Top 10 Best Selling Turkey Fryers in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Turkey Fryers in The Market 2017. Turkey fryers vary from a traditional deep fryer with the size and how quick they cook. If you enjoy crispy but juicy birds then one of these are going to be a great product for your family.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Turkey Fryers in The Market 2017

10. Bayou Classic B159

Bayou Classic B159, Top 10 Best Selling Turkey Fryers in The Market 2018

This has a cast iron pot to set your basket in for frying. The frame is welded steel and will last for a long time. The basket is made of an aluminum material and the product will heat to three hundred sixty degrees. It is eight and a half quarts deep with a lid for keeping the moisture and heat in for a better cooking experience. The item stands about twenty one inches tall and is easy to clean up once you have finished using it. Many people enjoy the cast iron pot that it has and said it is easy to use it for many other things aside from cooking a turkey. Use it for fish, potatoes, fries, and many other food items.

9. Cajun Injector Electric Turkey Fryer


The quick drain system that is on this one will make it easier to get all the oil out without burning yourself or someone else. A twelve to fourteen pound turkey will fit into the aluminum basket and can be used for a seafood boiler. Heating element is made from stainless steel material. If you have forgotten to shut the power off to this then the automatic shut off feature is going to kick in and people love that safety feature. Has a built in thermostat that is digital and also a timer you are able to set for knowing when the food it finished. Use this indoors with no problems and not worry about being outside in the cool weather around the holidays when frying the turkey.

8. Bayou Classic 1195


Material is stainless steel and the pot is a thirty-two quart. Make a whole turkey that is about eighteen pounds and the product comes with a skewer set so it is possible for frying three chickens at once. The poultry rack has a hook plus you get a boil basket. The frame has been welded and has a gas burner for outdoor use. Within as little as forty-five minutes you are going to be enjoying a great tasting turkey or take twenty minutes out of your day and make three chickens. Since this cooks so fast you are going to save time and have plenty room in your day to do other things.

7. Waring Pro TF200B


Cooks food items within three and a half minutes per pound. That makes it one of the quickest fryers so far. The rotisserie basket is going to hold about eight pounds of food. Has a one hundred and twenty minute timer and will use way less oil than other fryers on the market. Lid has a ventilation area that will release some steam for better cooking. There are lights on this for indication of power being on and when the item is ready to be used. Heating element is an eighteen hundred watt with the inside of this product holding two and a half gallon.

6. Brinkmann 815-4001-S


Made for using outdoors with this gas stove. The pot is a thirty quart and will hold a lot of food at one time and saving time for not only yourself but letting everyone else eat quickly as well. Has an sensor for when the temperature gets to a certain degree it will shut off the gas flow so that you will be safe. Thermostat is stainless and measures about twelve inches while the seasoning injector is one ounce. Product weighs about twenty pounds and is somewhat easy to move around. Your turkey is going to be one of the juiciest and have a great flavor when you have gotten finished with using this. This is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Turkey Fryers in The Market 2017.

5. Bayou Classic 1118


You can steam, boil, and fry many different items such as seafood or turkeys plus poultry or vegetables. Even cook up some great tasting tamales in this product with no problems. The handles are durable and its basket is one of the strongest made for any of these items. Cleaning will be easy since the stainless steel material is able to be quickly wiped down. Its price is actually great compared to some products in this same category. Many users stated they love how easy this is to use and the cheap price was great for the quality you are getting.

4. Masterbuilt 20100809


The turkey frying product uses no oil so that the ones preferring a healthier eating experience will be pleased. Construction of consists of double walls and the heat is going to be outside of the turkey for better flavoring. With there being 1650 watts of power you can make things up to eighteen pounds. There is a wood chip box that is built in and a drip pan that can be removed which is located at the bottom of this product. Cleaning up is easy and going to be done quickly. People love that they do not have to be outside while using this because it is safe to use indoors.

3. Bayou’s Classic High-Pressure Outdoor Gas Cooker SP10


It is just the frame that you are getting when purchasing this product. The item will hold large pots that have up to a one hundred quart capacity. Has been welded for a more durable long lasting item. The hose is about forty-eight inches long and braided for a better sturdiness. Has a regulator on it and also one of the brass valves. This is intended for outdoor use. The 360 degree windscreen is going to be great for a windy day when using it.

2. Char-Broil the Big Easy TRU-Infrared


Make food that weighs up to sixteen pounds such as things from chicken to beef, tenderloins, roasts, or any other large cuts of meat. Perfect for turkeys and it is going to be a healthier way to cook your food since this requires no oil to use. That option is going to be safe for anyone using since that prevent burns, spills, or messes. Get the cooker, basket, lifter, thermometer, and a guide for different ways to cook certain foods. You must use a propane tank which does not come with it so purchase that separately.

1. Masterbuilt 23011014


Here is the number one item on the list because not only is the product stylish and more modern looking but you are getting a great quality once purchasing it. Use it right on your counter inside your home. The inside pot is coated with porcelain and going to hold the oil a lot better and makes the item safer for use. Make 14lb turkeys without a problem and no risk of oil boiling over its sides. Get the option to purchase an XL edition of this same product which will hold an even bigger turkey that is 20 lbs.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Turkey Fryers in The Market 2017. When the holidays come around, a lot of people hate basting and dealing with an oven so why not invest in a fryer and get the item done less than an hour instead of losing sleep by using the oven and staying awake for basting and keeping watch of your turkey.