Top 10 Worst Smartphone Models of All Times

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Worst Smartphone Models of All Times till 2017. The invention of smartphones has always been something that is amazing in the mobile phone industry and computing at large for the past decade. Although there has always been a lot of hots in the release of these products, there are some that go some misses and gave us something that is substantial. This is always expected to be in every industry but some smartphones that we give out at some point in time at the past became ill-conceived. Don’t be amused or even horrified because the unveiling of the worst smartphone models of all time that we are going to do to you might carry you of your feet.

List of Top 10 Worst Smartphone Models of All Times till 2017

10. Samsung Galaxy Ace

Samsung Galaxy Ace Top 10 Worst Smartphone Models of All Times

For those are considered to be masochists, then this is a phone that is rightfully under their alley. This is a middle class smartphone that has been made by Samsung but the problem about it is that it has no redeeming qualities that you can ever think of about it. It was given a small display that might have been good but the resolution that it was given was so bat that it could easily kill it off. There is the issue of also having a miserable camera, it could constantly crash and a design that was just weird for everyone and anyone to come to agree about. If you want to find out more, just run to the Ace and you will realize that not everything that is touched by Samsung will out rightly turn to be good.

9. Samsung Galaxy Fit


Never mind why we always tough on Samsung, it has the majority of inventions here. The Galaxy fit that we are talking about here was released in 2013 and had an Android 2.3 built in it. Its display was at 240 * 320 and made it to be badly off as it could not even go through the first stage of the beginner market. The name that it was given was not also a good one as it turned out to be just a joke that arose from the company. It could have fitted for use as a rotary phone though but not to be launched in a competitive world market.

8. HTC Wildfire

HTC Wildfire Top Most Worst Smartphone Models of All Times 2018

If you want to stop people from using your smartphone, then just label it as being a wildfire. That is the beginning of despair for all of them and will even never want to hear the use of smartphones around them. We are not disputing that this is a smartphone, no, what we are saying is that everything that has been included into the use of this smartphone has always been a disaster as it has turned it into pure torture rather pleasure in the device. If you want to be a living example, just try to use the GPS that is has been made with or even browse through the browser, you will be a living proof of our findings that it is worse than you think.

7. Sony Xperia Play


It is likely that you want a smartphone because it has become to be everybody’s dream. But how about wanting one that is going to make you be a servant as it takes over to be a controller? You can borrow leaf from Nokia NGAGE and realize that Sony aimed at reaching all the gamers out there but when they came up with this product, I have to assure you that they missed an important mark. It is always a good idea but you will realize that it went crushing due to the faulty controls that it had, lack of having a better processing power and a small selection of games. This is one of the Top 10 Worst Smartphone Models of All Times till 2017.

6. LG Optimus L3 II

LG Optimus L3 II Top Most Popular Worst Smartphone Models of All Times 2018

This was a launch that was done in the summer of 2013 but I have to assure you that it looks like it was pulled from the early and initial days of having the development of smartphones. Some of you might take it as a joke but it was always rated as to becoming the real deal. It was designed with a display resolution that will remind you of the time that you used to play your first game of Boy Back in the 1990s. What you will realize is that the chassis of the phone was thick and the hardware was also on rated to be on the same level. Although given a low price, I don’t think that you will which to have this phone.

5. Panasonic Eluga

Panasonic Eluga Top Famous Worst Smartphone Models of All Times 2019

It was a fun time when Panasonic tried to manufacturer Smartphone. The ideal of manufacturing device was good and even the design itself was appealing and the device was one of those waterproof phones which looked okay. That is just the external appearance and theory of the phone, but when we go to practice, the Eluga had poor hardware which is not pleasing and the lousy camera is something annoying. The battery is horrible and who need a battery which run out of charge after some few hours? But the Panasonic retreated from market and the sadness is that they have not yet to return.

4. HTC ChaCha / HTC First

HTC ChaCha HTC First Top 10 Worst Smartphone Models of All Times 2017

The ideas of having a Facebook phone was not one that was started reentry, it has been in existence and many companies have always tried to include it in their productions but despite the high hopes, you will realize that this is a phone that had anything good come out of the idea. It was indeed the first attempt that they wanted to put the idea in practice but it brought a sad spell to blackberry that made it to fail terribly. The coming on stage of HTC first also never went to any step at all because it burned and crushed out shortly after. The Facebook integration was a good step but it was holding its users backward and I was not long before he market would realize that.

3. Motorola flipout


Having a Smartphone which has flip out physical keyboard is a nice idea but what about when it is not practical? The Flipout decided to offer you a device that has low-resolution display and also twist up keypad. But the worst part is about a phone with poor hardware and lousy camera who will really love such phones? A horrible battery is something which is not pleasing and what about horrendous display? This device is square but impractical and makes it lose its fame on the market. The company could have designed something better that this.

2. HTC Evo 3D/LG Optimus 3D

HTC Evo 3D -LG Optimus 3D Top Popular Worst Smartphone Models of All Times 2017

Devices with 3D displays and also 3D cameras were found on the market and the next big thing, they disappear very quickly just like the way they arrived on scene. HTC Evo 3D and LG Optimus 3D tried to make it to light of day and both had good intentions in the Smartphone making. But what is worst here is about the lackluster and great 3D effects which were underwhelming. Their devices were gimmicky but it did not design thing that they promised.

1. Samsung Galaxy S Beam


You have to test out the depth of water to know its depth and that is what Samsung had tried to do. They have tried to produce Smartphone that are pleasing but ended up with absolutely failures but now they are known for their extremely popular devices. This device was too expensive because they had incorporates two product which are completely different into one unit. The average hardware was sporting while the projector was interesting gimmick which was not practical at all. It was interesting idea to combine two different products to one unit but sadly to say that it was not practical.

These are the Top 10 Worst Smartphone Models of All Times till 2017.The breakthrough that Android has cannot be ignored but the downsides that it has suffered through time can also be ignored. Where you will always find winners, some losers also are part and parcel of the group because they are the goes that have made the winners succeed. The article above has brought you the lows that smartphone world has gone through and therefore, you will have an idea of how worst to good we have moved.

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