Top 10 Coolest Best Selling Summer Juicers

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Coolest Best Selling Summer Juicers 2016-2017. In the summer seasons, everyone thinks of something that can cool the hotness. Many people become uncomfortable when they are exposed with high temperatures. A good solution is that of making a homemade juice. A juicer which is the best depends on different factors. Among them is the amount of money that the person has. The speed of the juicer together with the ease of cleaning also matters a lot. In general, there are two types of juicers; centrifugal and masticating juicers. Centrifugal juicers have a disc that that spins to make a smoothe juice. On the other hand, masticating juicers are the ones which are easily cleaned but have a slow speed in producing the juice. The following are the best 10 coolest summer juicers 2016-2017 for you:

List of Top 10 Coolest Best Selling Summer Juicers 2016-2017

10. Omega j8006 Nutrition centre juice

Omega j8006 Nutrition centre juicer Top 10 Coolest Best Summer Juicers

This is the coolest juicer that masticates and chews up all the juice from the veggies and the fruits. They are designed to use gears. The juicing speed of this juice is abit slow when it is compared to the rest. Moreover it has a slow cleaning power but its nutrition centre works quietly. It is an amazing juicer with a dual stage system. It yields the maximum juice from the fruits and veggies.Furthermore, it can be used for different types of fruits i.e. wheat grass, homemade pasta and nuts.

09. Breville mult-speed BJE510 XL

Breville mult-speed BJE510 XL Top Most Coolest Summer Juicers 2017

This is the coolest juicer for you in the summer season. It won the editors choice award. Not only being easy to use, it has a foot print which is compact. It is a juicer with a highest performance.Furthermore; it has the capability of producing different fruits. This is facilitated by its 5 settings. It has been a name which is big for the kitchens when it comes to juicing.

08. Super Angel juicer


These are amongst the coolest and best selling summer juicers 2016-2017 that you require. It comes in different levels that can suit any budget. They are also of different qualities where you need to select from. Moreover it has a design of steel which makes them to look gorgeous. Not only offering a 82rpm speed of juicing, it also has the ability of retaining the nutrients. The juicer has 3 simple stages –from crushing the fruits to extraction of the products. With Super Angel you do not need to worry since it has a warranty of 10 years.

07. Victoria VKP1048 aluminum steel


In summers you need steam juicers. It is a great and wonderful juicer that has a capability of accommodating more constituents. It has the intensity of holding 11 fruit quarts. This makes it enjoyable in making a beverage which is fresh. It has a warranty of two years that removes the worries.

06. Kuvings N.S-940

Kuvings N.S-940 Top Popular Coolest Summer Juicers 2019

These are among the coolest juicers for the summer. This type of juicer is described best because of its efficiency and quietness when it is producing the juice. Its motor is powerful to allow an easy mastication of the fruits and veggie.Moreover, it has a system which is asafe.The most amazing thing is that it comes with a tool for cleaning. This makes its mantainence very easy.

05. Hamilton beach 67601A

Hamilton beach 67601A Top Coolest Best Popular Summer Juicers 2019

This is a juice which is powerful. Hamilton beach 67601A produces juice which is of the highest quality. Not only hitting on the sweet sport, it is also of a compact size.Moreover, it has a minimal space for the storage. This makes it to require the little food preparations. The negative side of it is of the noise which it produces when it is juicing.

04. Twin gear juicer


This is a juicer with an additional gear. This provides an effective mastication of the juice. It is a juicer that yields the maximum out of the carrots, apples or wheatgrass. It has a beautiful design that makes it appealing. Not only producing highest quality juice, it has a complete mastication. This is achieved by adding the cutting functions and silicing.It is worth the price if you do big batches of the juice.

03. Breville JE98XL plus

Breville JE98XL plus Top 10 Coolest Best Summer Juicers 2017

This is also a model of breville.It is a juicer which has a speed of 850w.Its lower settings are employed on the fruits which are soft. The tough veggies and fruits require a setting which is higher.Moreover, the juicer is easy to clean .It is the best among the mid-range juicers. It is cheap hence many people can afford it in the summer season. This is one of Top 10 Coolest Best Selling Summer Juicers 2016-2017.

02. Hamilton beach 2 speed juice extractor.

Hamilton beach 2 speed juice extractor Famous Coolest Best Summer Juicers 2018

It is a fruit extractor from Hamilton. It can extract juice from all different types of fruits. I.e. oranges, mangoes, apples e.t.c.It is a juicer which is recommended on a high rate. It is ranked as the best juicer at the online stores of juicers. It produces high quality juice at a highest speed. You require this since it meets all that you require.

1. Epica stainless steel citrus juicer

Epica stainless steel citrus juicer Top Most Famous Coolest Summer Juicers 2018

This is a juicer that can provide you with a consistent access towards citrus juice which is fresh. You can use this juicer on any fruit. It is readily affordable. Pica stainless steel juicer automatically activates your fruits after you have pressed them on the top reamer. The gorgeous thing with it is that it has an aesthetic that can fit in any appliance.

These are the world’s Top 10 Coolest Best Selling Summer Juicers 2016-2017. Juicers allow you to ingest more veggie and a fruit that won’t be possible in eating them. Its payoff is less fibers but with all vitamins. You need to choose from among the list the juicer that fits you in the summer.