Top 10 Best Selling Most Popular Chocolate Bars in the World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Most Popular Chocolate Bars in the World 2017. The smell and taste of chocolate is irresistable for many of us and it is no wonder why millions of the things are purchased every year. Chocolate bars (or candy bars if you are in the United States) vary hugely and even from country to country there are differences in people’s preferences. Nonetheless, chocolate is a global business, just like other food and drink industries, and so it is possible to see which chocolate bars are the most popular across the entire planet. This list looks at those ten, counting down from ten to one.

Chocolate is bizarrely fashionable and some bars will come and go just as clothes come and go through the seasons as the fashion industry demands it. This said, many of the bars on the list have been around for a long time and have become embedded in the cultural imagination. It was incredible the public outcry that took place in the United Kingdom when Kraft purchased Cadbury, which was seen as a rather British institution. There were all sorts of fears that bars would disappear, recipes would change and everything would be unsatisfactory so far as the Brits were concerned. Of course, this anger dulled down and people in the UK still buy loads of Cadbury chocolate bars, even if they are owned by the American giant, Kraft. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top ten best selling and most popular chocolate bars in the world:

List of Top 10 Best Selling Most Popular Chocolate Bars in the World 2017

10. Hershey’s Bar

hersheys bar, Best Selling Most Popular Chocolate Bars 2017

The flagship Hershey’s chocolate bar was a circular bar known as Hershey’s Drops. This milk chocolate bar though is made to a secret recipe and is favored in the United States. Often people from Europe will say that chocolate in the United States tastes very different. It often has more sugar in it and an increased amount of added chemicals. Hershey’s is no exception to this. With the Hershey’s bar the milk is partially fermented which give the distinctive flavor.

9. Oh Henry

oh henry, Best Selling Most Popular Chocolate Bars 2018

Released in 1920 in the United States by the Williamson Candy Company, the Oh Henry bar has been popular for decades. It is chocolate deep down but this is covered in a butter, caramel and butter fudge. Some websites claim that it is healthy for kids who are taking exercise(!) but let’s be honest, it’s still a candy bar and so is never going to be healthy! It is counted by many people to be delicious however. It is partiuclarly poopular in the United States.

8. M&Ms bar


These little candy covered chocolate shapes are very popular with kids and many will remember the TV commercials with the red and yellow M&Ms. They are button shaped and desribed as ‘chocolate candies’ in the United States.

7. Baby Ruth


Owned by the Swiss company and chocolate giant Nestle, Baby Ruth has a distinctly American heritage. The original recipe has changed little over the years and has almost everything you could possibly think of within it. This includes peanuts, caramel, chocolate and nougat. This is then all covered in chocolate. It is a feast of chocolate that any chocaholic will adore!

6. 3 Musketeers


Many people in Europe will not recognise this chocolate bar but it is made by Mars and sold mostly in the United States and Canada. It sells very well. It is pretty much a whipped up, fluffy chocolate bar and it is adored by people from across the world. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Most Popular Chocolate Bars in the World 2017.

5. Milky Way


Another bar made by Mars, the Milky Way can be found across the world and is a favourite for all generations.



Another bar that will probably be unfamiliar to most people in Europe, Butterfinger has a deep chocolate heritage and was first made in Chicago in 1923 by Otto Schnering but it is now owned by the Swiss food giant Nestle. It is crunchy and has the taste of peanut butter, along with the chocolate. The phrase ‘no one is going to lay their hands on my Butterfinger’ is associated with the chocolate bar, through advertising. It is well known for having a host of well known funny spokepersons including Bart Simpson and Rob Lowe. One particularely memorable advertising campaigns involved counting down to the end of the world and ‘BARmageddon’. It has sales of about $600 million every year.

3. Kit Kat


Kit Kat is a chocolate covered wafer biscuit that was originally made by the British confectioner Rowntrees but is now made by global giant Nestle, who acquired Rowntrees in 1988. In the United States the license is held by Hershey. Standard bars contain either 2 or four ‘fingers’ and each contains layers of wafer smothered in chocolate that is irresistable to many people. Well deserved as the third most popular chocolate bar. There are many different flavors of Kit Kat around the world and Nestle enjoy releasing special versions for special events. These included a St Valentines Day Kit Kat. In Japan there are over 200 different falvors available, including ginger ale, soy sauce and green tea. They are particularly popular in Japan, which is probably evident from this number of different falvorings.

2. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups


These wrapped chocolate ‘cups’ are a peanut butter lover’s dream. They are sold across the world and whilst they are more popular in some countries than others it is probably little surprise to many that they appear so high up on this list. They are marketed by the Hershey Company and were originally made in 1928 by former dairy farmer H B Reese.

1. Snickers


Snickers combines caramel, peanuts and chocolate along with nougat, three things that have appeared throughout this list. Bringing them all together therefore was sure to be a winning combination. It is made by Mars and is like a meal in itself, being very filling. It is massively popular with annual global sales, just for this chocolate bar of more than $2 billion. Until 1990 Snickers was known as ‘Marathon’ in the Unitred Kingdom and Ireland. It is one of the few bars to have stayed with its original owner and was originally mad by Mars in 1930. It is part of the reason why the company has become quite so successful. In Scotland, deep fried snickers bars (along with deep fried mars bars) became a speciality in 1995 and it is served in fish and chip shops across the country. There have been many variations of the snickers bar over the years but none has proven quite as popular as the original.

So, there we have it. Ten of the most popular chocolate bars in the world 2017. We live in a time when most health experts are telling us that we should be eating less companies. Indeed, the World Health Organization has an aim of reducing global sugar intake by 50% in the coming years. This will likely hit the chocolate companies. The fizzy drinks market is already trying to reduce the amount of sugar it uses to shift with this changing market condition. The chocolate market would do well to follow suit and reduce the amount of sugar they use as well. This is slightly more difficult for them but nonetheless, in the age of sweeteners it is perfectly possible.We will have to wait and watch this space.However, it is probably clear that with chocolate, and especially these chocolate bars, being so popular, they are not going to disappear from the shelves any time soon!