Top 10 Best Selling USB Lightning Cables in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling USB Lightning Cables in The Market 2017. Almost everyone today has an apple product but the chargers for them are slow paced and take forever to get your device charged. If you need faster charging times then check out the lightning cable listed here. They have been the best sellers so far in the year 2017 and worth taking a look at.

List of Top 10 Best Selling USB Lightning Cables in The Market 2017


tylt flyp duo, Top 10 Best Selling USB Lightning Cables 2017

If you want versatility then this is the one to purchase. It will connect to iPhone 5 through 7 and the iPads and iPods. Just put the connector to your phone then the USB hooks into the charging port for the wall and then enjoy how fast you will have a charged device. Offers a one year warranty. The product has been put through a series of tests to ensure great quality and that the item will not get frayed pieces. The testers bent it at a ninety-five-degree angle over four thousand times and the product stayed intact the whole time. If you use a case then this will probably fit right through it.

9. Modal Braided Lightning Cable-

modal braided lightning cable, Top 10 Best Selling USB Lightning Cables 2018

It connects to any apple device you may own and is four foot in length. The braid design will give it more durability to last a lot longer than some other cables on the market. Users stated it works perfectly, just like the expensive ones but costs a whole lot less than those do. The cord is long enough to get plenty of stuff done while using it and perfect for it to reach the passenger side or a dock while driving down the road. Choose which color you like because there are different options. Most users say they would definitely recommend the product to friends if they were looking for any lightning cables. It is durable for lasting a while and people love that as well.

8. Anker Nylon Braided USB Cable-

anker nylon braided usb cable, Top 10 Best Selling USB Lightning Cables 2019

If you are one of the people that own an iPhone 6 or 6 plus then this is for you all. The colors that can be chosen from all match the iPhone 6’s. The cord is six foot long and will lead a long way out. Receive an eighteen-month warranty when you purchase it. The USB is also nylon style material and has a cord that is braided. The product is able to have a higher amp charging run through them which will result in having your phone charged faster than when using the regular cords and amps. One lady said it only took about thirty minutes to get her phone from twenty percent all the way to eighty percent. That is super fast as first, then it takes about the same amount of time to fully charge the last 20 percent due to the automatic battery savers that are in technology these days.

7. Native Union BELT XL Cable-

native-union-belt-xl-cable, Top 10 Best Selling USB Lightning Cables

It has a high amp rate of 2.4 and will charge your device super fast. The cord can be rolled up and secured with the leather band for storing the item easily. It will connect to most apple products. The feel of the cord is heavy duty and it looks nice. The material is made of nylon so it’s not going to break or tear unless a hard force rips it apart. If you are planning to take the item with you traveling then this is what you need to invest in because of the storage ability. The product is four foot long and reaches about anywhere you choose. There will be no tangled up wires to unwind or fool with for a long period of time trying to be able to use it. Users love how the item has the leather strap to keep the cord from messing up or tangling.

6. Anker PowerLine Cable-


No matter how many times you bend this item or wad it up you will still have a cord that is intact. The product has been made to not break or tear apart. It is long lasting and capable of taking a beating even during traveling. The charging time is quick and efficient. Choose from a variety of colors such as pink, blue, or black. Reviewers say the cable has been one the strongest they have used so far. They like the flexibility they have when using it. It even works with all apple products from five to seven with phones and then all the iPad models.

5. Angled Lightning to USB Cable-


Choose either a six-foot length or a three-foot length of this cord. When your device is in landscape mode and mounted in place you can still charge it with the product because of the angle the charger end is facing. Since it is not the traditional straight cord, people say it is easier to use than some of the others. It is also covered with a warranty that is two years in length. The only option for color is white so might get dirty if not properly stored or treated correctly. It is best for using as a car charger since the angle is better. Some user has the issue with the cord pulling away from the charging end but as I stated before if taken care of and you do not pull on it then your product should last.If not then contact customer service for a replacement. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling USB Lightning Cables in The Market 2017.

4. Incipio Lightning to USB Cable-


If you have a low amount of money to spend but want a better charging cord then this is the one for yourself. The price is really low and the cord measures to be three foot long when extended out all the way. The designs are colorful and have many different ones to choose from. You will get a warranty once it has been purchased so if something goes wrong just call and get a replacement product sent to you right away. Reviewers say theirs has lasted so far and they have not had any problems. It is not going to break or tear unless something horrendous happens.

3. Aukey Nylon-Braided Lightning to USB Cable-


Sold with a two-year warranty and are guaranteed to not tangle up. The product comes out to be four foot when pulled out. There are three different colors available. The price is great and also perfect for low budgets. The cord looks nice and has a braided style. The material is made of nylon which is the reason it ill not tangle. Users stated it is durable and they love how it feels. It is the perfect length for moving around while holding the phone once it is charging.

2. LifeStar Handcrafted Designer Cable-


There is a lifetime warranty given on the product and it is 3 feet long. The cable, like all the others, will not tangle and can be carried with you when traveling. People love the cool design and style of this because they say it is unique. Denim and leather are what the products materials are. The various colors that are offered is another thing users like. The price is higher than the rest so far but just the design will have you wanting to purchase this product in no time. It is also handcrafted which makes it even cooler.

1. AmazonBasics Lightning to USB Cable-


It is funny how the number one on the list is also one of the cheapest ones. The length is from four to six feet long and the quality is great. There are two different colors to choose from and they are black or white. It may sound kind of boring with the colors but the performance is going to override the lack of colors with no problem. Has a one year warranty so you can get it replaced if needed. Users long the price and how it works just as well as the high priced items. This works with all apple devices that are in the newer region. Durability is one of the greatest features and this has that. Keep it for years if taken care of correctly.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling USB Lightning Cables in The Market 2017. Overall, when your electronics need to be charged up to try to find one of these products in a price range that will work for you. A lot of people do not want to spend thirty bucks on a piece of wire but others feel the higher the product is the better it is going to be. Of course, I believe in the saying you get what you pay for but sometimes that does not apply because there are plenty of products that companies have made now such as this lightning charging cord that is going to do exactly what is need of it but only cost a few dollars. Think about where you will be using the item whether it is going to be traveling with you or if you are going to use it very little or a lot. These are all things to know before purchasing one of these.