Top 10 Most Popular Best Selling Calvin Klein Perfumes

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular Best Selling Calvin Klein Perfumes 2016-2017. People at one time believed that perfume is for women and cologne is for men. Today, these social and fashionable laws do not apply. Top designers like Calvin Klein (“CK”) are designing fragrances that are a unisex blend. Calvin Klein is known globally as a clothing and accessory designer, but included are his world famous fragrances. The first CK perfume was launched in 1981. Obsession for women was created in 1985 and Obsession for men was created the following year. Designer Calvin Klein has over 128 perfumes for both men and women. His latest fragrance was released in the beginning of 2016 under the auspices of Coty. CK fragrances are made in collaboration with the finest perfumers around the world 2016-2017.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Best Selling Calvin Klein Perfumes 2016-2017

10. Escape for Men

Escape for Men Top Famous Calvin Klein Perfumes 2018

The “Escape” for men perfume is a woodsy scent that is a combination of spice and lavender that is very appealing to many men. For added scent appeal, CK also included minor perfumed fragrances of roses, peach, sandalwood, apples, and mandarins.

9. Truth for Women


“Truth” is a feminine woodsy fragrance that when word gives a soft oriental flair. It is more of a daytime fragrance. The comments for Truth is that it smells differently on different women. Its woodsy scent seems to mix very well with some women’s chemistry and perhaps very differently with others.

8. Beauty for Women

Beauty for Women Top 10 Most Popular Calvin Klein Perfumes 2017

“Beauty” is a wonderful sophisticated fragrance for women. It is a combination of cally lily, cedar with amber with a slight hint of lovely jasmine. Long wearing Beauty helps a woman feel more feminine and confident throughout the day or evening.

7. CK for Women

CK for Women Top Most Popular Calvin Klein Perfumes 2017

Calvin Klein has infused citrus and other unique scents in 2U for women. The scents include a mix of floral and woodsy with an oriental base. The key fragrance scents combine pink grapefruit with bergamot, a hint of red currant leaf, orchid, white cactus, amber and some vanilla thrown in for a unique, young smelling fragrance and feel.

6. Eternity Aqua for Men

Eternity Aqua for Men Top Most Famous Calvin Klein Perfumes 2019

Calvin Klein designed this fragrance with the sophisticated man in mind. It has an aquatic and clean scent that last all day long. Its combination ingredients include the scent of cucumbers, citrus, lotus, peppers, lavenders, cedar and a hint of musk. For daytime and nighttime use, it is a romantic scent for that special man. This is one of Top 10 Most Popular Best Selling Calvin Klein Perfumes 2016-2017.

5. Contradiction for Men

Contradiction for Men Top Popular Calvin Klein Perfumes 2018

“Contradiction” is a good name for this CK perfume for men. It lasts all day long and it is not an overpowering smell. This is the type of fragrance that people will tell a man, how good he smells. CK has infused a citrusy lime scent with sage, leaves, sandalwood, nutmeg and vetiver. It gives a man a mystery air of sophistication.

4. Eternity for Women

Eternity for Women Famous Calvin Klein Perfumes 2019


This perfume is known as a romantic scent. It is woods and spice for that special lady. Eternity can be worn around the house, in the office or for a quick drink. Its key ingredients include the scent of amber, patchouli, spice, flowers and certain fruity scents.

3. Obsession for Men


“Obsession” is another world popular Calvin Klein fragrance for men. This masculine perfume is uniquely infused with citrusy mandarin, spices, sandalwood, musk, and amber. Men can wear this fragrance throughout the night when you need just a hint of sexiness. It is a scent that is not overpowering and that the opposite sex will love.

2. Euphoria for Women

Euphoria for Women Top 10 Most Popular Calvin Klein Perfumes

This is one of CK’s most popular scent for women. Euphoria is that special woman who wants to be unforgetful to her date or significant other. This perfume is designed to give her an air of seduction and her to exude in confidence. The key ingredients in Euphoria are pomegranate, black violet, mahogany, lotus, persimmons, and black orchids. Women love this great fragrance which smells good on you.

1. Obsession and Obsession Eau de Parfum for Women


Calvin Klein has two amazing fragrances with the name Obsession. There is the standard brand name of “Obsession” and then there is “Obsession Eau de Parfum.” Both Obsession fragrances are beautifully intense but not strong. Obsession itself is a mixture of citrus and vanilla which gives your body a clean, warm scent. To top this fragrance off, CK added musk, spice and sandalwood. Obsession Eau de Parfum is also an irresistible scent that the commercial for it states “passionate, powerful, intense, between love and madness lies Obsession.

These are the Top 10 Most Popular Best Selling Calvin Klein Perfumes 2016-2017. When you say perfume Calvin Klein is at the top of your list for world renown fragrances. Calvin Klein was the first designer to make perfumes hip and trendy. As a top designer, Mr. Klein’s products are considered youthful, bold, and classic. In the 1980’s when he first made jeans a classic wardrobe item, he launched Obsession and Eternity. Designer CK was and continues to be the leader when it comes to fragrance royalty, including the new trend of introducing unisex scents for young men and women.