Top 10 Most Famous Celebrity Perfumes in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Famous Celebrity Perfumes in The World 2016-2017. Celebrities are people whose names are high. They are the luckiest people in getting opportunities when they are compared to the average person. This becomes a reason why they appear in different brands that revolve around the world. Each and everyone love wearing a fragrance before stepping out of his/her house. Perfumes are an epitome of any vogue personality. When the sweet smelling celebrity perfume becomes grand and personified, it makes the celebrity more famous as well as the perfume itself. A celebrity perfume can be poorly designed, or overprocessed.If one is not careful enough, he/she may end up buying it because of the celebrity name. The following is the list of the top 10 most famous celebrity perfumes 2016-2017:

List of Top 10 Most Famous Celebrity Perfumes in The World 2016-2017

10. Mariah Carey’s Luscious Pink perfume


This is the best celebrity perfumes that has many sales in the summer season. It is only designed for that particular season. If you may mistaken and use it in a different season, you will be the craziest ever. It has ingredients that include bright citrus. When you are out of the house enjoying the freshness of the sun, you will be assured of smelling wonderful. Mariah Carey’s perfume can’t lie on how special you are.

09. Rihanna’s Rebi Fleur


It is among the selling celebrity perfumes. The scent of the perfume is gorgeous, soft and warm. It has a topical smell that features notes that are lovely. Most young ladies are being carried away by the Rebi’s perfume. It is an amazing one to keep you from cloyness.It performs this function through its flowery and sugary notes. In addition, its finishes are a powder scent of powder that can be associated with the pother cosmetics. It is the perfume that you have been dreaming of in this 2016-2017.

08. Girlfriend’s Justin Bieber

Girlfriend’s Justin Bieber Top Most Popular Celebrity Perfumes 2018

This is a celebrity perfume that is popular among the teenagers. This is because of its nice scent. It is more subtible than what you expect from the idol fragrance of a teenager.Moreover, it is made from citrus and vanilla notes. It is then enriched with a musk scent. This makes it be in the top 10 in 2016.The most amazing thing with it is that it is easy to wear.

07. Elizabeth Taylor’s white Diamonds.

Elizabeth Taylor’s white Diamonds Top Most Selling Celebrity Perfumes 2018

This is the number 7 celebrity perfumes in 2016-2017 which is the most famous. It has a gorgeous smell and you can get it in online stores. This makes it to be readily available when you need it. It is enriched with flacon scent. It is a sister to black pearl and passion (sister colognes) Moreover, it has made sales worth $ 76.3 Million. White Diamond perfume alone has made worth $ 61.3 million. It is as opulent as Liz Taylor herself.

06. Lady Gaga’s perfume

Lady Gaga’s perfume Top 10 Best-Selling Celebrity Perfumes

This is a surprisingly a sweet and floral fragrance that is blended with Belladina, saffron, orchid, honey, incense and apricot. It is a nice fit to the celebrity himself. For the first minutes, it will smell like fresh citrus.Laiter on, they will smell like honey when it deepens out. It is a gorgeous celebrity perfume that uses the pull-push technology. The maniac way that its bottle is desired as a non-homicidal perfume. It is regarded as the perfume that fit as the star’s image.

05. Kim Kardashian pure honey

Kim Kardashian pure honey Top Most Famous Celebrity Perfumes 2019

It is the sixth celebrity perfume that has a best-sale since it was launched in 2013.It is a perfume that is blended with honey, rose and beewax.This is a unique combination that works wonders. Pure honey has the longest lasting powers when included in the perfume.Kardashian said that her co-workers complimented her on its release due to the bee Cham on the bottle.

04. Jennifer Lopez glow

Jennifer Lopez glow Top Famous Celebrity Perfumes 2019

It is a perfume that sell best in 2016-2017.It was released on 2002 by Jennifer Lopez. At that time, each teenager wouldn’t wait any longer to get the perfume. It is an amazing perfume with a fresh, clean and soapy smell. The notes of this perfume are that of oranges, grapefruits, musk and vanilla. It is a sister of Live/ Ux whose bottle has a fancy look and a melon scent.

03. Celine Dion Signature

Celine Dion Signature Top Best-Selling Celebrity Perfumes 2017

It another celebrity perfume which is more classic. The perfume almost created a vintage style. It has the highest notes of rose, magnolia and jasmine. Its finishers are musk and sandalwood which are a sexy encore. It is pure that the celebrity .It also has a real dual’s fragrance that is inspired by the celebrity love.

02. Madonna Truth Order


This was the first perfume that was her first release. It has scents of spicy florals.The top note of the perfume echoes in thanking the Gardena while the mid note echoes itself.Truthy and dare perfume by Madonna has a sophiscated scent that is dramatic. It can be regarded as a booster of confidence for a special occasion. It is a 30 ml bottle that comes in iconic and gardenia tuberose scents.

1. Beyonce Midnight heat

Beyonce Midnight heat Top 10 Best-Selling Celebrity Perfumes 2017

She is one of the celebrities who hit up the news whenever everyone hears of her. She produces beautiful and amazing products as she is. The Midnight perfume starts with the orchid floral notes; peony and starfruit.The finishers are awesome to prove that Beyonce did a great job.

These are the Top 10 Most Famous Celebrity Perfumes in The World 2016-2017. The celebrities are the spotlight marketers who are wonderful. Customers who love the celebrity branded perfumes needs to be more careful when buying. Many customers like buying them without knowledge on how it smells.

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