Top 10 Best Selling Wet Mops in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Wet Mops in The Market 2017. Mopping is one of the daunting jobs. Wet mops are great tools of cleaning that should not be neglected by any housewife. If you are a mother who is busy with children, wet mops are the best for you. They are designed to reduce the women’s efforts of cleaning their house. In the recent years; mops have evolved beyond the cotton wet mop. They have become relevant min this technological are because of their conveniency. There are several wet mops in the market. This makes the section work difficult. The following list of the top 10 best selling wet mops will help you to make a perfect choice:

List of Top 10 Best Selling Wet Mops in The Market 2017

10. The everywhere 9 by 5 inch mini mop kit

The everywhere 9 by 5 inch mini mop kit, Top 10 Best Selling Wet Mops in The Market 2017

This is among the best selling wet mops in 2017 that is perfect for cleaning the walls and ceilings without any stretching. Its microfiber mop pad is not a bonnet but it attaches to a heavy duty aluminum frame by7 the aid of a vecro. In addition, its microfiber pad is washable. It does an amazing job of picking dirt and grime. Many of its customers have reviewed it and they all say that it is a simple device and small enough. It flexible nature allows it to mop under the furniture easily without moving the furniture.

09. Rubbermaid commercial


This is a sponge mop with a durable and super absorbent head that cleans the hardest floor well. It is designed in a unique way of providing an easy usage. In addition, it has a capability of rolling on the surface to clean. Moreover; its handle is made from a durable plastic material while its head is rippled with an extra scrapping hence able to eliminate the stubborn stains in the kitchens and garages. This is the best wet mop that can replace the vacuum clean.

08. Microfiber wet mop


This is one of the best selling wet mop in 2017. It is durable. Its durability is achieved from the 85 % polyester material that is used to make it.Its handle is floor safe. It is recommended for use on a daily basis. It does a perfect job on both the hardwood floor and on the traffic laminate. In addition, it has a flexy head that can penetrate easily to clean all the nooks and the crannies at home. It is not only versatile but also functional and significant.

07. Libman Nitty Gritty roller mop


This is one of the best selling wet mops in 2017.It has a curved handle with an ergonomic grip that is pushed to wring and pull the when one is changing the sponge. This helps a lot in putting more sponge on the floor. Several people use this wet mop and they say it does a good job of squeezing the sponge. The short handle is the only downside that it contains.

06. O-Cedar hardwood floor ‘N more microfiber mop


It is among the top 10 best selling wet mops in 2017.O-Cedar hardwood has the capability of grabbing and holding dirt, hair and dust. In addition, it can be used for drying and damping for as clean deep. Moreover, it is made from an eco-friendly material. It is also machine washable, and compatible with a hardwood floor. Furthermore, it is worth the price.

05. Swiffer wet jet


This is a new generation mop with thick cleaning pads which are disposable .The most amazing thing with this mode of wet mop is that it is bucketless. Its absorbent clean pads work as the traditional sponge mop works. In addition, it uses batteries that aid it to dispense the cleaning solution. Many people like them because of its replaceable heads that can be found anywhere at a low price.

04. Linkyo spin mop for floor cleaning system


This is among the best selling wet mops in 2017 with the best quality. Its [pads are made from a stainless steel dry basket that has an original gear. This enables one to clean easily as well as wringing its head without making the hands dirty. In addition, it gives one an opportunity of saving his/her time and effort. As compared to the rest, they have the highest durability.

03. O-Cedar promist microfiber spray mop


This is one of the wet mops that are designed with a refillable bottle that can allow one to choose a cleaning solution. In addition, it has a microfiber that is safe for the floors that are made from a hardwood material. Its microfiber pad has the highest capability of capturing dust, hair and dirt. Its scab zones help in the removal of tough grime and grease from the hardwood floor. Moreover, it has excellent reviews. One of the reviewers say that she loves it because it is machine washable and worth for the price too.

02. Twist and shout mop


It is among the wet mops that is rated the best. It has a microfiber head and can be washed by a machine. Twist and shout mop is more effective when it is compared to the regular broom. In addition, it has a self-wring. It is ideal for people who have a limited mobility. Moreover, its swivel head makes a quick cleaning into the corners.

1. 18’’ professional microfiber mop/stainless steel handle


This is the top best selling wet mops in 2017.It is designed to clean floors quickly and easily. It has a stainless steel handle with a longest height. With the 18’’ professional microfiber, you do not have to bend while cleaning. In addition, its handle is attached to an aluminum frame of heavy duty for swiveling at 360 degrees. Moreover, it comes with 3 microfiber mop pads to carter for a variety of applications.

They are all the best selling wet mops which are the best selling in 2017.They all have amazing features that lead them to appear on the list. This is a list that may serve as a good guide when purchasing a wet mop.

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