Top 10 Most Bizarre Drinks in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Bizarre Drinks in The World in 2016-2017. Everyone loves a beverage or a drink whether it is tea or coffee to alcoholic drinks to fruit juices. Beverages are good to start a day with or in washing down the food. Beverages and drinks are always part and parcel of a good dining, a good breakfast and a fine party, or just for relaxing with family or when hanging out with friends. Many good drinks have been developed overtime. Some are just but very delicious, like the juices of vegetables and fruits which are got directly from the natural produce. Drinks have been part of the human population of different cultures for a very long time. Some are quite Bizarre drinks, due to the nature of ingredients used to develop them. We take a look at some of the Most Bizarre drinks to ever be manufactured from natural nutrients.

List of Top 10 Most Bizarre Drinks in The World 2016-2017

10. The Snake/Scorpion Wine


This very rare drink is made through infusion of a whole black scorpion or snake in grain alcohol or rice wine. This will take several months of fermentation to remove the protein-based venoms of those animals after the soaking of the animals in the beverage. However, other times mixed variation will use either bile or fresh blood instead. This is because the drink is considered to have some health advantages, and has also been used as a Traditional Medicine in China. Some the countries that you can easily find this drink are china, Southeast Asia and Vietnam.

9. The Three Lizard Liquor


This drink is made mainly by the Vietnamese and Chinese people. It is not made from one or two but from three lizards. You just require 3 lizards most preferably-geckos. Then you just stuff them in a bottle containing rice liquor, and then shut it well. One thing to remember is that the lizards must all be alive. In china and Vietnam geckos are thought to have heat energy which is fine for health, and therefore, the drink contains some medicinal nutrients. The drink is uses to prevent attack from evils spirits in china.

8. The Baby Mice Wine

The Baby Mice Wine Top Best Bizarre Drinks 2017

After the Chinese realized that it was somehow difficult to get lizards, they decided to know look for the mice, and so as to be surer, they settled on baby mice, then later the people of Korea joined them in. The wine is made by drowning a tiny and hairless little mice in rice moonshine while still a live, will then be allowed a period of like a year to ferment. The mouse wine is taken as a health drink in china, and is reported to have a taste of raw gasoline.

7. The Cobra Blood and Bile


The cobra blood and bile is a medicinal drink. This drink is made by one man in Central Jakarta. The man has named himself as the Cobra Man and he has specialized in this alternative medicine, more so in bile and blood uses. Made by cutting the cobra’s head, then drains blood into a glass of arrack, he then adds some bile. This is used as medicine for problems in skin, digestive system and respiratory system among others. People who want to increase their stamina sex life can also have this drink as it is beneficial to them.

6. The Chica: Most Bizarre Drinks

The Chica Most Bizarre Drinks Top Famous Bizarre Drinks 2018

This is a beer developed from maize, and is usually enjoyed whether in fermented or non-fermented form in Central and South America. It is just made in the normal process as other beers, but has only one variant, the Chicha de Muko, uses only a pre-modern method. In some of the cultures, the ground maize will be chewed into tiny balls by the maker, balls are then flattened, and then enzymes from the saliva of the person making it will help to break down the maize starch. In the Amazonia region, root pieces of Cassava will be chewed by the person making it. The juice got as a result will then be spat into some container and left to ferment on its own.

5. Hoihoi Tatea

Hoihoi Tatea Top 10 Most Bizarre Drinks 2017

This drink is made by infusing the Horse Semen Shots with flavors of cherry, licorice, banofie pie or even apple. The drink is mostly found in New Zealand. This drink is mostly demanded by women unlike men who reported that it does not taste well. The drink should not be confused with the Horse Jizz, as Horse Jizz is a cocktail of beer and milk.

4. The Semen Cocktail


This drink is graphically described as a mix involving tequila shot mixed in the mouth of a woman, which is full of semen. A writer of semenology by the name Paul Fotie Photenhauer says recipes that are made with semen of human males,-in a glass. He also says that by eating the eggs of a chicken, which is the menstruation of a chicken, and then milk, which he says is an animal secretion, then this produce should not be stigmatized as it is from a known producer. Ingredients of the various cocktails are chosen on the basis of taste or life style of the donor. We have chances of STIs from this, though.

3. The Placenta Cocktail or Smoothie


Placenta is a circular flattened organ, which is about the same size as that of a medium pizza for the case in human beings, it nourishes the foetus. Placentology is where by a person consumes the placenta after a baby’s birth for health benefits. This is usual done in Mexico and US. The placenta is eaten with other foods while in cooked or dehydrated form. Other times it will be consumed in cocktails, raw or smoothies, the placenta flesh will be added in it.

2. The Seagull Wine

The Seagull Wine Top 10 Most Popular Bizarre Drinks 2019

This is an alcoholic drink that is easy to make even at home. The best selling bizarre drink is very popular in Arctic Circle since the Inuits did not have the knowledge of using good fermenting methods; they decided to make this crude alcohol. The drink is made by stuffing a dead seagull into a bottle and then pouring water on it. You the leave it in the sun, where it will carry out the process of fermentation then makes the rustic drink.

1. The Bull Testicle Beer

The Bull Testicle Beer Top Popular Bizarre Drinks 2018

The drink was first developed in Colorado. A certain local brewery by the name Wynkoop Brewing Company did an April fool’s joke by promoting a bull testicle-flavored drink in a hoax video. However, they got a huge response, prompting them to develop the beer which is now a favorite drink. The bull testicles are sliced into small pieces and deep-fried, then added to seven specialty malts, roasted barley, local malts, Styrian Goldings hops and sea salt, this helps to create a flavored beer.

So, these are the world’s top 10 most amazing bizarre drinks 2016-2017. There many other good drinks, the three Penis liquor which has penises of seal, Giant Centipede Whisky made soaking a centipede inside, Mezcal which has moth larvae deer and Cantonese dog, Mekong River Eel Wine among many others.