Top 10 Best Selling Women Razors in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Women Razors in The Market 2017. Razors blades are essential products designed for hair trimming in different parts of a woman’s body such as armpits and eye lashes. They are also used to shape nails in critical conditions. Let us focus on top 10 best selling women razors to get a guideline.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Women Razors in The Market 2017

10. Bic Soleil Twilight Disposable Razor

bic-soleil-twilight-disposable-razor, Top 10 Best Selling Women Razors 2017

Soleil Twilight are razors made from Bic company considered to improve performance of razors in a woman. They are meant to give a skin covering because of vitamin E nature. You can be able to recognize somebody who has used Bic Soleil simply because of brand lotion that comes with it to avoid skin irritation and other complications. For people with very sensitive skins, Bic is their solution for healing power.
Bic Soleil is not such an expensive stuff among women, most of them can comfortably afford.

9. Schick Extreme 3 Razors

schick-extreme-3-razors, Top 10 Best Selling Women Razors 2018

Schick is a more advanced women razors that is comfortable to handle to improve grip. Among women who desire a precious looks they should go for this kind of razor. You can recognize this razor by its wonderful design, fine performance and flexible blades to cover skin curves.
Schick Extreme is not very expensive and thus many women are always happy to have it.

8. Gillette Venus Original

gillette-venus-original, Top 10 Best Selling Women Razors 2019

Venus original is a one of the best product offering high quality service from Gillette Company. Due to advanced technology and most of Gillette’s investments, it is among the Leading brands in market. Some of the things that you should learn about Venus razors are three blade systems to improve entire process because of protecting cushions. Business ladies and fashion stylists educate a lot of people concerning Gillette blade that fades strip once wearing out.

Ladies love blades that are covered with rubber and soft materials for easy servicing and improvement of grip. Venus’s head can be replaced with a new razor giving it a new look making everything cheaper for many people to demand it.

7. Schick Slim Twin ST 2 Disposable

schick-slim-twin-st-2-disposable, Top 10 Best Selling Women Razors 2020

In our list today meet Schick Slim blade as one of the cheapest selection that comes in an affordable park of 12 razors. Commonly known for impressive and unique design, they are very simple and easily handled by experts who dispose them once blades get blunt.

Schick blades comes with a certain kind of lubricant to enhance smoother feeling and ensuring that there irritation is dealt with. You may happen to see most women having large pimples in the faces and other areas. This might be as a result irritations that come with poor quality blades in market. Don’t go for a brand you aren’t aware of, choose Gillette to gain the value of your money.

6. Gillette Daisy Comfort Hold Pivot Disposable

gillette-daisy-comfort-hold-pivot-disposable, Top 10 Best Selling Women Razors

Daisy comfort is another expensive and highly expensive blade from Gillette Company. For guidelines how to use it, ensure you have added enough lubricant to skin before releasing a Gillette cut to give a smooth feeling. These blades come in packages of 10 blades in each pack. One unique thing about them is comfortable handle with rubber finish to ensure smooth and necessary cutting. Sometimes we tend to ask ourselves if you went for eye brow shaping and they did it wrongly. Choose Gillette because you can avoid unnecessary cuts.

5. Soleil Color Collection Disposable Razors


They come in packs of 8 identical blades but with different colors. All of them are disposable after use. For those people who are looking for cheap blades with high quality characteristics then they should try Soleil from the famous Bic Company. Just as other Bic products and razors, Soleil contain lubricants also to enhance a soothing feeling for every service offered.
Bic blades are long lasting and contain a rubber finish for easy service. They are also relatively cheap. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Women Razors in The Market 2017.

4. Gillette Venus Tropical


Have you noticed that Gillette is offering quality products in market? This is another one from Gillette that comes in packs of three razors and sold in different parts of the world especially in salons, beauty parlous and many others. Lubricated razors happen to have high demand in market hence Gillette Venus Tropical appears in this list as one of the best selling blade brands in market today.
The quality and standards of Gillette is equivalent to price itself. You will not regret using your money.

3. Gillette Simply Venus


Currently, Gillette is one of the leading blade company globally reason as to why many of its products appears in this list. Quality of Gillette Venus blades is just amazing and you can’t lack a good service from them once they become your only option. For women who hate scented lubricants in razors, Simply Venus will work out things for you.

Just like those other blades, a lubricant is applied before and after the blade. Ensure that Venus Blade is maintained in paper for use next time and disposed once blunt.

2. Bic Soleil Glow Razors


Bic blades are great option for budget sensitive women who value their money a lot. Soleil Glow razors come in a pack of three blades with a guard to ensure there are no injuries or unnecessary cuts. Grip is improved by rubber stamp material.

No irritation can be observed in any service offered by Bic soleil because of the lubricant provided by two strips available in each side of this product.

1. Schick Hydro Silk


Schick is very new in market and yet the best selling model that offers smooth experience. When you apply little pressure on Schick, it can only bend but can’t break. Through bending nature, Schick roams nicely in curves of the body leaving no mark but a smooth sensation. There is no doubt that it’s the best blade with fine lubricant and cheaper price tag.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Women Razors in The Market 2017. Razors are small products but have to be produced with high technology to give quality services. After learning the list above, am sure you will be able to make a good decision on what to go for.