Top 10 Best Selling Washing Machines in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Washing Machines in The World 2016-2017. The technology advancements have made clothes and sheets cleaning a chore that is less. The best washing machine is the one that can clean clothes and beddings excellently to remove dirt, stains and grime. It is also required to a smart connector of your home by changing the wash cycles. In addition, the best washing machine is required to offer a host cycle and washing options. It also needs to address different scenarios that can range from the sheets to the clothes. Best washing machines are the ones which can save more money in reducing the water and energy wastage. Are you looking for a high powered washing machine that can manage the worst stains of your clothes and sheets? If yes, the following list of the top 10 best washing machines in 2016-2017 will be of help to you:

List of Top 10 Best Selling Washing Machines in The World 2016-2017

10. Amana 3.8 cu.ft high-efficiency washer

amana-3-8-cu-ft-high-efficiency-washer, Top 10 Best Selling Washing Machines in The World 2017

This is among the best washing machines that clean well on quick and normal cycles. It also has the property of a gentle clean on delicate cycles that helps in smoothening the clothes and sheets on washing. In addition, it is the best pick of the year since it provides a good performance and it has the lowest price tag ever. It is among the best washing machines that have won the best cleaning scores.Althogh lacking more advanced features, it is highly efficient and it is the best option on its budget and performance.

09. Whirlpool WFW95HEDC Duetr 4.5 cubic feet

whirlpool-wfw95hedc-duetr-4-5-cubic-feet, Top 10 Best Selling Washing Machines in The World 2018

This is the best washing machine for all the allergy surfurers.It boosts WSF- certified allergen and sanitize cycles. This help it to clean 99.9% of the bacterias.In addition, it applies to the adaptive wash technology in loading and automatic adaption to the cycle hence maximizing the results. Many reviewers who have used it say that it is a washing machine that has the same features as it is described. It is worth the price for them.

08. Samsung WA52J 87 00AP

samsung wa52j, Top 10 Best Selling Washing Machines in The World 2017

This is a machine with the top load washer that includes a cool built in sink for the stain penetration. It is the best model with an active wash system. Its system has an extra piece in its inside that work as a makeshift sink for soaking or for stain penetration.Moreover,it offers a washing tub which is stainless steel that is located beyond the makeshift sink. This will help you save more of your money.Moreover; it has a width of 27 inches. This will enable it to fit in most of the laundry rooms. Its depth is 29 inches which is great to make it the best washing machine.

07. Kenmore 3.6 cu.ft


This is among the best washing machines in 2016-2017. It provides the greatest cleaning performance score .Many people think that its agitator has no use in washing process. They are wromg.It is so helpful in conserving energy as compared to the traditional washers. Reviwers found it the best on delicate garments.Moreover,it has an extra rinse and it is estimated to use 214kwh of energy in a year. The only downside that it contains is that it tests the loads to retain more water. This is the reason as to why it takes more time to dry the clothes. This is one of Top 10 Best Selling Washing Machines in The World 2016-2017.

06. John Lewis JLWM1205


This is a machine wash that has a slim depth. It is 85 cm deep. This makes it a perfect fit for the right space. John Lewis washing machine has 7 kgs and has an energy rating of A+++. In addition, it has a spinning power of 1,200 rpm.It is an amazing machine which is sold at a cheap price. This makes it affordable to many people in 2017. Moreover; it removes all the worries of damage in the first 3 years from purchase since it has a 3 years warranty.

05. LG WW 8000HVA 29-INCH front load washing machine


This is a steam washing machine that has nozzles of the highest pressure that blasts on the loads of dirt in the laundry. It is the fastest washing machine with the best performance for only 30 minutes. Unlike other washing machines, LG WW 8000HVA 29 smoothens the wrinkles that may emerge to the clothes and sheets when they are being washed. It is the best, cheapest and affordable in the market.

04. Samsung’ Addwash Door’ 4.5 cubic ft washer in blue


This is among the best washing machine in 2016-2017. It provides a simple toss that lasts second additions while keeping a dry cycle. In addition, it has a VRT plus where you can enjoy a limited vibration noise when installing the washer.Moreover, it is a great one because it comes in a sleekest blue that many people haven’t seen on their major appliances.

03. LG Mega capacity WT 56080HVA


In 2017, it is the machine wash that is cost effective as compared to the rest. It is equipped with numerous features and cycles that can help it to clean the clothes in the best way possible. It is 5 cubic ft where you can fill all your beddings and leave a space for rinsing and cleaning. Many reviews like it because of its features that made it a machine wash which is a gold winner on reviews.

02. Hotpoint Ultima S-Line RPD10477DD


This is the largest washing machine that does not cost a fortune. This is the right machine for you since it has an excellent value. It contains a huge drum where you can wash many clothes at once. In addition, it has the highe4st capability of working on the winter Large and thick duvets.Moreover; it is a technological washing machine with a direct injection that premixes the detergent and water.

01. Samsung WF56 H911O washing machine


This is the best selling washing machine in 2016-2017. It has the largest volume. It is a great machine which is efficient in terms of water and energy conserving. In addition, its operational efficiency is excellent while it operates with a minimum noise.Moreover, it is equipped with all the best features that a large machine like this can have. It has a super speed mode for washing, an automatic temp control and an automatic detergent dispenser. It is a machine which is durable too.

These are all the best washing machines with excellent features. It is a machine that one can’t live without it. Make your order now and buy one of your choice.