Top 10 Worst Beauty Products and Makeup Brands in The World

Take a look at the below List of Top 10 Worst Beauty Products and Makeup Brands in The World 2016-2017. Every year there are new beauty products on the market, some of them are very awesome, while others are an absolute failure and no one should have the misfortune of having to use them. We have put together a list of the top 10 worst beauty products and makeup brands in 2016-2017.

This list is based on reviews by people who have used these products as well as research about the products that has uncovered things like the fact that some of their ingredients may not be safe to use on your skin. Here is the Top 10 worst beauty products and Makeup brands in 2016-2017.

List of Top 10 Worst Beauty Products and Makeup Brands in The World 2016-2017

10- Cover Girl

covergirl, Worst Beauty Products and Makeup Brands 2017

This is an American brand that makes different cosmetic products which include lip gloss, makeup foundation, and nail polish. Just about all the product under the cover girl brand are terrible, they do not live up to the promise they make, they are all of poor quality, which explains why they are so cheap and for some of them the ingredients used to make them can be harmful to the skin instead of being helpful. The foundation from cover girl is also pretty useless, it gets frustrating trying to use it.

9- Giorgio Maestro Makeup

giorgio-maestro-makeup, Worst Beauty Products and Makeup Brands 2018

This is makeup that you would want to stay away from if you have oily skin or rough skin. The makeup just fails to help your skin look any better and during summer it is the worst idea to wear this makeup as t becomes a visible paste on your skin and makes a total mess. It seems to be very pigmented. So many people have complained about what happens to it in the summer.

8- Marvelous Moxi Lip-gloss from Bareescentuals


This lipgloss is very disappointing, it seems to be just too oily so the lips do not have a glossy look but end up looking like you ate something very oily and the oil remain all over your lips. It was a bad idea to use lavender oil in this lipgloss since the look it gives the users lips is just a bad one and no one who wants to look good can use this product and actually look as good as they would want.

7- Avon

avon, Top 10 Worst Beauty Products and Makeup Brands 2019

Despite being a very big brand all around the world, Avon in 2016-2017 has brought one of the worst mascara and foundation. Experts believe that the company may have used poor quality ingredients in an attempt to save money but they have ended up producing poor quality mascara and foundation. If you were used to what they produced about 2 years ago, you will be very disappointed with the 2016 mascara, foundation as well as lipstick that fail to live up to the brand’s usual quality. We can only hope that next year they will revert to their original quality makeup.

6- Nude Air Foam Foundation from Maybelline


This is a foundation that is obviously made from high-quality ingredients yet somehow it has failed to wow the world of makeup. Not so many people have used it and gone back to it. One of the common complaints is that it just doesn’t feel nice on the skin. Experts say the problem may be that too much water was used in this foundation which is why it is not a hit with many women and that is why it is on the Top 10 worst beauty products and makeup brands in 2016-2017.

5- Skin Glowing Makeup from Diorskin


The name is supposed to attract you to this product but it is actually misleading because it does not really make your skin glow, but instead makes it shine, Diorskin’s foundation contains a bit too much oil in it which is what creates the problem and make the skin shine. The look you get when you apply this makeup does not look natural at all. Many people have also complained about the eye shades coming in shades that are not quite convincing. In comparison to other makeup brands out there, this one just does not cut it in 2017.

4- Anti-Aging Skincare from Origins

anti-aging-skincare-from-origins, Worst Beauty Products and Makeup Brands 2017

The company claims that their skin care products that will make you look younger are made from plant products so you would imagine that they will be healthy but research has shown that using these skin care products from Origins is not safe for your skin. It is not advisable to use any of the anti-aging skin products from this company if you want to have healthy looking skin. Prolonged use of the product actually may have the opposite effect on your skin.

3- Matchmaster Foundation from MAC


This is a very expensive foundation and yet it does not provide the kind of luxury you would expect from a product that is as expensive as it is. One of the most annoying things about it is the amount of time it takes to get it off your face at night. Even after scrubbing your face, you still find that it will not all come off, which just makes it a nuisance and yet you pay a lot for it.

2- Shiseido Mascara

shiseido mascara, Worst Beauty Products and Makeup Brands 2020

For a 25 dollar mascara, this is just not good at all. The mascara tends to irritate the eyes and it seems to be flaky which adds to the irritation. Not only is this product too expensive, but it is also not fun to use so it is really of no use, many people bought it but ended up not using it after a few tries.

1- Dark Circle Moisturiser from DuWop


For the number one spot in the Top 10 Worst Beauty Products and Makeup Brands in 2016-2017, DuWop takes the spot with this dark circle moisturizer that should not be used at all even when you are being given a sample for free. It alters the natural look of your skin and creates irritation, some people say they feel better with dark circles than dealing with the effects of using this product. This was a total fail by DuWop, this year.

Top 10 Worst Beauty Products and Makeup Brands in The World 2016-2017. When choosing makeup, it is good to read reviews like this which can let you know what to expect before so that you do not waste your money only to discover you cannot use a particular type of makeup. It is also advisable that you find out the ingredients especially if you have certain allergies.