Top 10 Most Terrifying Robots Ever Built

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Terrifying Robots Ever Built until 2017. Technology has undergone so much advancement in the past few years in all sectors be it in the creation of better smartphones, betters PCs and even development of applications that have made life easier to a point where one can order for goods and have them delivered at their doorstep without having to go to the shopping center. In the robotic sector of technology they have also not been left behind with the creation of robots that will soon replace human teachers and even some can work as house helps in people’s homes.

But though the robots have been developed some of them are very terrifying due to their sizes and even what they can do. Below is a list of the top ten most terrifying robots ever built.

List of Top 10 Most Terrifying Robots Ever Built until 2017

10. RoboFly Catcher

RoboFly Catcher Top 10 Most Terrifying Robots Ever Built


This special robot was created by one James Auger as a robot to eliminate pests. This is so amazing but the scariest thing is that for the robot to run it must use fuel which is obtained from the pests it catch. This fuel system is very scary since if it comes in contact with human body part it can feed on it, so it is one scary robot to be next to. This robot though will eliminate pest all human beings should ensure it does not come into contact with their skins.

9. La Machine Spider Robot

La Machine Spider Robot Top Famous Terrifying Robots Ever Built 2019

This is one of the scariest robot because of its huge size of about 37 tones and 48 feet tall considerably a giant spider. It was built by La Machine a French art collective and it is made of steel and wood. This robot was an attraction until it started to scare people off because it had the ability to move their legs, eyes and abdomen. It also had the ability to release water, wind, flames and smokes which scared all the people around it. Also its cost of transport to England was a cause of panic to taxpayers as it amounted to 1.8m Pounds.

8. Bina48

Bina48 Top Most Famous Terrifying Robots Ever Built 2018

Bina48 was created in 2010 by Martine Rothblatt after his wife. It has a face similar to that of his wife and it has a face, neck and shoulder that have been designed like that of a human being. Martine assembled all the feelings, beliefs and memories into this robot making this robot to be able to communicate with people on topics like technology, politics and even religion. The scary thing is that it is small and has a head similar to that of humans.

7. NAO

NAO Top Popular Terrifying Robots Ever Built 2019

This is one terrifying robot that has the ugliest design. The scariest thing is that it will soon replace teachers since it is intelligent and is an $8000 robot. This robot is designed to respond to voice commands, run applications and even dance to hit songs. NAO is 3 foot tall and has dexterous hands. Soon kids will be taught in school by this scary looking robot.


ASIMO Top Most Terrifying Robots Ever Built 2017

This robot is one of the most intelligent Japanese made robots. This robot can mimic a human perfectly being the first robot to run properly. It also mimic human abilities like moving objects, can walk up and down stairways and even can raise hands just like a human being. It can respond to voice commands, can tell the direction from which noise is coming from, perform minor speech and identify gesture. This robot is just like a human being what it lacks is the human skin to make it look more human than robot. This is one of the Top 10 Most Terrifying Robots Ever Built until 2017.

5. Animatronic

Animatronic Top 10 Most Terrifying Robots Ever Built 2017

Animatronic is the title for this ugly looking robot. This ugly looking robot was created by one Jordan Wolfson form New York. This robot has the ability to dance, lip-sync and can even speak. This robot’s weird dancing and ugly face is the one that make it feel awkward looking at the face of this robot. It was created to prove that grinding dance is sexy but this made the dance to look even creepier.

4. CB2

CB2 Top Most Popular Terrifying Robots Ever Built 2018

CB2 was created by a Japanese professor by the name Ishiguro. The professor created this robot to resemble a toddler but it is very scary due to the fact that it is 4 feet tall and can mimic a 2 year old toddler. It has a child voice and it uses it to call for the attention of people around it and if they do not respond it will follow them around. This is one scary robot that you wouldn’t want to be around. One scary fact is that it is a toddler yet it has the face that does not resemble a toddler with bug eyes.

3. Robokiyu


Originally created to remove heavy debris from natural disasters by its Japanese designer, this robot’s function was later changed to removing and disposing off dead bodies lying in the streets. It drags the bodies of the dead person off the street and eats them up. The scary thing about this robot is that it does not have the ability to tell whether the person lying on the street is dead or has just become unconscious, so it may end up eating up a person who has just fainted on the roads.

2. Titanoboa


This is one very scary robot that resembles the shape of a very long snake. It was created to create awareness about one historical snake by the name Boa. It is a 50 feet tall giant snake that looks just like the snake it was created after. It feature five different ranges of motions, has automated eyes and jaws and micro controllers. Visitors are given an option to ride on its back which would be the most terrifying to do.

1. T52 Enryu


At number one is this scary robotic machine that was created to save people during natural disasters lie earthquakes and tsunamis or even fires and car crashes. It is created to remove heavy objects out of the way as the rescue workers move. It is controlled via a remote and if the remote fails it may cause more harm than help. The scary thing about this robot is that it does not have the ability to determine whether the heavy load it is removing has human beings trapped in it.

These are the Top 10 Most Terrifying Robots Ever Built until 2017. All these robots that are terrifying were once created to help human or show the works of scientists but they ended up to appear more terrifying and scary than they were intended to do.