Top 10 Best Selling Vacuum Cleaners in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Vacuum Cleaners in The Market 2017. Tired of the dirty floors, tired of hard to reach places, well with these vacuums never worry again. You will enjoy every bit of what these vacuums do to your floors with in seconds. Turn it on and watch the dirt come out of the floor with ease. You will be happy when you are finished and can relax and no worries of the allergies making you sneeze and cough. Your kids will want to vacuum with these cool gadgets and how they are so easy to push and not have to carry the heavy thing up the stairs. Easier to use if you need it for your car or to clean your stairs. The attachments will help when you need them and you do not want to pick the vacuum up a million times just to clean the stairs.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Vacuum Cleaners brands in The Market 2017

10. Eureka Bagless Upright Vacuum-

eureka-bagless-upright-vacuum, Top 10 Best Selling Vacuum Cleaners 2017

Powerful performance to deep clean carpets. It is lightweight but built to last for a long time. Airspeed technology engineered to move more air and remove more dirt for a deeper clean carpet. washable , reusable filter requires less frequent replacement. You have on board tools to help you clean crevices, upholstery, and furniture easier. The cord is twenty foot so you can go further without have to switch plugins. The filter is hepa. It is so powerful that if you have a string laying in your floor and accidentally roll over it then you do not have to worry because it will not stop your vacuum up or mess it up at all. It gets so deep in your carpets that you will see it you did not even know was there. You will be surprised when you finish because the dirt will straight off the floor under your carpet.

9. Black+Decker CHV1410L Cordless Dust-Buster Hand Vacuum-

blackdecker-chv1410l-cordless-dust-buster-hand-vacuum, Top 10 Best Selling Vacuum Cleaners 2018

It is always ready when you need to use it. The battery will hold a charge for up to eighteen months. Less bending with the on board extension. Long life, lightweight, and no memory effect. Cyclonic action helps to keep the filter clean and power strong. The translucent bagless dirt bowl is easy to see dirt and will show you when it needs dumped. Rotating slim nozzle for a variety of applications. Removeable, washable bowl and filter for a great cleaning. Great for hard surfaces and will pick up just about anything from crumbs to pet hair. You will love this if you hate the corded vacuums and want something that is handheld and no worries of it dying on you.

8. iRobot Roomba 880 Vacuum Cleaning Robot-

irobot-roomba-880-vacuum-cleaning-robot, Top 10 Best Selling Vacuum Cleaners 2019

iAdapt multi-room navigator uses a full suite of sensors to navigate and adapt to your changing of home. Room to room cleaning in up to three rooms with the included virtual wall lighthouse beacons. Tangle free extractions help prevent hair and debris clogs. Traps fine dust and dirt to ensure great cleaning and dust free home. If you have a cat then be careful because they may love riding on this roomba and no this can not harm the vacuum or slow it down. It is powerful enough it can pick up small dead bugs that have gotten in your house and are just laying around. It helps reduce allergies. If your animal makes an accident on the floor you will need to make sure to clean it because if not this will smear it and make it a lot worse than what you would like to clean.

7. Shark Rocket DeluxePro Upright Vacuum-

shark-rocket-deluxepro-upright, Top 10 Best Selling Vacuum Cleaners

This great tool never loses suction or power. Use this to clean floors or the ceiling from cobwebs. You pretty much get two vacuums in one. LED headlights in floor nozzle and hand vacuum. Has advanced swivel steering. Weighs only eight pounds and great for elderly people. It is electric with a very long cord for further reach. Does not have a loud noise so you could vacuum while the kids are in bed. Great for house with high ceilings because of the extensions. Very small and easy to store in a tight space. Great for carpets or hardwood and will really pick up the dirt and dust.

6. Dyson V6 Animal Cordless Vacuum-

dyson-v6-animal-cordless-vacuum, Top 10 Best Selling Vacuum Cleaners 2020

Has extra tools so you can do the tougher task with ease. Is cordless so no hassle dealing with holding the cord while you try to get around. Up to twenty minutes of continuous suction and is trigger release instant. Battery power is only used for cleaning. It will get deep into your carpets to make sure no dirt is left behind and you will love the look of your carpet after you are done using it. The mini motorized tool with remove pet hair and ground in dirt. The wand quickly detaches for handheld cleaning. Use in your car or any other place you need to clean. The stiff nylon bristles remove pet hair, and ground in dirt from furniture, car seats, and tight spaces.

5. Dirt Devil Upright Vacuum Cleaner-


The eleven inch wide cleaning path covers more space and gets the job done faster. It cuts through any mess with powerful suction. Has a scuff guard trap which will trap all the debris on hard surfaces without scratching your nice hardwood floors in the process. Weighs less than ten pounds so if you have a second floor no heavy weight to carry around and hurt your back. The cord is about twenty foot so no worries about it not being long enough for the whole room. You can buy attachments for this vacuum if you want or order one that already has the attachments that you like. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Vacuum Cleaners brands in The Market 2017.

4. Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum-


You get twice the suction that you would get with any of the other robot vacuums. It can see all around your room at once so it can map out and navigate your home. It calculates a systematic cleaning pattern so it knows where it has been and not yet been. You can download an app so you can control or schedule when your vacuum will start up and go. It separates the dirt and dust to make sure what it sucks up is kept in the bin. A full width brush bar provides maximum floor coverage and edge to edge cleaning across hardwood floors and carpets with nylon and carbon fiber bristles.

3. Shark Navigator Lift-


Away Professional Upright Vacuum- Press a button to lift away the canister and easily clean hard to reach areas. It is a two in one vacuum, upright and lift away for portable cleaning. Has a dust away hard wood floor attachment, two washable microfiber pads. Picks up large debris and fine dust from bare floors. Anti allergen complete seal technology. Powerful and lightweight. Portable and versatile at thirteen pounds.

2. Dyson Ball Multifloor Upright Vacuum-


Self adjustable cleaner heads, seals in suction across carpets and hard floors. Wand and hose release in one smooth action. It is very easy to clean up high and under your furniture. Filtration traps allergens and bacteria inside the machine. Hygienic bin emptying. Just push the button and release the dirt. If you have white carpets you will tell a huge difference when you are finished vacuuming and will love the looks of your new floor. People will ask what have been doing different and you can tell them all about your new vacuum and how nice it is and works.

1. Electrolux EL8807A Brushroll Clean Upright Vacuum-


Patented self cleaning brushroll-remove tangled hair from the brushroll with the tough of a button. Multi cyclonic system allows you to clean without ever losing suction. Stretch hose and wand combination designed to give you twelve inches of cleaning reach. Three in one tools that clean corners, crevices, and stairs with ease. Great for carpets but not hardwood floors.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Vacuum Cleaners in The Market 2017. These vacuums will give you satisfaction of having a clean and safe home to live in. your kids will be happy with how it is doing its job. The dirt will come straight up and you will see a huge difference within the first few uses or even just the first use. No more dirty looking carpets. No more hard to reach places. Some of these vacuums do it themselves with just the push of a button. Download apps for a few of them and just turn it on anytime you are ready for it to do what it is suppose to. You can be anywhere and turn them on. Great for busy people who can not get to the job when it is needed to be done.