Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands in The World

Take a look at the below list of the world’s Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands in 2017, famous and best selling brands. Once upon a time, man never wore clothes. The only clothes that was available was just rugs or twigs of trees that he could hang on him/her body. Now, what did I say? Once upon a time. But things have changed a lot from that time. People have invented things and clothes are one of the major things that man swam into so that he could cover his body properly because after eating the garden fruit, it was evident that he/she now realized that being naked was a crime. That is why man embarked on some classy cloth making procedure.

The modern clothes have come in various designs, fashions and make that gives everyone that wants to use them an advantage to choose what he or she loves to wear. Why we have so many clothes is the fact there is also an instinct of being different from others and you can even go ahead to pay the high prices that the clothes have. I know we are all human beings and you are getting this information right away. We are going to introduce to you the best clothing brands 2017 that exist in today’s world and will make fashion lovers to have a better time to choose from them. Let’s get down to them.

List of the Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands in The World 2017

10. Valentino

Valentino Top Famous Expensive Clothing Brands 2019

What makes women out there have a better time in their fashion is the choice of having these clothes with them. For all those that are looking for garments that are hot in the world, they are going to be the best selection offer you. Ensure that your wardrobe does not run dry at any one given time due to lack of fashion. The brand that we are having for you here is one of the best and has hit the market with storm. People are eager to have it and are afraid that it is going to end soon if you don’t get you. The color that you want is your choice from what they have.

9. Versace


This is an Italian fashion and the best part of the company is that it produces clothes for both women and men. If you take keen in how trend lovers dress up, you will realize that it is a poplar wear and anyone that is ready to pay a high price will always get to it. In fact, the trend that you are going to get with us is rated best and has managed to introduce a variety of fashion wears thus leaving little or no space for all those that want to rival with it. Designers and artists have even stepped up in recommending the use of these clothes and I can promise you that it is the best clothing brands in the world 2017.

8. Guess


I know you might be wondering what the name that we have here means. But that is how the type of garment you will buy here names it. When you wear it, it will level many people with the ability to do a lot of guess of what is going to happen next or even let others go into the fantasy world. The company in question here produces clothes by targeting adult men and women. You will find a variety from them starting off from T-Shirts and Jeans which are highly popular among those that love to move with wind in the celebrity world of dressing.

7. Dior

Dior Top Most Popular Expensive Clothing Brands 2017

It is good to have a glamorous and sophisticated look. After all, you are different form all the others. When you have this type of fashion-cloth with you, then you will one person that is, modernized, elegant, and looking prestigious. The trends of the items here that are brought into the market are always regarded as status symbols for everyone that might be having them on. I don’t wasn’t to assume that fact that you will look expensive but that in itself, can be seen without say. When you go purchasing the items, you will get that they have been enhance in getting you to have their other accessories which include perfumes, sunglasses, women wear among others.

6. Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Top Most Famous Expensive Clothing Brands 2018

Getting seasonal variations of different clothes in one place is all that you will get with these best sellers here. The products that they have for you will make you look luxurious and exclusive in your looks. They are known for a long time in their fashion world as being popular in producing other women wears like handbags, shoes and jewelry. All these will ensure that whichever season that comes; you get well taken care of in your world and never fantasize of anything. Their success has always been known so with them, you are at peace.

5. Armani

Armani Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands 2017

This is the expensive clothing brand and the most popular brand around the globe. Forget about those one which comes in few brand because the Armani has huge range to meet your personal needs. You can find this brand on perfumes an also clothing and this is a proof that they have almost everything you need to get covered. It is also an old name in cloth manufacturing T shirts and jeans. It is a brand which is widely known all over the world and even earned huge name. When there are great seasonal variation, Armani is right there to let you have the best to adapt to the seasons. You will find Armani at both male and female and kids cloths.

4. Dolce and Gabbana


It is commonly known as D&G and everyone know this brand all over the world 2017. It is known to be famous and even desirable dressing brand which is found in the Italian culture. The brand has concentrated at producing cloths which have been loved by both men and women and the interesting part is that it is solid in great numbers globally. You will appreciate the print as well as the texture quality of dress they manufacture and have no match globally. In 2013, D&G was ranked to be the most expensive clothing brand and obvious cheap is expensive and it is better to buy something expensive since it will give you durable services longer than cheap ones. If you want to wear clothes which are simple and comfortable but distinguishable from others, then this is the best brand you need to find their outlet and buy their cloths.

3. Prada


Are you right there willing to make a change that will make your life enjoyable and even admirable? Well, say yes and led Prada lead you the way. Prada is Italian brand and it has been attracting a large number of fashion lovers and is you don’t know anything about them, then this is the right time for you to start looking for its cloths. They have outlets all over the world and the goodness about them is that they are highly accessible and maybe you have ever worn their cloth and you don’t know. It produces expensive clothing in the world and don’t let it shock you, after all do you like cheap things? This brand is known for its design and they are considered to be simple and distinguished and above all very comfortable. It has also maintained its god name when it comes to perfumes in the market. If you want fashionable things which are distinguished then let this brand move with you.

2. Chanel


This is the best brand which has been gaining huge demand for year and it is the most favored by famous and rich meaning that its products are of high-quality and distinguished. It features stylish as well as rich design that will let you select between great verities and even when you wear their clothes, everyone will look at you with their eyebrows up and their mouth wide open due to the uniqueness of the cloth you have worn. if you don’t believe that this is a unique brand, then let me tell you that they don’t copy others and this has make them known for their unique styles. What you can get from them are skin care items, quality shades and beauty products and all have the brand name. It has been sought after by younger fashion lovers, trendier and several people who want fashionable things.

1. Gucci

Gucci Top Popular Expensive Clothing Brands 2018

You will appreciate the expensiveness as well as the overall quality of this brand will make you admire them product. It is also most expensive brand found in the market and they have concentrated in manufacturing items which are meant for men and women. Their articles are handbags, ties, shoes, shirts and luggage. Don’t be shocked that they items are expensive and you lose hope; their items are always luxurious and above all very stylish. They will make you look fashionable and admirable whenever you wear their clothes.

If your dream is to dress up in adorable manner and even elegant way, then the above expensive clothing brands 2017 are always ready to let you get what you want. These brands are unique and that is what has set them aside from others, you will always receive tons of complements when you wear their cloths. If you want to be admirable and make people look at you with their mouth open, then let these brands be your choice.

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