Top 10 Most Popular Burberry Perfume Scents

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular Burberry Perfume Scents 2017. Burberry is one of the oldest brands in the world. This fashion company from Britain first opened its doors back in 1856 and has been in business for well over 120 years. Burberry has a long standing history for making fine quality clothing, accessories and cosmetics. Over the years, Burberry has released various perfume and cologne scents for consumers. The following list will reveal the top 10 most popular Burberry perfume scents in the history of the company.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Burberry Perfume Scents 2017

10. Burberry Brit Rhythm for Him Eau de Toilette

Burberry Brit Rhythm for Him Eau de Toilette Top 10 Most Popular Burberry Perfume Scents

This is a quality fragrance for men. It is sold in various aromas such as basil verveina, juniper berries and cardamom. All of these fragrances make a very masculine and appealing scent for men’s cologne. Consumers can purchase this product from select stores within France and it comes in a 90ml bottle. The bottle provides men with enough cologne to last for a few months with persistent use. A little Brit Rhythm is all that is needed to capture the attention of the female species.

9. Burberry Brit Body Lotion for Women

Burberry Brit Body Lotion for Women Top Most Burberry Perfume Scents 2019

The Brit Body Lotion by Burberry is a unique body cream for women. This particular lotion is made with real sugar and spices and every other ingredient that is nice. Females will love sooth their skin with this fragrant and elegant salve that will rejuvenate their flesh and invigorate their senses. A lady can put this on to smell fresh and clean all throughout the day or she can put it on at night to help her to have a comfortable sleep. The ingredients contained within this product will make any female to feel and look like a princess.

8. Burberry Touch for Women Eau de Parfum



If you like hearty and rich flavors such as oak moss, wood or even vanilla; then the Burberry Touch is for you. This is a scented perfume product that is sold in France and in various parts of Europe. The scents are strong and dominating but soft enough for a woman. As a matter of fact, Burberry Touch is made for the feminine physique and it is robust aroma that will last all day long. This product can also be shipped gift-wrapped to consumers.

7. Burberry Body Intense

Burberry Body Intense Top Popular Burberry Perfume Scents 2018

Burberry Body Intense is another feminine smelling product that is made for the ladies. This particular fragrance is made with cashmeran, green absinthe and rose absolute. Think about those ingredients for a moment. They are powerful substances that comes from different plant and flower species. These specific ingredients are also some of the best-selling greenery in nature. Vanilla is also a favorite substance by Burberry and it has been added to this product as well.

6. Burberry Beat for Men Eau de Toilette

Burberry Beat for Men Eau de Toilette Top 10 Most Popular Burberry Perfume Scents 2017

Burberry Beat for Men is a fragrant and powerful perfume that is designed for the male odor. This cologne is robust and hardy. It has flavors such as black pepper, violet, geranium and cedrat. Can you imagine a stout scent such as black pepper inside of a cologne? Well, it is available inside of Burberry Beat for men. This product is sold in an attractive 50ml bottle.

5. Burberry Body Gift Set for Women

Burberry Body Gift Set for Women Top Most Famous Burberry Perfume Scents 2018

Natural rose is a very fresh and aromatic smell that is found in nature. The scent specialists at Burberry knows the power that this scent has on the female body. They combined this fragrance with cashmeran, amber and musk. The product is available various sizes and it makes a great gift for women everywhere. This is one of the Top 10 Most Popular Burberry Perfume Scents 2017.

4. Burberry Weekend for Women Eau de Parfum


The weekend is like mini holiday or special time of the month for many people. So why not celebrate it by wearing Burberry’s Weekend for Women. This scent uses tree sap, peach blossom oils, iris and hyacinth. All of these fresh flower aromas will make a woman’s body smell delicious and nearly good enough to eat – figuratively speaking of course. This perfume will definitely capture a man’s attention and have him drooling over his girl.

3. Burberry Brit Rhythm Aftershave Balm for Him

Burberry Brit Rhythm Aftershave Balm for Him Top Famous Burberry Perfume Scents 2019

Guys need an aftershave that has been made for exclusively for them. The Burberry Brit Rhythm Aftershave Balm is exactly what they need to keep their rugged skin in good condition. This product is made with special substances such as juniper berries, cedarwood and basil. Burberry has even added a little incense to the mix to make the concoction more appealing to the feminine sense of smell. Ladies will find it hard to resist their man who is wearing this aftershave.

2. Burberry Body Eau de Parfum Intense

Burberry Body Eau de Parfum Intense Top Most Popular Burberry Perfume Scents 2017

When a perfume has scents such as amber, musk and vanilla you know it must be something special. The Burberry Body Eau for women is one of those scents that will blow a man’s mind when his girl puts it on. This scent will also make a woman feel like a princess. She will be overcome with how well she smells and tastes when the love of her life lavishes kisses on her.

1. Burberry Weekend for Men Eau de Toilette


Bruberry makes their Weekend brand for men as well as women. They wisely decided to keep the fellas smelling good during the end of the week festivities. Aromas such as Artemisia, aqueous violet leaves, nutmeg and white pepper have been added into this fragrance to create a gratifying aroma that women will find hard to resist on their special man. This fragrance is among the best in the Burberry line up.

These are the Top 10 Most Popular Burberry Perfume Scents 2017. All of these Bruberry products are great for the body and the mind. They not only make great gifts but help men and women to smell their best and to feel exceptionally wonderful.