Top 10 Best Selling UPS Brands in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling UPS Brands in The World 2017. If you ever experienced a power outage and lost important information on your computer; then you were probably a candidate for a UPS. What is a UPS? A UPS is a device that is designed to provide extra energy to a computer when a main power source goes out. The following 10 UPS devices are the best in the market and here is a list of those brands.

List of Top 10 Best Selling UPS Brands in The World 2017

10. Intex UPS

Intex UPS Top Most Famous UPS Brands in The World 2018

Intex UPS brand is a reliable unit that easy to hook up and very reliable as a back-up source of power. Intex UPS devices are sold in a wide variety of styles and colors and they also have different designs as well. They can handle both residential and low to midrange commercial systems. The units are durable and rugged and can last for many years. These units are decently priced and a good purchase for the money.

9. Microtek UPS

Microtek UPS Top Famous UPS Brands in The World 2019

Microtek UPS brans are suited for small and big power systems. The units are power efficient and are very dependable within a tight situation. Microtek manufacturers also make their systems with an outstanding battery management system. This ensures that the unit’s function properly even when they have never been used. Improved battery management also ensures that a system can provide the maximum back time indicated for the device.

8. Numeric UPS

Numeric UPS Top Popular UPS Brands in The World 2019

Numeric UPS brand is an outstanding UPS developer within this field. Many people all over the world rely on this companies products to back up their systems. They are outfitted with batteries that provide the maximum backup time. Automatic voltage properties are included on the device and they help to keep it on track. Each unit is also has a microprocessor controlled system. The Numeric UPS is an all- around machine.

7. Videocon UPS


Videocon is a solid company that produces satisfactory UPS machines. Videocon’s equipment is outfitted with a micro-controller system and electronic equipment protection. They also feature an outstanding power efficiency. Videocon UPS is reliable, accurate and can a long backup time when the power goes down. This is the type of UPS device that is ready for use when a computer’s power system is disrupted.

6. Kemapower System & Equipment Co., Ltd

Kemapower System & Equipment Co., Ltd Top Most Popular UPS Brands in The World 2018

Kemapower System & Equipment is a great brand that is utilized by various countries across the globe. Many corporations, companies and businesses use this device to back up their systems. Organizations that rely on Kemapower are not disappointed. They understand the Kemapower contraptions are tested pieces of machinery that can handle large scale and small system power back up. These units are among the best in the business. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling UPS Brands in The World 2017.

5. Power Tech International Group

Power Tech International Group Top 10 Best UPS Brands in The World


Power Tech International provides UPS devices for industries, governments and corporations. They are reliable power back up tools that can keep operations up and running in the most extreme power outage conditions. Their machines have been tested in some pretty hostile environments and have come through without any problems. The Power Tech International UPS brand provides hardy devices that can handle any type of situation that is bad or good.

4. REMCO (Renewable Energy Manufacturing Company)


REMCO is an acronym for Renewable Energy Manufacturing Company. This company is situated in Hong Kong and it is a leader within the UPS field. REMCO equipment is top notch machinery that is rigorous as well as dependable. All of REMCO’s equipment is built to be original and authentic. They are tested to be high quality devices that can withstand extreme conditions. REMCO also uses solar technology for many of their UPS devices.

3. Deutsche Power

Deutsche Power Top Best UPS Brands in The World 2017

Deutsche Power is based in Germany and this brand of UPS machine is a very trustworthy unit for power outages. Many of Deutsche UPS machines have backup batteries for extended power. The units are efficient and can provide power to systems for a very long time. Organizations that use Deutsche know that this brand is very accurate and steady when mainline power is not available for the computer terminals.

2. Teknitron


Having an uninterruptible power supply is the dream of any organization or individual that relies on a computer network. This feature is a good thing because it allows a business to still have as much back up power as they need when the main source goes out. It is also reliable because if the power within an area is still being interrupted by some outside source; the Teknitron will not be affected. It will remain steady under adverse conditions.


APC UPS Top 10 Best UPS Brands in The World 2017

APC UPS is one of the best UPS brands in the world. They provide UPS devices that has a different range and size. Many of APC’s devices are heavy duty units that can protect just about any type of system that they are connected to. Large and small systems are no problem for APC UPS devices. This company knows how to build reliable back up power devices that last for years and can deliver emergency power within an instant.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling UPS Brands in The World 2017. These UPS devices help to make saving data from your computer a breeze. They are practical to use and help to protect computer user’s information and work from being permanently lost or destroyed when their main source of power fails.