Top 10 Most Famous Best Selling Furniture Brands in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Famous Best Selling Furniture Brands in The World 2016-2017. It is everyone’s dream to own beautiful and well-furnished house. This can be achieved by either hiring an internal designer to bring that appealing look to our homes or simply by choosing kitchen-ware, furniture, curtains, and other house accessories wisely. When purchasing your furniture, it is important to put into consideration the wall paints. Choose the furniture that would match your wall paints to achieve that charming and appealing look. While purchasing your furniture, you might want to settle for something that is affordable, attractive and graceful. Here is a list of the top 10 most famous furniture brands in the world 2016-2017 that you can choose your furniture from.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Best Selling Furniture Brands in The World 2016-2017

10. Christopher Guy

christopher guy, Best Selling Furniture Brands in The World 2017

Christopher Guy is the name of the designer of this furniture brand. Christopher Guy founded this company back in the year 1999. This is an internationally known company, famous for producing quality chairs, upholstery, headboards, dining tables, beautiful sofas, kitchen accessories, mirrors, washing accessories and many more products. This brand, through its products, depicts a perfect blend of modernism and classism. The best thing about the furniture produced by this brand is that they speak for themselves with the perfect style and elegant look. The furniture is a clear indication of the designer’s aesthetic sense.

9. Henkel-Harris

henkel harris, Best Selling Furniture Brands in The World 2018

This is considered to be among America’s finest and oldest furniture brands, launched by Mary, Carol Henkel and John Harris in 1946, with John Harris as the main designer. This amazing furniture were designed by John and sold by Henkel’s all over the world. Over time, this furniture design became popular and the business more successful. Inspired by the Europeans unique antique styled furniture, Mary Henkel moved to Europe to market their brand. This move was another success for the brand, known for its elegant and timeless furniture.

8. French Heritage


This European furniture brand is responsible for making most of the top quality office and home furniture present in America and Europe. French Heritage is well known for its antique designs and graceful styles. The management of this company has hired the finest and most professional designers and workers to invent passionate ideas and create comfortable furniture. This brand specializes is the production of beach-made hostelry, casual contemporary, eclectic furniture, and the European handcrafted furniture.

7. Theodore Alexander


This is truly a name of trust and variety. The brand produces the most beautiful, amazing and comprehensive furniture designs. Theodore Alexander is well-known for the production of eclectic, traditional and transitional furniture and its accessories. The brand hires the most experienced and traditional craftsmen to make their furniture, and uses the finest materials. This company offers both new and antique styled furniture. If you are looking for the best furniture then all you have to do is visit Theodore Alexander’s official site catalogue.

6. Edra


Edra, founded in 1987, is another famous furniture brand. This brand is based in Tuscany, a city well known for its history of arts and crafts and for its cultural and traditional values, and has its furniture products sold all over the world. This brand produces elegant furniture for use in both homes and offices. Besides the modern furniture items, this brand also produces both classic and traditional styles. Designs are made from new and most reliable materials. This furniture brand aims at high performance and the production of quality designs in this industry.

5. Henredon


Henredon is considered the name for quality home furniture manufacturers, and has been in the furniture industry since 65 years. This company initially had only three chests when it was started, after which it grew its business with hundreds of furniture products that every room within a house would need. Henredon is one of the best furniture designing and manufacturing brands, with its appreciable handwork evident on each item it produces. If you are tired of the common furniture designs and looking for a unique style all round you then Henredon is the best solution for you. Their designs are also affordable.

4. Kartell


This brand, founded in 1949, brings together high quality furniture with innovative ideas. Almost all furniture designs produced by kartell will give an appealing and glamorous look that will improve your home’s decoration. The brand specializes in the production of both plastic and wooden furniture items in order to create a wider variety for its customers. The furniture items produced by Kartell have beautiful creation and styles that will leave customers most satisfied. This Italian brand dominates most furniture shops across America and Europe.

3. Roche Bobois


This brand is considered the famous top end manufacturer of furniture. The Roche Bobois brand was founded by the Roche and Chouchans families in 1960. This brand has the best furniture creations ever and holds the elite position of prominent pioneer inventor. This brand launches its new and exclusive furniture collection after every 6 months. Roche Bobois is regarded the world’s most talented furniture brand, with over two hundred and fifty show rooms located in almost forty five countries. New show rooms were recently opened by the company in over ten countries. The company’s employees are committed to making the brand more successful.

2. Fendi Casa


This brand launched in 1989, is famous for its innovative and creative furniture. Fendi Casa presents both classic and contemporary style furniture. Antique furniture items are only produced for special customers considering their high cost. This furniture brand aims at beautifying your room and making it look like a dreamy place by use of their awesome designs. Apart from the leathered dark brown ivory sofas with plaids and cushions, this company also specializes in the production of coffee tables, sofas, and arm chairs. This is one of Best Selling Furniture Brands in The World 2016-2017.

1. Restoration Hardware


Restoration Hardware is considered the world’s fastest growing and most luxurious furniture brand, and the most famous brand in the market for home furniture. It specializes in a wide range of products including baby and child products. This brand has an unmatchable and timeless collection. Designs available are contemporary, antique, classical and other more historic furniture styles. The brand grows daily by sales and production.

These are Top 10 Most Famous Best Selling Furniture Brands in The World 2016-2017. The kind of furniture found in our homes and offices say a lot about our personalities and class. The best way to show class is by equipping your house with the most luxurious furniture brands.