Top 10 Best Selling Workout Towers in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Workout Towers in The Market 2017. Getting into shape is an important goal for many people. As a matter of fact, many individuals use different types of exercise equipment to help them through this process. A workout tower is just one type of machine that can be used for this purpose. These devices allow people to perform many different exercise maneuvers such as pull ups, shoulder raises and lunges. Here is a description of the best workout towers that can help to improve a person’s health.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Workout Towers in The Market 2017

10. Body Vision PT600

Body Vision PT600 Top Best Selling Workout Towers 2017

The Body Vision PT600 is a great machine for doing pullups and chin-ups and shoulder raises. This unit can also be used for calf raises and other exercises as well. A person can latch onto the unit and effectively workout different muscle groups within their body. The pads are designed for dips and it even has a leg raise positioner where squats and calf raises can be performed. This unit is a great device that can provide additional workouts to a training regimen.

9. Weider Power Tower

weider power tower, Top 10 Best Selling Workout Towers in The Market 2017


If you really want the power, you have to come to the tower. The Wider Power Tower which is a great workout tower. It can build up a person’s upper body with a wide variety of exercises. The device can also be used for vertical knee raises and mid-air abdominal crunches. This unit has great padding and it is useful as an add on to a free weight training gym in the home. The Weider Power Tower is a great exercise unit that will provide athletes or the average person with an effective workout system.

8. Ancheer Power Tower

Ancheer Power Tower Top 10 Best Selling Workout Towers 2017

The Ancheer is a useful and practical power tower. This unique workout equipment can be adjusted to different heights. It can be elevated to 90-inches or can be used at its normal height of 70-inches. This is the perfect unit for small homes or for places where there is enough room to stretch out or up. People can perform standard exercise routines that can commonly be completed with this type of equipment.

7. Soozier B1-0110


The Soozier B1-0110 is a tool that can be used for beginning athletes or people who are starting an exercise program. This unit allows an individual to perform the basic exercises such as squats, dips or raises. The bar can hold a max weight of 330 pound which means that many people can use it without fear of breaking the bar or injuring themselves. This unit is a great power tower that will help to move a person to the next level in their exercise regimen.

6. Gold’s Gym XR 10.9


The Gold’s Gym XR 10.9 is a standard power tower that helps users to perform some stock exercises. This useful tool has a knee raise station and the equipment for doing push-ups. Pullups and dips can be performed as well. Once a person gets on the Gold Gym XR 10.9 they will quickly discover all of the wonderful exercises that they will have at their disposal. This is a great piece of exercise equipment that will build a person up and make them an effective athlete. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Workout Towers in The Market 2017.

5. The Bowflex Body Tower


People that workout need a good power tower in their home. They need one that is flexible enough to be positioned wherever they have the room. They also need a power tower that can be quickly broken down and put back into place.

The Bowflex Body Tower is the perfect unit to complete this job. It has a solid steel frame and it provides people with intense workouts. The unit features a cushioned back pad and sling straps which offer more muscle impacting pressure and movement to a person’s body.

4. Stamina X Fortress


The Stamina X Fortress is like a power tower on steroids. This unit not only allows users to perform standard exercises such as dips, pullups and calf raises. They can also mimic rock climbing maneuvers, cut up their abs with an ab strap and use an adjustable plyo box for various plyometric activities. The Stamina X fortress is a great piece of equipment that will help to elevate a person’s body to the next level of fitness.

3. IRONMAN Triathlon X Class


The Ironman Triathlon X Class is all about the muscle. This unit helps to build up muscle from a wide variety of positions and angles. Every last part of the Ironman Triathlon X Class will force a person to build their muscle up in a productive manner. The unit has many different pads and extra thick cushions will safeguard a person’s arms and elbows. This unit is a great device that will help any athlete to perform at their best.

2. Titan Fitness PT1690


If you want to look like a Titan you need to train with a Titan and the Titan Fitness PT1690 is a great power tower for this job. The unit light but oh so strong. It has a tubular steel construction and can handle a person with heavy weight without any problem at all. The Titan Fitness PT1690 can push a person’s body to the limits. They can perform multiple exercises with the different stations that is included on this unit. The Titan is truly a power tower of greatness.

1. XMark XM-7617


The XMark XM-7617 is a heavy duty 11-gauge steel machine. This unit will sculpt a person’s body and build their muscle up to the max. It has ergonomic pads that fit a person’s body scheme. It will adjust to their structure. The unit has durable cushions that are loaded with lots of padding and that provides a person with a comfortable workout while they train. This unit is a great piece of equipment for getting into shape.

These are Top 10 Best Selling Workout Towers in The Market 2017. Either one of these towers will build a person’s body up and help them to look their best. All of these towers are great products for getting people into shape and burning off unwanted pounds.These power towers can truly help people to develop into the people get the body that they desire.