Top 10 Best Selling Wearable Technology Devices in The World

Take a look at the below list of top 10 best selling wearable technology devices 2017. Remember the old days when a math teacher would ask you “What are you going to do when you don’t have a calculator handy?” We sure showed her, haven’t we? Today, whatever tech toy or tool you can think of is probably wearable today. Not only that, but they look smart when you wear them too. Just to get you up to speed, we present the top 10 best-selling wearable technology devices. No doubt these devices will get you going on the right track.

List Of Top 10 Best Selling Wearable Technology Devices in the world 2017

10. Apple Watch

Apple Watch Top 10 Best Selling Wearable Technology Devices 2017

Apple is one of the powerful technology brands in the world. A huge complaint that many people have with technology and even wearable technology is “Who would use it?” In the case of the Apple watch, the answer is “everyone.” There is literally nobody who couldn’t use one or at least probably several features of the Apple watch. There are not only all of your standard fitness apps included in this one, but there is much more. This includes the ability to open your hotel doors, locating your car, getting updates on your flights, and much more. Apple is predicting that they will get at least 25 percent of the wearables market with this one, but that remains to be seen.

9. Fitbit Surge and Charge


When it comes to wearables, Fitbit was an early entrant to the market, and even though the company has taken some hits with the recall of their flagship product last year, the introduction of their newest, Fitbit Surge and Charge, analysts are refusing to count the company out just yet. This new flagship of the company is not only a fitness device but it also a GPS tracker, caller ID, and even sports a music controller. There are a lot of raves about the always-on feature of the watch, but we like how the watch and band are made to sit up a little, making the face easier to read.

8. Skully Motorcycle Helmet


Is your wrist tired of all its responsibilities? It’s going to be really happy with the Skully Motorcycle Helmet, which incorporates so many of the usual devices in a way cool looking helmet. There’s a head’s up display, a 180-degree rearview camera, and GPS navigation, all of this DOT-approved helmet. This one even gives you the power to control your phone and music with your voice. This one is enough to make you want to take up motorcycle riding.

7. SMS Audio BioSport Earbuds


Wearable technology is great, but one of the biggest frustrations with them is the need to keep them charged. Fortunately, the story is entirely different with these earbuds. The SMS Audio BioSport Earbuds have a built-in biometric sensor that allows you to collect fitness data, which feeds directly into your phone. They’re even waterproof and comfortable.

6. TAG Heuer Smartwatch


This maker is new to the smartwatch business, but they are long on experience when it comes to being a luxury maker. This is why you can’t count them out. This new entry offers GPS capabilities, health monitoring, and lots of sports specific apps. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Wearable Technology Devices in The World 2017.

5. Pebble Time

Pebble Time Top Famous Selling Wearable Technology Devices 2019

You have to admire someone who won’t back down from a fight, just the case with Pebble, which introduced Pebble Time and stared Apple right in the face. Pebble Time is one of the best-selling smart watches brands in the world. Pebble Time has a thinner design, color screen, and even a microphone, which lets you interact with the watch. Perhaps best of all is that the new design is totally compatible with the 6,500 currently existing apps for Pebble Watch.

4. Digitsol



Did you ever wonder how a device on your wrist is supposed to track the number of steps you take? That question won’t enter your mind with the Digitsol, which is an insole for your shoe that claims to keep better track of every step you take during the day. the will even help to keep your feet warm. Then, as you walk, the data is transferred to your phone. And if that’s not enough for you, the extra padding will cushion your steps.

3. Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift Top Popular Selling Wearable Technology Devices 2018

In all of this talk about wearable technology, you probably wondered when we would get to VR. Well, here it is. It’s Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset that really is a consumer device. Not only that, but there’s an integrated surround sound component that makes the belief-suspending visuals totally amazing. the company introduced a mobile version of their product in cooperation with Samsung, but everything they have promised in the past has been true, why not believe what they say about their new products?

2. Quell

Quell Top 10 Best Selling Wearable Technology Devices

Instead of having a wearable technology that records your fitness activities, Quell helps those with chronic pain conditions. Along the same lines as TENS, it stimulates nerves below the knee, making your brain release natural pain-relieving chemicals to those areas. There are already prescription devices along this line, but this is for everyone.

1. FITGuard



With all of the concern over concussions and other football injuries, FITGuard was designed to be worn as a mouthguard that, when jarred especially hard, lights up. This is meant to alert coaches and others that a player might be hurt worse than he thinks. This will bring medical help to the injured player much sooner than is usually the case.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Wearable Technology Devices in The World 2017. If the technology world has contributed anything to our daily lives, it’s the fact that we can better monitor virtually every aspect of our bodies. That’s the good news. Even better, technology can teach us to better our bodies and minds, and even inspire us to do the same. It’s amazing to think of all the places where this technology will take us. Whether you are trying to improve your running pace or improve your lift, wearable technology will help. And it’s even approachable to virtually everyone. Even if you don’t consider yourself the most techno-savvy person, you can learn to use these tools quickly and easily. And if you do it right, you can even enjoy their benefits with a body that is in better shape and might even live longer.

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