Top 10 Best Selling Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers in The Market 2017. Xbox 360 is a great gaming console that has been around for many years. Many people who own this machine really like to play it whenever they can. The system normally comes with a wired control pad. However, there are some wireless models available for sale. Here is a list of top selling Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers that game owners can purchase today.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers in The Market 2017

10. Microsoft Xbox 360 Chatpad

Microsoft Xbox 360 Chatpad Top Famous Selling Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers 2019

The 360 Chatpad for Xbox is a great tool for Xbox controllers. This unit can attach to a wireless controller and provide easy communication with other people. The unit is backlit and it give people the ability to chat while they are playing a title. This feature is useful over the internet or when people are playing games on the same network. Windows Messenger Live can even be used for this device. The Microsoft Xbox 360 Chatpad is a great device for talking and coordinating in game attacks.

9. Activision Guitar for Guitar Hero 3 for Xbox 360

Activision Guitar for Guitar Hero 3 for Xbox 360 Top 10 Best Selling Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers 2017

Guitar Hero 3 for Xbox is a fairly popular game and having an Activision Guitar to play the songs helps a person to really feel and to party like a rock star. This unit has five fret buttons for playing great sounds. Other features on this unit includes a whammy bar, tilt sensors, an adjustable strap and a strum bar. The scrolling notes help to bring the unit to life as well. Anyone who enjoys guitar hero must have the Activision device to help play great tunes.

8. Afterglow Wired Controller for Xbox 360


SmartTrack technology is the name of the game for the Afterglow Wired Controller. This unit has a great headset port that is great for listening to and cuing in on titles. The see through polycarbonate housing shows off great circuitry and it has lights that will make the controller come to life. This unit is really a great buy for the dollar.

7. Microsoft Xbox 360 Media Remote


Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Media Remote ensures that users can control the media functions on their Xbox units. The unit is wireless and is shaped like a TV remote. Users can utilize this remote to access media content, their TV and to play games. They even have a D-Pad navigation and configuration on the remote. The Media remote can even connect to live TV to provide the ultimate control.

6. Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller


The Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller is designed to give games precise control and game play. The unit is designed not to lose power through long gaming sessions. Let’s face it, this is a problem for many wireless controllers when they are used continuously for hours on end. The USB ports that are included on this device can be quickly connected to power up the device and to charge it up while people play. This unit also works well with Vista orientated titles. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers in The Market 2017.

5. Razer Sabertooth Xbox 360 Controller


Sometimes, a player will need to have access to additional games and material. They will need this extra edge to get through some really tough competitors or to overcome a difficult game environment. The Razer Sabertooth controller has a shoulder and trigger button and even an OLED screen. What does all of this mean for players? Well it means that they will have a better gaming experience that will allow them to effectively score lots of points and to make a big impact while playing a title.

4. Mad Catz MLG Pro Circuit Controller


The Mad Catz MLG Pro Circuit Controller is a customizable unit that will allow user to change the weight of their pad and how it is configured. This is a great controller for people who like to use their controllers in a certain way. The unit is highly efficient and very skillful in terms of the abilities that it gives people to play games. Once a person places this unit into their hand they can play all night long without any problems.

3. Mad Catz Major League Gaming Fightstick


Everyone who plays fighting games that they are only as good as the controller they are using. This is why the Mad Catz Major League Gaming Fightstick is a great device for this genre. This unit offers on point fighting capabilities and it helps a person’s brain to quickly carry out the commands that it gives. This device is highly responsive and people who do not have a controller like this at their disposal will probably be at a serious disadvantage.

2. Thrustmaster 458 Racing Wheel


Thrustmasters 458 Racing Wheel was made for racing games. This unit provides a lot of control and maneuverability to people who enjoy racing on video game consoles. The unit is a replica of a Ferrari 458 steering wheel. It even has metal paddle shifters. This unit makes driving on the Xbox almost as good as the real thing. Once a person gets this will into their hands they will have a hard time getting from behind the wheel.

1. Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller with Transforming D-Pad


The top of the line wireless controller for the Xbox 360 is the Transforming D-Pad by Microsoft. It would only make sense that the company who invented the Xbox would have the best equipment for the device. The D-Pad has a D-shape and thumb sticks that deliver precision gameplay. The pad is a great tool for playing Xbox games because it offers precision and control. It is designed specifically for hand-to-hand combat games but it can be used for other titles as well.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers in The Market 2017. These wireless Xbox 360 controllers provide the best experience possible for people playing their games. They are very reliable and dependable devices that can help people to play efficiently and fast.