Top 10 Best Selling Windshield Wipers in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Windshield Wipers in The Market 2017. Windshield wipers are essential car safety equipment that helps to guarantee clear visibility while driving in snowy, rainy or even dusty conditions. Windshield wipers play a critical role in keeping you and your passengers safe, hence they should be changed whenever there are signs of wear and tear. Treat your vehicle the way it deserves by fitting it with the correct parts. A huge percentage of driving relies on how well you know the road ahead. When purchasing the windshield wipers, it’s good to look for the most durable, noiseless that functions without streaking, squeaking or smearing. In addition the wipers should be easy to install and remove without any hustle. If you need to buy or replace your windshield wiper here are the ten best windshield wipers in 2017. They include:

List of Top 10 Best Selling Windshield Wipers in The Market 2017

10. Motorcraft WW-2201-P Premium Wiper Blades

Motorcraft WW-2201-P Premium Wiper Blades, Top 10 Best Selling Windshield Wipers in The Market 2017

The Motorcraft WW-2201-P Premium Wiper Blade is characterized by a duo Tec+ technology and a wear indicator that works for the protection against seasonal elements and UV rays, and changes its color to signify the amount of wear. The color of the wiper blade changes from black to yellow once the performance of the blade has diminished. It is made of premium quality minding the user’s needs. The blade is made of synthetic rubber for noiseless wipes. The windshield wiper blades are made from a combination of an advanced rubber formulation blade and an all-metal frame making it durable. It acts efficiently and effectively on all weather conditions.

9. Bosch 24A ICON


The Bosch 24A ICON Wiper Blade is currently one of the best wiper blades on the market. It is the wiper blade that last the longest in the market. The blade is easy to install and designed with a patented beam with a shielded connector, the wiper prevents the occurrence of any potential build-up and enhances visibility under adverse weather conditions. In addition this wiper makes a custom contour in regard to the wiper curvature by the use of an exclusive tension spring arcing technology. This enhances maximum wiping capacity without creating any harm to the windshield.

8. ANCO 31 Series Wiper Blades


The ANCO 31- 31-26 Wiper Blade is characterized of a Duraklear rubber together with a metallic flexor that provides a clear consistent wipe. The rubber aids in providing a sharp wiping edge. The installation of the blade is made very simple by the Kwikconnect Installation System. The ANCO 31-31-26 is a universal blade that includes adapters that makes it install on different vehicles. The blade is a one piece model and resists corrosion and freezing for all weather conditions. In addition, the blade is coated with a natural, no-wax design that protects it from road filth. The OE-style spoiler enhances super blade-to-windshield contact for maximum view coverage for better visibility.

7. Valeo 600-15 Series Wiper Blade


The Valeo 600-15 Series wiper blade is a great quality that will take time before smearing, streaking and chattering. The blades have a pin-type premium construction making them durable and ensure optimal contact with the windshield for an improved quality wipe. The wiper blades are made of galvanized steel and characterized by an advanced Tec3 technology that aids in preventing corrosion and deformity. The blade has a rubber wiping edge that has a protective coating that ensures a quiet and smooth wipe. The windshield wiper blade constitutes an all-metal vented superstructure that provides the finest wipe quality at various speed levels.

6. Bosch 3397118979 Replacement Wiper Blade


The Bosch 3397118979 wiper blade is the greatest and latest in OE bracketless wiper blade technology. The aero twin wiper blade is made of a simple design that gains from dual precision-tensioned steel springs that creates a tension memory, hence applies uniform pressure right through the blade. The wiper blade also constitutes an aerodynamic wind spoiler which increases the downforce hindering any possible blade lift-off. The blade also includes an exclusive weather shield connector system that prevents the build-up of snow/ice as well as protection against weather damage to the arm of the blade. The wiper blade is tremendously easy to install. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Windshield Wipers in The Market 2017.

5. ANCO 31-Series 31-14 Wiper Blade


The ANCO 31-31-14 wiper blade is the most affordable wiper blade according to its purchasers. It easy to install by the means of the handy Kwikconnect installation mechanism, that is in place for a hassle-free placement. The wiper blade offers a more streak-less and consistent wiping, therefore making it the perfect wiper blade placement choice for a wide variety of automobiles. The system uses the exclusive Duraklear rubber that ensures noiseless and thorough operations in extreme weather conditions. The wiper blade has a high quality polymer together with a vented bridge that aids in delivering premium functionality.

4. Michelin-8524 Stealth-Ultra Wiper Blades


These are the most unique wipers constituting of a hybrid style with a mix of a contoured shape and flexibility. The wipers have a hard plastic cover that hinders debris from entering the blades whilst the SmartFlex suspension lessen windshield contact and guarantees a smooth wipe in all weather conditions. The wiper blades have a length of 16 inches and consist of a natural rubber squeegee, rivets and a powder-coated metal frame. The blades are aerodynamic with corrosion proof components. In addition, they frequently include connectors for an easier fitting onto different automobiles.

3. The RainX 5079281-1 Latitude Wiper Blades



This is a top notch windshield wiper that attributes a contoured beam for maximum visibility and windshield contact. The wiper blades are made using graphite, thus will smoothly wipe the windshield with no chatter. Unlike most blades, the RainX 5079281-1 have no frame hence enabling no ice or snow build-up. The windshield wiper blade is easy to install and is perfect for all weather conditions. The aerodynamic spoiler ensures minimal wind lift and noise. The blades are available in different sizes hence can fit on various cars. The blades are formulated to contour to the windscreen curvature, hence providing constant wiping pressure.

2. Rain-X Weatherbeater


The Weather beater wiper blade is one of the best this year. This is a blade that is long lasting and characterized by a steel frame that is galvanized to hamper corrosion and rust. It is a high-quality traditional blade that meets and surpasses all original equipment manufacturers standards. It is made of a natural rubber that resists splitting, tearing, and cracking brought about by heat, salt, windshield wiper fluid and cold. The wiper is easy and quick to install, it’s purchased with a pre-installed j-hook.

1. Bosch 26A ICON


The Bosch 26A is exclusively the perfect windshield designed with no brackets or hinges. It grants superior performance over all other conventional blades. This wiper blade gives an excellent performance through consistently distributing pressure throughout it’s the entire length. The visibility is greatly enhanced by the presence of patented beam technology. The wiper blade is contoured to reach every part of the windshield and it’s very easy to install. The blade is made to be durable with up to 40% more than other premium wiper blades. Its wind spoiler design significantly improves the downforce of the wiper blade. When driving fast the blades are able to prevent lift-off. The bracketless design and the enclosed tension springs ensure excellent wiping performance.

According to the list of Top 10 Best Selling Windshield Wipers in The Market 2017 above provided it will be easy for you to pick out the best product in accordance to your liking. The above products are the best for this year according to consumer reviews.