This great book is specifically made for runners who would want to enjoy their regular exercises and workout sessions everyday. Very important details are included in the running journal such as the fun factor, elevation, condition, nutrition, pace and time, race details, distance, and many other useful information.

7. Gaiam Fitness Journal


A lot of people love buying this journal now. This journal can be a good guide to your daily fitness planning; therefore you should be able to gain a lot from this planner. It contains a 90 days fitness and nutrition plans that will support your fitness requirements. This journal will be helpful in planning for your fitness activities, tracking your fitness progress, and also in achieving your set goals. It will also provide you with very important nutrition and exercise tips.

6. PosterFit Gym Journal


This set of journal contains 7 various exercise charts that are very helpful to your fitness requirements. You can get many workouts or exercises that are very helpful in training all your body parts including legs, back, chest, core, arms, and other body parts. Each of these posters contains a different QR that allows you access online video training support. It also serves as a great reminder of the exercises that are safe and good to your body.

5. Revletics Wellness Log Journal


There are many great features that come with this fitness planner. It can be very useful since it enables you to be accountable incase you want to achieve your fitness goals fast. It is also a good fitness planner as it enables you to record your fitness activities, food, and the healthy living style in your daily life. This journal contains 90 pages which are double sided to give you very useful and important information. This is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Fitness Journals in The Market 2017.

4. The WODbook Classic Standard Journal


This is one of the best fitness planners available in the shops today. This planner is very useful as it can give the best guide for your fitness planning. If you using this journal, then you will be able to monitor your daily personal record tracking, workout sessions, good efforts, desired fitness records, and other useful information. You can also improve your workout performance by recording your progress in this fitness journal.

3. Action Day Fitness Journal


This journal enables you to get a lot of benefits from your exercises and fitness programs. It is simple and easy to use for monitoring your fitness program progress. It comes with a nutrition guide which is important as it helps you to learn the important nutrition ingredients for your body. You will also be able to learn some of the healthy foods and meals available in these days. It will also enable you to write down in this journal your fitness goals, weight loss program, fitness goals and nutrition plan.

2. The FitDeck Exercise Playing Card Journal


This fitness planner is specifically made to enable you plan your exercises and workouts easily. This set comes with many exercises that are recommended to help you get your fitness goals. You will be able to write your fitness goals in each card and this will enable you to plan your fitness program well.

1. Fitlosophy FItbook Journal


This journal contain a 12 week goal setting pages and also the weekly planning pages, hence enables you to manage your fitness programs well. It gives a simpler way of planning, tracking, and achieving your health and fitness goals. In case you get to buy this fitness journal, you will be provided with a free app from Philosophy. The app helps you to access the best fitness guide that will support your fitness requirements.

These are some of the best fitness journals that you can on the market in 2017. They offer great fitness features which enable you remain fit and achieve a healthy lifestyle. They too are very affordable and thus easily accessible. In case you need a fitness planner, then these are of the best that you can check on.