Top 10 Most Popular Robots to Buy in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular Robots to Buy in The World 2017. The world that we currently live in is totally different than what it was before world war 2. In fact, it is world war 1, world war 2 and the cold war that led to many inventions that we currently use. These wars laid the foundation for further technological advancements as nations were trying to outdo each other in the race to amass weapons of mass destruction. It is no secret that the atomic bomb was created and used in Japan because USA saw Japan as a threat to it and world peace.

Telecommunication networks were created during these wars to aid in communication, robots were also made but in very rudimentary terms as the technology wasn’t that much advanced. These first robots laid the foundation for the robots that are available currently. For instance, the drone is such a robot that is used by armies but now it has been commercialized.

Top 10 Most Popular Robots to Buy in The World 2017

10. Honda Asimo

Honda Asimo Top Most Famous Robots to Buy 2018

This list would have been incomplete if it didn’t have this humanoid and robot. It currently holds the title for being the most powerful humanoid to be ever created. It weighs 54kg and it is four feet high. It is powered by a 51.5 volts’ lithium ion battery that can last for one hour. The awesome thing about this humanoid is that it understands English, Chinese and Japanese. You can command it to do just about everything with just talking to it. Its main aim is to help tourists in Japan.

9. Spot


This is an exquisite robot that was made by Google-owned robotic design and engineering firm called Boston Dynamics. It is one wacky invention from the firm. It is a four legs that are designed to operate outside and inside. It is also hydraulically actuated and electrically powered. It has a sensor that helps it maneuver through rugged terrain. It is a robot dog.

8. Moley

Moley Top 10 Most Popular Robots to Buy

Ever come home from work, you are tired and exhausted hence you can’t want to cook. At that moment you always wish if you were married that is if you are a man or may be if you had a maid who would do that work for you. Well those days are gone because moley is here to do that work for you. It can cook nice home cooked food. It has humanoid arms and robotic arms that make it a standard kitchen.

7. LG Rolling bot

LG Rolling bot Top Popular Robots to Buy 2019

This is another robot that is made for homes. It has been designed to be like the BB-8 Droid. It was to be a security robot that can keep your home secure. It is operated through the internet so if you have Wi-Fi installed in your home, you can easily operate and use this magnificent robot. The idea behind it is that if you are on holiday, this robot can be keeping your home secure during that time.

6. Pepper


This is one robot that epitomizes artificial intelligence at its best. It was released on 2016 and it has not become outdated since then. This is mainly dust to the fact that it is the first robot that can respond and recognize human emotion. It has a head that has a 3D sensor, 4 microphones and HD cameras that all monitor speech patterns and facial expressions.

5. Deka Robot

Deka Robot Top 10 Most Popular Robots to Buy 2017

If you were born without limbs or you unfortunate lost your limbs through an accident, these bionic limbs will definitely be suitable for you. It is funded by DARPA, defense advanced research projects agency. It helps anyone who has experienced upper extremity amputations be able to use his or her hands and arms. This is the one of Top 10 Most Popular Robots to Buy in The World 2017.

4. Double

Double Top Most Popular Robots to Buy 2017

Someone can only teleport if he or she travels faster than light. With double you can nearly teleport. It has motorized wheels, a screen that is attached to it. it will be enable you attend events and move around spaces. For just 2000 dollars you can get your hands on one.

3. Jibo

Jibo Top Most Robots to Buy 2018

What if you had a robot that could arrange for you your office, home and also make sure your children go to school on time? Jibo is a robot that can be your personal assistants. It has been dubbed as the world’s 1st social robot. It can recognize the owner’s face easily.



if you’re a person who has a broken spinal rendering you paralysed, technology is here to make you use your limbs again. This robot has been made by a robot company called Ekso Bionics. This company can be found in Richmond, California. It is also fantastic for victims of stroke. The robotic suit is made from aluminum and titanium.

1. Milo Robot

Milo Robot Top Famous Robots to Buy 2019

This is a robot that was created to help children suffering from autism. It is 2 feet tall and was manufactured by an American humanoid company called Robokind. It was designed by educators, therapists and parents to teach kids social skills. It displays emotions on an iPad.

The above list of the most popular robots to buy in the world 2017. Most of them are made for home based use and they were also made to help people suffering from various ailments such as stroke.

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