Top 10 Best Selling Water Cooler Brands in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Water Cooler Brands in The World 2016-2017. One thing I know about dispensers is that they are always life savers. In a situations where you will realize your visitors in the house have three different drinking habits, then I have to promise you that you will find a hell of time preparing them water to drink. Ensuring that cold water, warm and even hot is always ready for drinking is always a hard task but that has never been the problem with what we are having for you here. This products will ensure that you are well taken care of as it is able to ensure that all the three stages of water are ready for drinking.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Water Cooler Brands in The World 2016-2017

10. Primo Top-Load Water Cooler

primo top load best water cooler, Top 10 Best Selling Water Cooler Brands in The World 2017

This is one product that has the abilities of ensuring that you get the right kind of water to drink at whatever time of the day. You can enjoy fresh, hot/room temp, safe or even cold water in a comfortable manner. It has been made with a high flow dispense mechanism and that is what will ensure that water is dispensed off either being cold or warm/hot. It has a top-mounted push button that will ensure that you get the best control ever. It accepts the 3 and 5 gallon water bottles. That means that you don’t have to get worried of which one you are going to use.

9. Avalon Stainless Steel Self Cleaning Water Cooler and Dispenser

avalon-stainless-steel-self-cleaning-water-cooler-and-dispenser, Top 10 Best Selling Water Cooler Brands in The World 2018

It has been engineered with three temperature settings that will allow you to have a chance of customizing your drinking experience. It has a crisp cold, you can get a room temperature and piping hot water from the appliance. There is one thing that will always be dear to all the users, the self-cleaning feature that will ensure that the item is always clean and that also has the ability to ensure that accumulation of harmful germs is never a problem to it at all. It has a bottom loading ability and will ensure that all the 3 or 5 gallon bottles can easily fit not its use.

8. Ragalta Purelife Series Hot and Cold Water Cooler

ragalta purelife series hot and cold water cooler, Top 10 Best Selling Water Cooler Brands in The World 2019

There are those of that are fans of enjoying a fast and quick cup of tea but unfortunately hate the fact that they are not in a state of waiting for the kettle. Then you need not go far because we have a solution for you right here with us. For those that need to have ice cold glass of water on a hot day but don’t have time for making ice cubes, take this appliance and it will help you out. This is a product that has the best of use when you deal with it from both worlds. Just take your gallon and invert it into its use and it is ready to work out for you.

7. Glacial Taller Black Top-Load Water Dispenser Water Cooler

glacial-taller-black-top-load-water-dispenser-water-cooler, Top 10 Best Selling Water Cooler Brands in The World 2017

This is a product that has been made with a cooler and a fridge at the same time. That tells you how effective this item is when you want it to give you the best service. You will get the installation of a digitally controlled temperature that will prevent any spoilage of all the perishables that are installed into this item, and can go further and chill down to 39 degrees F. it is a perfect item that you can use to store your small snacks in your place of work. It will also give you an ability of pouring out water at times that are faster when you compare to others.

6. Top-Loading Bottled Water Cooler PRIMO WATER CORP


The generation of the ability to give you both ice cold and piping hot water for drinking makes this dual spout product be unique out there in the market. There is an inclusion of an LED nightlight that you can easily use when you are environments that are dark. For easy water clean-up, you will find that there is a collection tray that is ready to collect water so that it does not spill anyhow in your room. It has a universal probe that will give you leak guards that will give you an ability to ensure that when you are changing the bottle, there are no water spills around at all. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Water Cooler Brands in The World 2016-2017.

5. New Age Living 5 Gallon


You don’t have to drink lukewarm water anymore when you can grab this use and enjoy yourself with chilled water which is at its perfect temperature. You can now use this unit to serve yourself with cold glass of water and not only that, this unit can let you make hot tea as well as instant coffee which are on demand. The heating and cooling functions features independent power switches and you can select which to operate and this will enable you unit be energy efficient. You can even use it as traditional water dispensers at your gatherings when there is no power which is available.

4. Brio Cook and Cold


No more mess around the work area when you have this product. The item is great for cyclists, outdoors, athletes and high performers, camping, baseball, soccer the list is endless. It has been built from the highest quality material which will ensure durability of the cooler. It can be stored or even placed in different environments, thanks to its rubber grip as well as big handle which will ease storage and transportation. For those that need a water cooler and dispenser that can provide you with the perfect type of water to at whatever temperature, you need to buy this one.

3. Honeywell HWB1052S Cabinet


This unit uses three and five gallon water bottles and has stainless steel water tank that will provide you clean drinking water throughout the day when you are dehydrated. You can also get quick access to both cold and warm water easily using the push-in lever system and the hot water kid safety lock will save your day. The funnel has prong that will prevent spills when you’re using bottles with spill proof caps. This cooler uses 85-w and comes with drip tray which is removable to enable easy cleaning as well as added convenience. This unit will enable you get the right water at its ideal temperature very easy.

2. NewAir WAT40W


This is what you need to keep yourself refreshed throughout the day. The cooler will give you icy cold as well as piping hot water at the comfort of your home or office. This unit comes from the brand you can trust and it has high-quality compressor that will heat and also cool your water rapidly. It has been constructed with BPA free components that will ensure that you take healthy drinking water always and so your water will be pure, tasty and clean. The child safety lock will give you peace of mind. This is what you need and you will never take lukewarm.

1. Whirlpool Stainless Steel Water Cooler


This unit features self cleaning mechanism and uses unstable oxygen to remove bacteria and viruses in your water. It has LED indicator which will show you the self cleaning is in progress and also when the water at reach their optimum temperature that is both cold and warm. The water pump is powerful yet durable and the water siphon sucks remaining water inside the bottle. Your hot water will be kept steaming hot all the time and you can use them to make your delicious tea. The stainless steel will add beauty to your room and it can be viewed from any angle since the stainless steel construction is curved. The sturdy steel frame has been constructed to withstand tons of pounds of top pressure and the faucet is unbreakable.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Water Cooler Brands in The World 2016-2017. These best water coolers will add beauty to any of your room. Their stainless steel construction will let you enjoy tasty, clean and healthy water every time you want them. You’ll never have to take lukewarm water when you want something cold. Our units are built to last and above all easy to use and some of them features LED display. If you’re tea or coffee lover, these units will save your day and you can use them to prepare your favorite beverages anytime you wish.