Top 10 Most Beautiful Gadgets For Home Automation

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Gadgets For Home Automation 2017. Is your house okay or is it one of the futuristic houses we have? Well if it is not, do you want it to be? There are many ways in which you can make your house that futuristic house you have always wanted it to be. There are very many companies that have come up with different gadgets whose technology is geared towards enhancing the quality of life in your house. All these gadgets work to better the life you already have. There are some of the best gadgets out there and are all available for you. Here is a list of some of these beautiful gadgets to automate your home;

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Gadgets For Home Automation 2017

10. BeOn starter pack

BeOn starter pack Top Popular Beautiful Gadgets For Home Automation 2018

This is one of the most beautiful bulbs there is in the market. They are automatic bulbs that have a certain pattern following your daily pattern at home. Kind of like a trained dog that does exactly what you tell it day after day. This bulbs will automatically come on when your bell rings or your alarm goes off. Well because of this they are also a good security measure. Unlike other bulbs, these ones will continue glowing even after the power goes out. The perfect companion during a power outage.

9. Logitech Harmony Home control


This is a real solution to anybody who has several smart devices in their home. This is one of the best aspects of this device. It hooks up all your smart gadgets and makes it possible to control them from your phone or from a single outlet. Well isn’t this a great feature in the house. This device can control up to 8 gadgets at a single moment. It may not be seamless but the fact that it gives you such control is amazing

8. Logi Circle

Logi Circle Top Most Popular Beautiful Gadgets For Home Automation 2018

This a good device useful for the people with pets. When you leave the house do you know what your pet is up to? Well now you can. This is a portable sphere which is usually put in the room you are interested in most. Through it you can see your pet or whatever else is going on in the house. This sphere also records instances where there is a visual or audio activity in the room which can be replayed later. Through your phone you can also talk through the sphere. It is an amazing gadget.

7. 45 seconds Bean to Cup Barista

45 seconds Bean to Cup Barista Top 10 Most Beautiful Gadgets For Home Automation 2017

Considering a cup of coffee is the major part of any morning routine, having it fast is also another essential part. The cup of coffee will be made in 45 seconds which is a very high speed. Now you can keep your time in the morning and also have an awesome cup of coffee. This machine is very efficient in that it will only grind the beans for the expresso you want right then. This helps preserve the flavor of the coffee beans. this is one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Gadgets For Home Automation 2017.

6. Netatmo weather stations


When you are far and the weather around your neighborhood is uncertain, it is good to know what is going on. This weather station will provide you with the accurate readings and the right predictions of the weather conditions of your neighborhood. This helps make informed decisions and ensures your safety.

5. Sky Bell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell


Now you will get to see who is ringing your doorbell. There are very many times you opened the door to people you didn’t want in your house and had to entertain them. Now you can just who is ringing and decide whether to let them in or not. Apart from that this device has 1080p resolution which makes it very good. It also has free online video storage which makes it easier to review the video. This is also good for your security.

4. Belkin WeMo Switch

Belkin WeMo Switch Top Beautiful Gadgets For Home Automation 2017

This will allow you to turn on or off a switch even when out of the house suing a Wi-Fi connection. This is major upgrade for your house and now you can be relaxed even if you left something plugged in and went out. The gadget is plugged into an AC outlet and will allow you to do this through an application.

3. Nest Thermostat

Nest Thermostat Top 10 Most Beautiful Gadgets For Home Automation

With a thermostat in the house, you can just regulate the house temperature instead of regulating the clothes you wear. This nest thermostat is the next generation thermostat. It learns when you want the house warm or cold and will make that happen automatically. This gadget can be controlled through an application. If you don’t like the change in temperature you can change it through the application. This is an awesome gadget to have in the house.

2. Chamberlains’ garage door opener


The next level of garage door opener. Now you can just tap the screen of your device and you will have your garage open. This will help you save time in getting into or out of the house. You don’t have to leave the car to enter the house. You can now open or close the garage door for wherever you are. This is controlled by an application on your phone

1. Nest smoke detector

Nest smoke detector Top Famous Beautiful Gadgets For Home Automation 2019

This is stylish and better than the normal smoke detectors there are in the market. Now you have a smoke detector that can communicate to tell you when there is a problem to let know you need to look at it. Now isn’t that just awesome.

These are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Gadgets For Home Automation 2017. There are many gadgets that can make your home the next generation home. These are some of the best there is in the market. Apart from automating your home, they also bring ease in very many activities and also ensure your home is beautiful.