Top 10 Best Selling Welding Helmets in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Welding Helmets in The Market 2017. If you are someone who welds all times of day and needs to protect your face and eyes then these are perfect for you. They help you in so many ways that you will be able to do your job more than what you would with out helmets. No more having to have your eyes check for what you do for a living. They adjust and has a belt sometimes. Knobs can help make them fit your head to just be very careful not to break when trying to get fixed. Glass in screen are great for when you do not have time to get a better looking helmet. You can get them customized or plain.

Some designs you will find on this list you will enjoy and be able to show off to your buddies. Can be used for any job that you have to get done. If you have to use one at home then they work for that to. All kinds of different shapes so they will fit your head how you want them to. Sometimes you can go to a shop and get these custom to your liking. Have them put pretty much any picture you want on with just a small fee. They all will look nice if they have a piece of art on them one that is special will really make stand out. Find shops on line or if you know where you can go to get done then you should have in a bout a week or two and be able to work and show off best thing to you in world. Have a picture of your family places on to keep them close to you art work.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Welding Helmets in The Market 2017

10. Hobert Impact Agent Orange

hobert impact agent orange, Top 10 Best Selling Welding Helmets in The Market 2017

Has three built in notice for most detection. It has a great design. Orange and black with company name on side.Is bulky and will protect you from flames and heat of welding. Keeps you face safe from getting burnt and having to go to a hospital. Can be used at any stage to ensure protection.

9. Instapark ADF GX-350S


Has a solar panel installed. Unique look has an eagle and American flag on side so you can do your job in style. Fits on everyone that buys and has black on to. An auto darkening for day and night. One to fifteen thousand radius. Made of poor material but will not melt from heat.

8. Antra AH6-660-101S


Keeps you safe from UV, and Ir radiation.The dial is easy to use you will get fit in no time so you do not have to change again. Skulls in American flag art in side with white marks around them is cool and amazing.

7. Fibre-Metal by Honeywell



Simple and easy to use. Plain white and does not chip. Be very careful because can slip and make fall. Is verified safe for your knowledge. Fitting with certain hats can be very tricky so watch what you are doing. Size makes easier to work in small areas.

6. True-Fusion BioMech IQ1500


Is attractive. Includes a storage bag and a spare sweatband. Components are easy to adjust. Dynamic of nine to thirteen of control. Suitable for a variety of task. Coated with highly glossy lacquer.Feels flimsy so be very careful.

5. Miller 251292


Has two sensors. Price is pretty competitive. Be very careful with adjustable knobs because they are fragile.Is not durable as other helmets so you need to be very careful what you are doing when you stick on your head. Plain black is simple and will not get dirty that easy. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Welding Helmets in The Market 2017.

4. Jackson SmarTiger W40


No back up function so f dies you will have to depend on solar energy to operate it. Three different head gear adjustments. High mass impact protection. Viewing on is smaller than should be.

3. Rhino Large View RH16


The view is over ten square inches so that you have no trouble seeing out of it.Made of nylon and has a flexible look that reduces user’s fatigue. Find on ebay.

2. Lincoln Viking 3350


Top of the line optical clarity. One largest in class. simple use and better from more easy to see. You get a lens. Comes in convenient pivot style. Superior shade control. Just plain black but is very shiny and very slick.

1. Jackson BH3


May look plain but has a very weird design. Use this for jobs that deal with TIG, welding. Auto darkening lens with a superior shading range. Built to protect and shield. Keeps dangerous energy away from eyes and face. Built in sensor and settings, shell is made of a material that is going to last. Enhances vision at different angles.

These are best selling Welding helmets 2017 that you can buy. Buy them and test them out if you do not like them send back and get your money back so you can get a different one. Some are very pricey so you will need to pay close attention to make sure you are not going to keep sending them back constantly. Women and men can wear these as long as you can adjust them to size of your head and you are able to see through glass.

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