Top 10 Best Selling Wet Dry Shop Vacuums in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Wet Dry Shop Vacuums in The Market 2017. Wet dry shop vacuums are the best in cleaning a broad range of messes. Weather cleaning it for your cart, pets or your workshop, they are all versatile vacuums that are effective for handling. In addition, they can be used to suction water from the flooded basement. There are several factors that one needs to consider when selecting the best wet/dry shop vacuum. The suction power and the capacity they hold are a few of the features that are looked at. When buying, quality, durability and the ease of handling emergency are the factors that customers consider. Power cards and long hoses of the wet/dry shop vacuums make them the best choice. The following is the list of the top 10 best selling wet dry shop vacuums in 2017:

List of Top 10 Best Selling Wet Dry Shop Vacuums in The Market 2017

10. Ridgid Pro WD 1851

Ridgid Pro WD 1851 Top Most Popular Selling Wet Dry Shop Vacuums 2018

This is a dry/wet shop vacuum for the household and general cleaning of the dry debris and liquids. It has a capability of holding 14 gallons of water. In addition, it is large enough for big jobs as well as having an easy storage. What is amazing with the Ridgid pro WD 1851 vacuum is about the long hose lock that makes it to tag around easily. It is an incredible tool with a washable filter. Most people have bought them and they say that this is a recommended model since it has gorgeous features.

09. Bissel garage pro wet/dry vacuum complete wall mounting system


This is among the best selling wet dry shop vacuums in 2017 that is convenient. It is easy to mount the garage pro on its walls. This gives a more floor space in the garage. It has a 32 feet hose that can aid you reach the inside of the car. In addition, its 4-gallon dirt tank is translucent and it contains a LED full water tank indicator. Moreover, it has a 12 Amp motor that provides a powerful suction for the cleaning needs. Bissell garage pro is engineered to handle spills from the liquids.

08. Armor All AA255

Armor All AA255 Top 10 Best Selling Wet Dry Shop Vacuums 2017

This is the best selling wet/dry shop vacuum with an assorted attachment that perfectly cleans cars. It has the capability of holding a capacity of 2.5 gallons. In addition, it has a compact size .This is why it is able to clean even the small spaces. The only downside with it is that it has trouble of handling large messes. Customers who reviewed it say that it is worth for their money. Moreover, it sucks up water as quick as possible.

07. Vacmaster VBVI210 detachable blower wet/dry vacuum


This is the seventh best selling 8 in 2017.It has the great value for the customers money. In addition, it has a capability of holding 12 gallons. Although not having much suction power as the others, it has a great power of cleaning basic jobs. The most amazing thing with it is the detachable blower and long hose. Many people who reviewed it said that it is cheap and affordable.

06. Workshop wet/dry vacs WSI600SS


This is among the Top 10 Best Selling Wet Dry Shop Vacuums in The Market 2017.It is designed and engineered to provide a relentless power. This aids it to have a great performance. In addition, it has a capability of collecting one gallon of water in one second. This is a performance that is impressive by all the standards. Moreover, it has a 7 feet hose that has a diameter of 2.5 inch. With this model of dry/wet shop vacuum, you can enjoy a long reach and 180 degrees flexibility. Furthermore; it is designed to have an easy grip handle for the easiest transportation.

05. Stanley wet dry shop vacuums


This is a 5 gallon that is among the best selling in 2017. It is a great saver of your time and effort. It has a light weight as well as a high powered vacuum. Stanley wet/dry shop vacuum is perfect for removing the big masses in a hurry. In addition, it comes with a disposable dust bag, a cloth filter and a bristled brush. Many people have reviewed it and they say that it has impressing features that include excellent filtration, compact size and mobility.

04. Makita VC4710


It is a dry/wet shop vacuum with a tool actuated outlet and an automatic filter. This helps it to perform the cleaning function effectively. Its activation of the filter in 2 seconds maximizes the airflow hence preventing the filter clogging. In addition, it variable speed setting lets one to set the suction power in balancing out the performance and the noise. Reviewers say that it is one of the quietest shop vacuums that you need to buy

03. Dewalt DCV581H 18/20 –Volt max cordless wet/dry vacuum


This is a wet/dry vacuum that has an ability of providing a corded or a cordless operation that is powered by 18/20 v battery. In addition, it contains a wet/dry filter. This helps to trap dust with 99.97 % efficiency with 1 micron. Moreover; its filter has accessible which is reusable. Its heavy duty crush resistant unit hose provides it with great durability, easy usage as well as flexibility. The on board hose storage makes the shop vacuum easy to carry and transport. Dewalt DCV 581t comes with a crevice tool attachment as well as a nozzle tool attachment

02. Shop-vac 9650600 pro series wet/dry vacuum


It is one of the top ranked model on the, market.Shop-vac 9650600 pro has excellent efficiency. In addition, it is made from high quality plastic that makes it more durable. Moreover, it has a 6 feet power card, on board tool and an extra-large lid latche. This makes it portable. The most amazing thing with it is that its ability of converting to the robust blower when one is using a rear port.

01. Fein 20 turbo 11 Hepa set


This is the best selling shop vacuum with a dust exterior. This is because of its superiority in dust collection. It has 13 feet hose with a diameter of 1.375.This is a model that is perfect when handling fine dust as well as large wood debris. Moreover, it is a shop vacuum model that is noiseless. In addition, it is bit expensive but worth the price.

They are all the best selling wet dry shop vacuums with amazing features. These features have made them to be the best in 2017.This is a list that will be helpful when purchasing the wet/dry shop vacuum of your choice.