Top 10 Freaky Dolls That Will Make You Scared

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Freaky Dolls That Will Make You Scared 2017. Childhood is that period when one lives without any tensions or worries. Each day is full of happiness, excitement, and joy. Almost every child loves dolls and would want to play with them if he/she manages to come across them. But some of these dolls are so freaky that they can make you to be terrified a lot. These dolls are so scaring that a time you might not want to see or get near them. We have children who fear them while others do not. Want to learn or know some of these dolls that are very freaky? Below is a list of the top ten most freaky dolls that you would not want to come across.

List of Top 10 Freaky Dolls That Will Make You Scared 2017

10. Pulau Ubin Barbie

Pulau Ubin Barbie Top Most Freaky Dolls That Will Make You Scared 2019

Pulau Ubin Barbie is one of the most adorable and cutest dolls in the world. It was in Singapore, in the year 1914, a German couple who were visiting Singapore; unfortunately the couple was arrested on suspicion of being criminals. The lady later died and a shrine was constructed at Pulau Ubin in order to appease her spirit. The girls cross and hair were buried in a certain church in this place. The aged urn was later replaced by the baby doll in this shrine some ten years ago. This doll usually looks very freaky.

9. Elmo

Elmo Top Best Freaky Dolls That Will Make You Scared 2017

This Elmo doll is one of the most liked dolls by children. But the fact is, is a very scary doll. In the year 2008, a young kid, two year old by name James Bowman owned an Elmo doll that was able to narrate the name of the owner. This doll is one of the scariest dolls that can make anyone feel terrified. This doll was able to say James name with a lot of ease.

8. Devil Baby Doll

Devil Baby Doll Top 10 Freaky Dolls That Will Make You Scared 2017

New Orleans in America is considered as the place with most black magicians. It was in 18th Century, a certain girl from this place married a Scotsman. When her ex boyfriend leant of this, and started practicing black magic in order to trap her soul. The boy cursed her after she was buried alive. Rumors to this day say that the spirit of this girl still wanders in that area.

7. The Pupa Doll


This doll is around fourteen inches in height and has beautiful legs and arms. If you take a good look at it resembles a human being. It looks like its Italian owner and was made in the 19 century. It is one of the scariest dolls that will make you feel terrified. Many people say that this doll had a soul of a human which was for its owner who died in the year 2005. This doll is one of the freakiest dolls to be ever made.

6. Mandy the Doll

Mandy the Doll Top Most Popular Freaky Dolls That Will Make You Scared 2018

Mandy is one of the oldest ceramic toys. It is around 12 years old, and was first made in the 19th Century, in the UK. This doll was then donated in 1991 to Quesnel Museum. Many people say that this doll usually wakes up when it hears the voice of a crying baby. Because of its presence in the museum, certain strange things began happening there. Thus this Mandy the Doll is one of the scariest dolls to be made. This is one of the Top 10 Freaky Dolls That Will Make You Scared 2017.

5. Letta, Haunted Gypsy Doll

Letta, Haunted Gypsy Doll Top Most Famous Freaky Dolls That Will Make You Scared 2018

This Letta has been a scary doll for almost two hundred years. This doll was created by a certain Romanian gypsy for his son as a way of remembering him after he drowned and died in water. It is rumored that the soul of this boy later came into this doll. Mr. Walton usually cries as a soul in this doll. Isn’t this very frightening?

4. The Chrystal, Isaac, True, Sharla, Monika, Lilly, Cameron, and Ashley


These are five different dolls and are from Pennsylvania, they were owned by five children from the same family. These children decided to call these dolls freaky because they noticed that the dolls were strange, some time doing very abnormal things. In 2009, they did some strange things which were recorded on the camera. Thus these dolls are one of the freakiest dolls to be ever made.

3. Patty Reed’s Doll

Patty Reed’s Doll Top Famous Freaky Dolls That Will Make You Scared 2019

It was in the 18th. Century when an eight year old girl by name Patty relocated to California together with her parents. Later she was waylaid by an unknown person and killed. This doll of hers is said to possess the spirit of Patty Reed. This doll is found in areas of California, Sacramento, and at the Sutter’s fort State museum. It is a very freaky doll.

2. Voodoo Zombie


Voodoo Zombie is a very scary doll that will leave you terrified. It was discovered in the New Orleans. A certain woman from Galveston, Texas purchased this using eBay. It is rumored that this particular doll has real hairs as that of humans. The woman who bought this doll claims that this doll never leaves her house even when sold as it will just reappear at her doorstep.

1. The Joliet Doll


This doll is a haunted and cursed doll. Its owner was a female by the name Anna. She was later found murdered together by her children. It is said that the spirits of this woman and her children live in the body of this doll. Strange footsteps and noises are often heard during the night in the place where this doll is kept in exhibition.

These are the Top 10 Freaky Dolls That Will Make You Scared 2017. Children love dolls especially the very young ones. Others love the freaky type while others just love any.We have other scary dolls that did not make it to this list. However, the ones listed above are the freakiest of all.