Top 10 Best Selling Wifi Routers in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Wifi Routers in The Market 2017. For an average home, there are more than eight devices connected to the Wi-Fi at one single moment. Routers aid to alleviate the issues with traffic jam. With the continually efficient new technologies, Wi-Fi routers also help in battery saving on mobile phones. The Luma is currently the most favorite router, and it makes use of relay points to widen a wireless network.

Routers lie at the heart of your Wi-Fi network. They can either have built-in modems or not. You should always ensure that the router is plugged in and connected to the internet through the Ethernet cables. We have a rounded-up list of the top 10 best-selling Wi-Fi routers of 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Wifi Routers in The Market 2017

1. Apple Airport Extreme 802.11ac

Apple Airport Extreme 802.11ac, Top 10 Best Selling Wifi Routers in The Market 2017

This router is elegant and simple on the outside and on the inside; it’s thoughtfully engineered. The edges are smoothly rounded and this Apple router stands at 169mm tall. It performs very well on the 11n. It is easy to set up on a Mac or iPhone/iPad since it is well supported with essential firmware and software updates.

The power supply to this router is mounted internally. When the LED light glows green then all is good to go, but when it turns to orange then a threat is detected. The Apple Airport features three LAN port, USB 2.0 and WAN port for a separate DSL modem.

2. TP-Link Archer VR900


This is a stylish and user-friendly router. The software running on this router is amazing and its performance is outstanding. TP-Link is recommendable, and visibly popular, since it has come a long way in a short period of time.

This router features 4 Ethernet sockets at the back as well as USB port. You are able to set up guest networks with both single and dual-band SSIDs. TP-Link is very easy to set up which archives the best possible speed

3. BT Smart Hub


This router is built on the smart Hub 5’s design. Although it’s slightly wider and taller than Hub 5. BT Smart has well improved hardware that includes seven antennas. If you are planning to upgrade to smart hub, this is a good idea since it’s free. This router will fix blackspots in normal homes. You will not have to resort to Wi-Fi power line adapters or extenders.

The glowing light at the center is color-coded and it will let you know the status of your WiFi connection. BT Smart offers users a fuss-free setup process. The well connected package works best giving the outstanding effect making it best ISP router.

4. Netgear Nighthawk R7000


This was the first company to launch 802.11ac. This router makes good use of the components provided by Broadcom. 802.11n are available for faster routers and on 802.11ac Netgear still sets the benchmark.

Has 4-stream for the best and fastest Wi-Fi speeds on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. Netgear router has MU-MIMO technology and it also features 1.4GHz processor. With Netgear you are provided with a number of options when connected to the internet.

The Ethernet ports helps your wired devices achieve high performance. These Ethernet ports can perform ten times faster than the normal Ethernet. These external antennas helps to create a stronger and far-fetching network for your home. Apart from MU-MIMO technology, Netgear also features Beamforming technology that in the long run enhances the router’s coverage. This is by ensuring it locates wireless devices to form stronger and reliable connections.

5. TP-Link VR2600


The impressive performance of TP-Link is on another level. The user will decide to stick with 5GHz channels or have the all-round strong performer. TP-Link is the best for a one-box solution and a good replacement for BT Home Hub. Dual-core processor of 1.4GHz enhances the performance and efficiency of this router. This allows anyone from your crowded network to play games, stream and surf without any disturbance. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Wifi Routers in The Market 2017.

6. Synology RT1900ac


Synology has an outstanding performance regardless of its compact size. This router is affordable and it works in its favor. This router share files across the network and you can still access them remotely.

Synology has the best ever operating system. Featuring Synology DSM NAS OS which can be enhanced installing add-on packages. It comes in a black plastic case and air ventilation slots are placed on the bottom and side of the case.
The right side of the router has an SD slot and USB 3.0 port. You can turn the Wi-Fi on/off whenever you feel like.

7. Asus DSL-AC68U


This is the best 802.11ac modem router. The built-in software does a perfect work considering its price. This is a high performing router with plenty of options and capabilities. To know the router further PDFs manuals and tools are provided to give you detailed information.

Asus DSL features 4 Ethernet ports together with power and wireless buttons. It has a 3.0 USB port and has both ADSL2+ and VDSL2.

8. Linksys EA9500


This router is the best especially when many devices are linked to your network. Linksys offers a lot of bandwidth of approximately 5.3 Gigabits. This can cover a wide area without causing congestion. Linksys features 3 separate bands as well as MU-MIMO technology allowing more than three people to stream videos. This router has enough range to cover large houses.

9. Asus RT-AC87U


It combines the smart design with a featured-packed interface. The performance of the router is impressive both at 5GHz and at a distance. Asus RT-AC87U supports AP router as well as WDS bridging. The storage of this router works at USB 3.0 speed.

10. AVM Fritz! Box 3490


AVM offers great performance due to its good range of features and software. With exceptional performance and affordable prices, this router has a great software. It offers plenty of room to expand the external storage. What a winning combination. AVM features 4 Ethernet ports and has a very innovative hardware design. It has an in-built modem which supports VDSL and ADSL for faster fiber connections.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Wifi Routers in The Market 2017. In general, the better the Wi-Fi router you have, the better the performance. This will be evident from your personal computer, phones and any other connected device. Make a wise choice!

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