Top 10 Best Selling Vegan Handbags in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Vegan Handbags in The World 2017. For a modern woman to walk around in town comfortably, a handbag is the one that gives her confidence. This has become a positive mentality all around the world. However, if women stop carrying handbags, where will they keep all their stuffs? Let us take our time and review on some of the best selling vegan handbags in market 2017. Below is the top 10 list.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Vegan Handbags in The World 2017

10. Danielle Nicole Wila Tote Bag

Danielle Nicole Wila Tote Bag Top 10 Best Selling Vegan Handbags in The World 2017

Danielle Nicole bag is best known for its admirable characteristics which every woman dreams of having even once in a lifetime. This collection began with leather goods but later on, it switched to faux and animal friendly materials such as polyurethane. The tote company is derived from more than 10 spring collection and is paired with clean structure of much more space.

Despite the fact that Danielle Nicole Wila Tote Bags are good looking, their price isn’t too costly to handle. One bag of Danielle is worth $98 which is even affordable to common women.

9. Stella McCartney Falabella Shaggy Deer Small Tote Bag


This handbag is a bit expensive than the Danielle Nicole. Stella McCartney brand has been in this list of best selling for decades. Have you ever done a research on why it doesn’t miss? It is because quality and well-designed bags catches the attention of modern women. Popular celebrities and models use Stella McCartney’s original icon which is recognized by the long chain trim and whip stitching around the sides. Kate Hudson is an example of celebrities who doesn’t miss carrying the Stella brand.

Stella McCartney is worth $1,195.

8. Stella McCartney Falabella Shaggy Deer Mini bag


Do not confuse this bag with the one we have reviewed in number 9 above. Stella McCartney is a bit small and comes in pink color. However, Stellar McCartney (small) comes only in black and brown colors. This one is made of polyester and light catching sheen which can never be seen in any other. Its chain strap can also be worn as a cross body.

Stella McCartney Falabella Deer Mini Bag is relatively cheap and is worth $895 and is recommended by ladies who love Luxe Clutch but hate cruel ones.

7. Stella McCartney Falabella Denim Botanical Mini Tote Bag


Stella McCartney mini Tote bags are the most dominating. To differentiate this and the one discussed in 8 above is that this one is Dinim and the other one (no. 8) is shaggy. Some of its characteristics are his frame like chain and is painted with sunflowers making it more beautiful and suitable for spring garden parties. A shoe of the same color can be worn to match.

Research done in 2017 showed that Stella McCartney sold more than a million bags to different countries all over the world. Currently, its price is $1,100.

6. Matt & Nat Blinking Crossbody Bag

Matt & Nat Blinking Crossbody Bag Top Popular Selling Vegan Handbags in The World 2018

Matt & Nat Blinking cross body brand is the perfect choice for most women who want to move in life. This bag is big enough to accommodate all essentials in one move. Its cross body straps makes things easier especially in carrying. The front flat compartment provides more space. Middle class women are fans of Matt and Nat Blinking because of the cheap price.

University students tend to use brand and costs $150 only.

5. Matt $ Nat Brave Vegan Leather Backpack

Matt $ Nat Brave Vegan Leather Backpack Top Most Selling Vegan Handbags in The World 2017

Vegan Leather backpack is a well sizeable and sleek bag perfect for daily activities. It has a unique design such that the inner part fits in the outer one like a jigsaw. The interior is roomy and can fit a pair of shoes and other stuffs of your choice. However cheap, young ladies do not like wearing Matt and they complain about the size.

Women who have little children and have to carry a lot of stuffs with them are recommended to use this adorable brand. Matt and Natt bag is worth $135 and normally come in black. This is one of Top 10 Best Selling Vegan Handbags in The World 2017.

4. Nat Baxter Tote Bag

Nat Baxter Tote Bag Top Most Popular Selling Vegan Handbags in The World 2018

Nax Baxte is an amazing collection from new Dell collection and is already famous among modern women in market today. This list cannot be complete without featuring the Nat brand. It stands out with geometric design from its own manufacture (tote). A shoulder strap that is fixed in Nax provides an easy way to carry. Inside part Nax is a fine lining from recycled fabrics.

Nat Baxter tote is a relatively cheap and adorable model and appears in this list as one of the most selling brand in market today and costs $135 only.

3. Sole Society Cassidy Vegan Weekender


Sole is one of the cheapest best selling vegan handbags of fall and costs only $70. Brown is the color that defines vegan Weekender a great value in market. Women who use these bags are always defined as very rich people. What people don’t realize is that vegan can be relatively cheap but having great qualities.

Do you want to shop one? Just link with their website and they will guide you on how to go about it.

2. Vegan Foldover clutch

Vegan Foldover clutch Top Famous Selling Vegan Handbags in The World 2019

Vegan is another cheap make from sole society company that reviewers have confessed of buying multiple colors since the make itself is smooth and fine. For young ladies who only walk around with a mobile phone, handkerchief and some other small stuff are recommended to use Vegan Clutch bag. Inside, it has a zip pocket that can be used in storing money.

Vegan Foldover are normally red and cost only $40 which is more than expected.

1. Vegan tote bag

Vegan tote bag Top 10 Best Selling Vegan Handbags in The World

Tote can be compared with a really chameleon because they widely released in so many colors only to be left to the clients to choose. The qualities of this bag give us no doubt that it is the best.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Vegan Handbags in The World 2017. There are several brands of vegan handbags in the market that comes with different designs, size and color. Their materials and prices also differ. However, the above vegan handbag review will help you in discovering yourself concerning them. Choose wisely and according to your pocket because even the affordable ones are much available in market.