Top 10 Worst TV Technologies Ever

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Worst TV Technologies Ever till 2017. One of the best things that ever happened to the TV industry is the innovation and use of technology that is not like any other that you might find out there. For instance, the coming of the HD industry has been an innovation that has been around for quite some time but has it brought anything good to you? Maybe it has or maybe it has not. But the industry has seen numerous introduction of diverse technologies that are geared towards your betterment of life but I can tell you that some of them have been the worst done ever. Although at greater part we are happy with what we are seeing in the TVs at our homes, others are going to find out that their innovation is just a complete waste of time. Let us get down and try to unveil the worst Top 10 Worst TV Technologies Ever till 2017.

List of Top 10 Worst TV Technologies Ever till 2017

10. 3D

3D Top 10 Worst TV Technologies Ever 2017

At some point in life, we were promised that the introduction of 3D is going to change the way we watch out TVs. But that never went on well because it has been found out that there is nobody that uses the D feature that was brought for use on their TVs, even if they have been found to own the glasses. This is a flop that is well known by the Vizio and Toshiba Company and because of that, they have decided to drop the technology entirely. Other TV makers that might have sprung into force to challenge others in the production, have nowhere to go but to stop it all.

9. Glossy screens


Before we go further, let me inquire about something. Are you able to shave from just having a reflection on your screen? Then having an introduction of a window or a lamp in your room is going to be of bright distraction. The introduction of such shiny screens are known to be better at improving contrast but when you compare them to the matter versions, they will not perform as well as when you are in bright rooms. Always take care of shiny things that you might be lured into buying from showrooms.

8. Curved screens

Curved screens Top Most Popular Worst TV Technologies Ever 2018

The introduction of the idea of having curved TVs is not going to be a welcoming thing to anyone and so has been rated to be a gimmick after all. When you look at their current incarnations of various sizes that they have used and the calculation of different seating distances, am afraid they all did a wrong expectation of things. Now, if you buy one and taste it like I did, you are going to notice that there no increase of any immersion from the curve as it has been suggested, instead, you are bound to get noticeable geometric distortions. The costs of such TVs has always been known to be expensive!

7. 4K

4K Top Most Worst TV Technologies Ever 2017

I know most of you will be wondering about what will be wrong with the introduction of any extra resolution. I agree to your worries and thoughts but what I don’t understand is simple, it is always impossible to select the difference of HD and 4K when you are at standard seating distances. Let’s us forget about all that and try to think of the most obvious. It is not going to be healthy to spend bandwidth and bits on building extra resolution because that will mean that there will be less to devote to than having things that actually are going to make better change in improving quality.

6. LCD


To start off, it was found that LCD was one of the best successful HDTV display technology that was invented to kill the CRT, rear projection and the modern use of plasma. It has now even gone down the road to pursue OLED to kick it off. But it is astonishing to say that LCD and the so called LED TVs are generally going to offer you with worse picture quality than even the Plasma and the OLED. They have only one problem of suffering from many off angle issues and this require local dimming and also video-processing schemes so that they are able to produce a descent picture.

5. Edge-lit LED

Edge-lit LED Top 10 Worst TV Technologies Ever

When it was introduced in the market, it was selling off quickly and faster like nobody’s business because of their slim profiles that have been given to them. But there is something that is going to kill them off from the market the way they came in, they have a worse picture uniformity which means that you are going to experience brighter edges and corners. That means that you are going to get pictures that are not clear and are distorted from one end point! That is not an expectation that we expected from this massive engineers.

4. Glossy screens


One funny thing about this product is that it was designed for one purpose only, to prevent privacy! Did you get that right? How is that going to be of help to you at all? The only real effect that you will get from HDCP is to inconvenience users that are always encountering blank or snowy screens due to maybe, a failed handshake. But I have to promise you that that is not going to be disappear anytime soon, you have to learn to deal with it your own way and style.

3. Bloated smart TV suites

Bloated smart TV suites Top Popular Worst TV Technologies Ever 2018

The introduction of cruddy games and even lame apps is what you are going to never use at all when you think of sub-par web browsers. But hey are often overcrowded with interfaces that are many of today’s smart TVs. Luckily, you are entitled to ignore them most of the times but they will always try and impede access to the services that you will use for instance Netflix and Amazon instant. That is why you need to be careful of most smart TVs because they can give you too much of bad things.

2. Edge-lit LED

Edge-lit LED Top Famous Worst TV Technologies Ever 2019

This is an artificial smoothing that is introduced for use by many TVs and the goodness about hem is that they can be turned on and off but most models that use it have it put in a default mode. One main reason for making it is to make those that love watching films have a better time watching their movies. That is good for the majority of viewer but in addition to that, you are going to get an introduction of artefacts being brought in out of nowhere like the blurring of images and even haloing. That makes it to have a bad setback for its usage. This is one of worst TV technologies till 2017.

1. Voice and gesture control


If there is one thing that is cartooned in this world of getting technology, it is this application that expects you to talk and wave to your TV at the same time. It might have looked like a revolution that is worthy to be given stars and a standing ovation, but the truth of the matter is that you are never going to use these features either way. Click a command on a button is always going to be an easier thing done or even using virtual keyboards that the action of putting our voices in command. That due to the fact that we might not be able to speak all the fluency than many designers who we involved in making it.

These are the Top 10 Worst TV Technologies Ever till 2017. It is not absolutely absurd that sometimes we find ourselves into buying things that we don’t know how they will help us out but with the way technology is coming with a faster rate, then I have to promise you that you might yourselves into a mix that is going to worsens situations for you as time goes by. What you need to do is to have a carefully selection but with the above TV technologies, it is high time you think carefully about them.