Top 10 Best Selling Volkswagen Parts For Jetta & Golf in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Volkswagen Parts For Jetta & Golf in The Market 2017. When you think of your car, you consider it your baby. Well for most men they enjoy having babies that are the racing performance babies. When you own a Volkswagen Jetta or Golf those are some cars that are worth giving an upgrade to so that you can not only show off your abilities to the racing world but to prove to yourself you are capable. Listed below are the top ten best-selling Volkswagen Jetta or Golf parts for the year 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Volkswagen Parts For Jetta & Golf in The Market 2017

10. NEUSPEED Front Sway Bar

NEUSPEED Front Sway Bar Top Famous Selling Volkswagen Parts For Your Jetta 2019

When you are wanting to make changes to your Jetta or Golf, usually the first thing you want to start with is the handling. This product listed is a lot more sturdy and is going to help the lateral roll. That is what is usually seen in the suspension. When users buy this product they are getting one of the best made and will be really happy with the outcome. The price is pretty decent for this type of mechanical part and people say they will not hesitate to buy something that is going to help more than the previous parts they had.

9. SuperPro Performance Control Arms


These are lightweight and will take away a lot of weight from the front end of your vehicle. They will also change the way the front end aligns which makes the handling of your car ten times better. This piece will be an awesome upgrade because once you are finished installing them, you are going to be able to tell the difference they have made. The price is decent and if you are willing to pay it then you will get a great product.

8. Koni Height-Adjustable Coilovers

Koni Height-Adjustable Coilovers Top Most Popular Selling Volkswagen Parts For Your Jetta 2018

You will be paying a pretty penny for this product but you get what you pay for because these are going to lower the height of your ride by about two whole inches. The users that by these are aware just how popular the company that makes these are. If you are shopping on a budget, there are alternatives for this product but they are not going to work just as well. Users say these are the best upgrade they have done to their vehicles and it made the suspension better even though the vehicle is lower.

7. Megan Racing Volkswagen GTI Performance Muffler With Oval tip


This product has been given the oval tip because it makes it not only unique but sets it apart from the Canister type of mufflers. These have been getting bigger in the racing sagas because of how police are starting to crack down on tickets to people with a vehicle that has modified racing parts installed on their cars. You should still check your states exhaust laws before committing to buying the item.

6. APR Carbonio Carbon Fiber Intake System

APR Carbonio Carbon Fiber Intake System Top Popular Selling Volkswagen Parts For Your Jetta 2018

The company that makes this intake system is one of the best to buy engine parts from. They give you a variety of bolt-on upgrades to choose from. These intake systems that are distributed by APR has increased the engine power by twenty-four HP when it is put with the software upgrade. Users love that the intake makes their rides faster because it gives them better chances of winning a race. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Volkswagen Parts For Jetta & Golf in The Market 2017.

5. Integrated Engineering FSI Intake Manifold


This intake manifold has been designed to give you the most airflow and in return give you a whole lot more power to your vehicle. When you buy the product it will come to you with the drill holes already in it which are going to save you a lot of your own time and it is going to be already ready for water or methanol injection if that is what you are seeking for the modifications. The price is one of the best ones around for this type of part.

4. Air Lift Performance Volkswagen MK IV Kit


This is intended for those people that want to add air suspension to their vehicles. This company that is making the kits are more concerned about giving you awesome aesthetics and they are not wanting to compromise the way your ride handles or the performance of it. If you want to have the air suspension added then just get one of these kits added to your upgrade list because they are going to be the best choice of product.

3. Rotiform Cast CCV Wheels

Rotiform Cast CCV Wheels Top 10 Best Selling Volkswagen Parts For Your Jetta

When you are making upgrades to your vehicle a new set of wheels is always on the list. Rotiform has one of the best sets on market this year because they come in different colors and will look awesome on your Jetta or Golf. Users really love that these come in a variety of colors because that is what will make them stand out and be their own individuals. They also say the price is fair for the durability and brand.

2. #1 EGT sensor for CR TDI

#1 EGT sensor for CR TDI Top 10 Best Selling Volkswagen Parts For Your Jetta 2017

This will fit two different models of Jettas and it will increase the performance of the exhaust system and give you better gas mileage. Not only will it fit the Jettas but it fits the different type of vehicles as well.

1. 3D Carbon Body Kit for Volkswagen Jetta

3D Carbon Body Kit for Volkswagen Jetta Top Most Selling Volkswagen Parts For Your Jetta 2017

Finally we have made it to number one. Obviously, once you have bought all the performance kit parts you are going to want a change to the visual look of your car as well. Having the body kit is going to help you be unique among thousands of other cars. You will get the rear and front bumpers, a pair of the side skirts, and then you will get a pair of spoilers. You will get the spoilers for the roof and the trunk lid.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Volkswagen Parts For Jetta & Golf in The Market 2017. When you decide to upgrade your ride you need to always know what your budget is going to be. Many of these parts listed above are in the higher price ranges but they are going to give you the best performances that you are dying to have. If you want a great racing vehicle then making upgrades are part of the package. The more money you spend the better horsepower you are going to get.