Top 10 Best Selling Women’s Pajamas in the Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Women’s Pajamas in the Market 2017. A woman who wears a pajama is described as a woman of order. Pajamas portray a class look especially when worn during bedtime. There are several brands that manufacture women pajamas in the market. The list below consists of top 10 best selling women pajamas in the world.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Women’s Pajamas in the Market 2017

10. Mélange Pajama set

Mélange Pajama set, Top 10 Best Selling Women's Pajamas in the Market 2019

Mélange pajama set is a cool, comfortable and fun size pajama that suits women during winter. This pajama is a viscose and high quality cotton sleepwear. Most of mélange pajamas come in grey color with a white strip along the button and ankle area. According to the year when it was manufactured, mélange is said to be a traditional wear and old fashioned. However, this sleepwear is still expensive as it is demanded by old women who prefer buggy clothing.

Mélange pajama set comes in a top and its trouser. The manufacturing company does not produce dresses of such kind. It is worth $49.

9. Check flannel nightshirt


This is a long and free shirt from Matalan won by women. They were first manufactured in United States of America by a textile company called wittman. Wittman Textile Company was best known for producing quality flannel shirt sleep wear for men and women. These shirts are 100% pure cotton with medium weight.

Check Flannel shirts are striped and it is only the color of the stripes that varies differently. For comfort ability, women are always advised to buy oversize. They cost $10 which is very cheap for modern women.

8. Peta Satin Set


Peta satin set is a trouser combined with its top (long sleeved). They are luxurious bedtime clothes characterized by its long leg pants, satin waist tie, delicate black lace trim, satin covered buttons and elastic waistband. Modern women desire this pajama so much. It is only that Peta sati set is a bit costly so not most of the women will be able to afford. As for those who are capable of purchasing one, they will feel very comfortable and special than others.

Peta Satin Pajamas are very attractive but expensive. It is net worth $50.00.

7. Rosie for Autograph cashmere dressing gown


Rosie for autograph is not only a pajama but also a cashmere gown comfortably won in bed. It is one of the most common expensive sleeping gowns from Marks and Spencer collection. They mostly come in grey color which is made from softest cashmere. Rosie gowns are very long and recommended to be won in cold season as they bring a lot of warmth to the body. it is won by wrapping yourself around the waist area and then you are ready to go.

Rosie pajamas are worth $199.

6. Olivia Von Halle Lila Grace silk Pajamas


These are one of the most comfortable pajamas in the world. Olivia von pajamas are luxurious and very expensive brands that are secretly seen with very popular celebrities in the world. Some of these celebrities include Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss, Omotola Jalade and many others. Olivia pajamas come in very attractive colors and blends of different types. They are mostly in blue and maroon with white flowers that decorates them.Olivia von Hale pajamas are net worth $300. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Women’s Pajamas in the Market 2017.

5. Fairisle print pet


Fairisle is the cheapest pajama brand in the market. It was first established in United States of America who saw the need of wearing a comfortable cloth when going to bed. Currently, fairisle is one of the most popular pajamas that come at a very cheap price. Young ladies love this brand because it is not too buggy unlike old women who desire buggy bed clothing.

4. Silk pajama Set


One pair of silk pajama set costs $139. It was first manufactured white textile company in United States of America. These clothes were first designed for patients in hospital. Later on the company saw that the clothes were too good to be worn by patients. Instead, new hospital clothes were designed and Silk Pajama set were released to be sold to supermarkets. Silk Pajamas are not costly or too cheap. They are just fair. Middle class persons like university students go for this sleep wear.
Currently, silk pajama clothes are sold in more than 100 beauty shops and supermarkets in the world.

3. Bella pajamas


Bella consist of a short sleeved top and a short or trouser. This pajama has a classy look that makes women feel a little bit special when they wear them. Bella is a unique pajama because unlike others that are worn only at night, this one can extend even to day time. Most of them resemble an official wear for women.

Most of the families in USA, recommend that this cloth can be worn during evening hours. Women are said to accompany their husbands for shopping in the supermarkets and hypermarkets. They normally wear Bella clothes in such occasions.

2. Lovebirds shirt


Lovebird shirt is the right fabric key sleepwear that has gained demand in market today. They are mostly used by expectant mothers who not require too much heat or cold in bed. Lovebird clothing is made from the brand’s signature luxury cotton material and sold out there to different people.

If you happen to own this pajama, maintenance should be of high standard since it can’t be washed in too cold or warm water. Neither can it be sun dried. It is put under a shade after being washed by water of average temperature. The shade helps to maintain its texture for a long time unlike the sun.
Lovebird is worth $69.

1. Floozie by Frost French Heart set


Floozie by Frost French is the best selling pajama brand in the market. It is characterized by its qualities but cheaper price. This classy pajama is said to be of generous size giving you an optimal comfort. However, some come in oversized heart print. This pajama is net worth $22.50.

The above are the best selling sleepwear for women in the market 2017. Some are quite expensive while others are relatively cheap. In terms of purchasing, you will go for an affordable one and of good quality.