Top 10 Best Selling USB Car Chargers in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling USB Car Chargers in The World 2016-2017. With the advancement in technology and the mass sale of smartphone, everyone right now owns a smartphone. Though these smartphones are offering us with more than just calling and texting, there are very poor in keeping the battery full especially when we need to travel in our cars for long distance with a probability of finding a place to recharge our phones.

Smartphone manufacturers have come with a solution for this kind of problem by creating USB car charger that will ensure that your battery will remain 100% as you travel in your car and people will not end up worrying when they call you and their calls goes straight to voicemail. Here below is a list of the top ten bestselling USB car chargers in 2016-2017 that are of high quality and currently the best in the market with feature of fast charging to having more than one charging port.

List of Top 10 Best Selling USB Car Chargers in The World 2016-2017

10. Maxboost Car Charger


Starting off our listing is this two port car charger that offers a great deal of charging experience for your phone. This two ports allows you to charge most than two smartphone without fear of overcharging and it will charge your smartphone very fast. It is 2.4A on the two ports. It is very affordable having many users this is definitely a car charger to recommend to anyone who goes for long distances driving and need their phone throughout their journey.

9. Bluetooth Headset Car Charger

Bluetooth Headset Car Charger Top Most Selling USB Car Chargers 2018

Are you in need of a car charger that will also serve as a Bluetooth headset? Then you should go for this double port Bluetooth headset charger. It will offer your smartphone with a fast charge as well as protecting it from overcharging through the intelligent chip inside the device. It is made in a very unique and easy to use design that offer amazing experience. This charger will charge your phone as well as work for you when making and receiving calls as you drive in the highways.

8. iXCC 5 Port Car Charger

iXCC 5 Port Car Charger Top Most Famous USB Car Chargers 2019

This is the most unique car charger in this review. It uniqueness come from the fact that it has 5 ports from which you can use to charge to charge your smartphone, iPod and tablet. Each of the port has a charging capacity of 2A though not much it will offer you the best in case you are a guy who has so many devices that are all needed to be up and running. It does not look like other car charger as it is connected using a 50cm cable and a cup shaped structure holds all the five ports.

7. Omaker 3 Ports Car Charger


This amazing car charger from Omaker has three port each supporting 2.2A and is connected directly into the car charging port. Its three ports makes it and can be used to charge the phones of everyone in the car as you travel for the family vacation. This car charger has many users who love it because of the three port support.

6. KWE Titanium Car Charger

KWE Titanium Car Charger Top 10 Best Selling USB Car Chargers

The KWE car charger is an ideal for those people who love their car chargers looking unique in terms of the make of the car charger. This car charger has two port from which you can charge two devices depending on their battery sizes. One of the port is 2.1A and the other is 1.0A. This car charger also has an intelligent circuit design that protects the devices connected from overcharging, over heating or short circuiting. It offers fast charging and is used by many users. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling USB Car Chargers in The World 2016-2017.

5. Anker Car Charger

Anker Car Charger Top Best Selling USB Car Chargers 2017

This is one port car charger that will work well for that individual that is interested in charging their phones very fast. This car charger is a 3.0 USB port that is connected directly to the car and will charge a phone as fast as it would charge on the phones charger. This is definitely one of the bestselling usb car charger since everyone won’t feel spending some extra cash to get a charger that will charge their phones or tablets as fast as they would love.

4. GOSIN Car Charger

GOSIN Car Charger Top Famous USB Car Chargers 2019

This product from Gosin is a high quality car charger that has 4 ports making it ideal to charge all the phones of the passengers in your car. The unique aspect about this charger is that it will extend its output depending on the number of devices connected to the charger, meaning if you connect one device it will charge even faster that when you have connected devices on all the four port thus will prolong your devices battery lifespan.

3. Eleckey Car Charger

Eleckey Car Charger Top Most Popular USB Car Chargers 2018

This is an incredible car charger to use for charging your Samsung galaxy, iPhone, Tablets as wells as iPad & iPod. This car charger is a dual port and it will charge your smartphone in a very efficient and fast way as you travel along. This car charger has an intelligent unit that will protect your Samsung Galaxy or iPhone from overcharging or overheating as you charge it. This charger’s unique aspect has made it to be one of the bestselling chargers.

2. Amazon Basic Car Charger

Amazon Basic Car Charger Top 10 Best Selling USB Car Chargers 2017

This product is from the bestselling online shop Amazon. This amazing charger from Amazon is a dual port charger with a LED indicator that will alert when the charger is ready to charge devices. It has a 20 watt power hence very suitable to charge devices from smartphones to tablets at the comfort of your charge as you rush to work.

1. PowerGen Dual Car Charger


The powergen USB car charger is one unique charger as on the input side there is a gap that will ensure you don’t disconnect the other device charging. It is a dual charger that is very reliable with a circuit design which will prevent the device from overcharging or even overheating. All the customers who have used this device have recommended this device to everyone interested in charger that will offer both fast charging and security to their devices. One last unique feature about this charger is that it will stop charging once the device is fully charged.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling USB Car Chargers in The World 2016-2017. All the listed USB car chargers are just a few of the many that are found in the market. The car charger choice depend on the preference3 of the user in terms of number of ports or how fast they need their devices charged. All the listed chargers will not only charge your phone but also charge your day with energy of staying connecting with people all day.