Top 10 Best Selling Window Air Conditioners in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Window Air Conditioners in The Market 2017. Air conditioners are essential house equipments. They perform great work of producing fresh and cool air especially during hot periods. To mention a few, below is a list containing best selling window air conditioners in 2017 review.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Window Air Conditioners in The Market 2017

10. Frigidaire


This model was first manufactured in Japan and later distributed to yearning clients from all parts of this universe. Frigidaire has a unique fine design essential in keeping a home cool and comfortable especially during summer when heat seems to be high than normal conditions. Other than being powerful, these conditioners work under a direct system that covers up to 250 square inches. There is also power consumption due to lower voltage design. One major thing that makes a lot of people to love and admire it is cost. Most dealer shops sell it at a lowly affordable price that suits everyone’s pocket especially those who are budget sensitive.

Frigidaire is easily installed on windows that measures 25 to 30 inches wide and 35 inches long. Apart from their good work of cooling homes, these conditioners are attractive and come in different beautiful colors therefore acting as a decorating item or equipment.

9. Koldfront

koldfront, Top 10 Best Selling Window Air Conditioners in The Market 2018

Koldfront is a popular Chinese model that was first designed in early 1990’s specifically to be used during summer seasons. Market demand was so high at that time due to quality features, affordable price and a life restricted warranty. People with budget issue enjoy service offered by Koldfront such as ability to cool relatively large houses, powerful accessories that come with innovative warmth and a great cooling system to get job well done, window seals that prevents heat from evaporating and finally, Koldfront has louvers for air direction. They are designed uniquely with beautiful colors that every visitor will keep staring at each and every moment.

It is of much advantage to purchase a Chinese item because all of them come with life restricted warranty. This is a promising fact. If you want to purchase one of Koldfront brand, visit Amazon (online dealers) and place an order there.

8. Midea WestPointe


Midea is another contributing brand in our list today. Appearing in Position 8th, it contains a sealed controlled system for longer years of quality services, variety of sizes to fit different Kinds of windows and an environmental friendly Refrigerant. Midea measures 2.5 to 3.7 inches. They also come with panels for easy installation on windows and usage as well.

Midea WestPoint model are released to market from manufactures with a one year Warranty.

7. Frigidaire FFRLO633Q1


Most homes enjoy a maximum cooling experience especially those from hot place during summer time. Some of its admirable features and characteristics include easy and simple installation guideline from manufactures, remote control which functions fully with batteries inserted, powerful fans that works each time there is power and cooling effect that goes up to 250 square feet for efficiency and fast service. Frigidaire’s electric system measures up to 115 volts and is reliable to many clients.

6. Voltas


This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Window Air Conditioners in The Market 2017. This model comes in a variety of sizes, colors and designs that attract many people in market. Appearing in position six didn’t just wasn’t a joke, effort has been made in order to improve quality each and every day. One unique thing about Voltas air conditioners is that they are adjustable. Labeled buttons are available for such work. Performance of Cat is higher than its price hence attracting high market demand. Its important features include easy mounting or installation, direct system for efficiency in terms of power and also ability to cool up to 200 Square feet.

Random is recommended for smaller houses.

5. LG Electronics


LG is one trusted manufacturing company popularly known for producing quality electronic house hold equipments. Some of them include powerful woofers, Televisions, radios, DVD players, Microwaves, Fridges and many others. Most of window air conditioners that are produced by LG come with restricted life warranty and are very durable. They are always released in different sizes and colors to fit at least every home. There is always and direction cooling offered by air deflections and fans that are attached to this conditioner. Purchasing LG Electronics is much easier due to availability in market because they are released in large numbers with affordable price.

4. Frigidaire FFRAO511R1


Frigidaire air conditioners have contributed so much in our list today. More than two models from same manufacturing brand have been viewed here hence trusted by most clients. Its known to be durable offering quality services with low power consumption rates. There is no double that most families are able to own it due low cost.

3. LG Electronics LW8015HR


You can never enough of LG Electronics. Once again this wonderful manufacturing company is presenting their product and viewed in this list. They have unique designs and some of their features include power saving ability, durability, well engineered and cooled controlled system that works up to 350 square feet and easy amounting or installing guideline.

2. Samsung GT10O54XT7


Samsung is another trusted manufacturing company in market producing durable electronics equipments. Most of its window air conditioners come with a warranty of one year giving clients a promising value of their money. There are important features of Samsung that attracts clients. Some of them include double functioning remote control, energy saving function, discharge vents of full width and two way directional controlled systems.

Purchasing Samsung is a wise decision that one can truly make. You will save a lot of money in each year that you will be using.

1. Haier


On top of our list we are having Haier Window air conditioners. Haier is such a big name whenever mentioned. We credit this brand for its effort of producing powerful models and other electronic devices having high market demand. This equipment may be a bit expensive compared to above brands but promising in terms of quality service and durability nature. According to my research, that is what I can proudly present to you. This is one among the Best Selling Window Air Conditioners brands 2017.