Top 10 Most Expensive Useless Things in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Expensive Useless Things in The World 2017. F. Scott Fitzgerald famous noted that the rich are different from you and me. This difference today is primarily exhibited through the things they buy with their money that have absolute no real use or that, at the very least, could be bought for a heck of a lot less money. They say if you’ve got it, you should flout it. Frankly, that advice sounds suspiciously like capitalist propaganda, but if you do happen to happen to have some extra dead Presidents or dead Treasury Secretaries or dead inventors of the Franklin Stove or—coming up—some dead abolitionists pictured on your money hanging around, then here is one list of the top ten most expensive useless things.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Useless Things in The World 2017

10. Tigers

tigers, Top 10 Most Expensive Useless Things 2017

Here’s a fun fact. Well, replace fun with disturbing and it’s still a fact: there are more tigers help in captivity in America than there are tigers left in the wild on the entire planet. Here’s another depressing part of that equation: most of those tigers in captivity are privately owned as pets. Now, you can guess how expensive it must be to buy a tiger, much less keep it. And all that money is going to a possession that you cannot even use. No matter how much you are, you have to keep it behind bars if only to satisfy your insurance company, much less satisfy local law enforcement.

9. The World’s Most Expensive Car


Whatever it may be at the time you are reading this article, the world’s most expensive car is still going to be one of the top ten most expensive useless things. Why? What are you going to do: use the most expensive car to drive to the market? Or to drive across the country? Seriously, is there anywhere in the world you would actually trust other drivers enough to take the world’s most expensive car out for a ride? You’d better own your own highway if you want the world’s most expensive car to be anything other than useless.

8. The Only DVD Playing Tablet Computer


This is either the greatest idea of all time or the most useless video technology of all time. At $129, it’s a pretty good deal as far as tablets go. At a $129 for a DVD player, it seems rather steep. Think about how you handle a tablet computer. You hold it in your hand. You turn it this and that. You carry it on the go. Now think about how you use a DVD player.

7. The World’s Only Music Box Espresso Machine


Okay, a machine that makes espresso is clearly not useless for some people. For others, maybe so. The $4200 price tag does not seem to be related to the purpose of making espresso, however, so much as to the fact that it is also a music box. You do the math and figure out if this qualifies as both expensive and useless.

6. Companhia Vinicola da Madeira CVM Terrantez 1795 Vintage


All those vowels up there mixed in among the consonants refers to a bottle of wine. A single bottle of wine. A single bottle of wine costing nearly $12,000. Just to remind you in case you forget: wine is grape juice. Now, there are some out there who will contest that with a bunch of fancy talk using terms like bouquet and piquant and—as you can see—vintage…but the one necessary ingredient in wine is also the one necessary ingredient in grape juice. The two products are on distinguishable by two facts: everybody love grape juice and those who prefer grape juice do not have to mask their preference with a bunch of fancy talk that is ultimately just so much smoke being blow up…well, you know.

5. Million Dollar Fishing Lure


Well, there it is. A fishing lure. That the maker wants to sell to you for a million dollars. Take just a second to think about how a fishing lure work. You toss it into the water and hope it lures fish to take your bait. Again: you toss a fishing lure into the water. Even if that fishing lure costs a million dollars, it is only useful if you toss it into the water to lure fish. And if you don’t? Then it becomes a million dollar paperweight. This is one of the Top 10 Most Expensive Useless Things in The World 2017.

4. Ghost Hunting Kit


For the low, low price of just a nickel shy of $650, you can buy the Pro Ghost Hunting Kit. And what does the Pro Ghost Hunting Kit contained? Funny you should ask, because we just so happen to have a handy little list here:

Dual-Mode Full Spectrum + Normal View HD Camcorder
Dual-Mode Infrared and Full Spectrum Video Light
Digital EMF with Thermometer
EVP Audio Recorder
Case With Pluck Foam

Now, admittedly, the ghost hunting kit does get you a camcorder, but almost certainly not a camcorder worth $645. Why the $645? Because the rest of this stuff would be overpriced at $6.00 and even at $5.00 it’s no bargain. Clear enough why the ghost hunting kit is expensive. But why useless?


3. Kanye West Designer Clothing


For the uninitiated, Kanye West is a guy who is famous for being famous married to a woman who is famous for being famous. Yes, he is a rapper…but who can’t rap? For some reason, West equates the lack of talent it takes to be a rapper with having a talent for designing clothing. The inescapable fact is that even if Kanye West’s designer clothes only cost a buck, they would be overpriced because they are the epitome of useless. If you can buy a shirt with literally nothing on it to distinguish it from any other shirt but a tag with this person’s name for ten bucks, what could possibly possess anyone to spend $200 on it? There is a name for the type of people who buy Kanye West’s designer clothing. Dangerous. Why? If they can be convinced to spend $200 for a shirt that LITERALLY IS LIKE ANY $5.00 SHIRT SOLD IN DOLLAR GENERAL…who knows what someone with an actual vision could convince them to do.

2. The Three-Dimensional Labyrinth Orb


What is the Three Dimensional Labyrinth Orb? According to its manufacturer, “the orb is a complex network of chicanes, multi-planar hairpin turns, zig-zags, and channels—even a sliding gondola.” Yeah, okay. So, then what does the Three Dimensional Labyrinth Orb do? Once again, according to the manufacturer, it “challenge players to complete each course without letting the marble fall off the track.” In order words, it does exactly what that simple wooden box with a a track and a hole can do for about $20…if you buy that simple version in an upscale store. Shop around a thrift store and you can probably pick it up $2. Or, alternatively, you could buy the Three Dimensional Labyrinth Orb for…wait for it…$40,000. Useless? Not completely, perhaps. But the price to use ratio places this at about 99% pointless investment.

1. Diamonds

diamonds, Top 10 Most Expensive Useless Things 2018

Technically, you could make the argument that the top ten most expensive useless things are all diamonds. Diamonds are not rare. Diamonds are overprice. Every single diamond is overpriced to begin with because the industry has stockpiled massive amounts of them to create an artificial rarity. Add in the fact that even the barest bones discount store marks up the price by at least 50% and usually closer to 100% (and the really fancy jewelry stores mark the price up by as much as 500%) and what you are doing when you buy a diamond is paying an awful lot for a pretty rock that can only be described as plentiful.

These are the Top 10 Most Expensive Useless Things in The World 2017. As long as there are people with more money than brains there will be expensive items that are to one degree or another useless. Of course, it is worth noting that what is useless for one person may completely necessary for another. Even so, one would be hard-pressed to find anything on this list that could actually be considered a necessity.