Top 10 Best Selling Travel Power Adapters in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Travel Power Adapters in The Market 2017. We want to make you smile again because we have listed and described the best selling travel power adapters which have been designed to charge your power hungry devices smartly. They’ll enable you travel globally with peace of mind knowing that you will charge your devices when they need power. Majority of them comes with travel pouch to enable you carry your travel power adapters wherever you go. You will get the right one here which is well priced and functional enough to let you covered while traveling. Read on here and you’ll thank us later.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Travel Power Adapters in The Market 2017

10. Power Bright PB-12

Power Bright PB-12 Top 10 Best Selling Travel Power Adapters

This is the best power adapter which you can use when traveling from US to UK and it will never annoy you. You just plug it to the socket and it will never cause danger or hitches. This adapter is portable and built to last and it will worth your cash. It doesn’t convert voltage and works well with either 120 or 240 voltage. It has compact design which makes it effortless to transport and can fit easily to your pockets. You can now travel anywhere with this power adapter.

9. Travel Inspira Universal Adapter


You need this powerful adapter while traveling and it has been constructed for variety of electrical standard. It has fit 2 pronged US plug and 3 prolong grounded type as well as other plugs globally. It is all in one item and it can work up to five different input plugs. It comes with built-in fuse protection and also surge protection. It has dual set of USB ports which will charge your Android or iOS devices with ease. This adapter will always give your devices enough power.

8. Travel Ready AC Power Travel Adapter Plug


This is what you need and it will respond to your traveling needs. You can use it to connect any devices, appliance, computer or tool directly to your local power setting. The adapter is easily adaptable and it is durable and doesn’t have any moving parts. It has distinctive color which is certain to stand out and you will never forget it in hotel room. It features built-in surge protector and has universal design and it can work well with all types of connectors.

7. BESTEK International Travel Worldwide Plug Adapter Set

BESTEK International Travel Worldwide Plug Adapter Set Top Best Selling Travel Power Adapters 2017

This adapter will enable you travel around the world without your power hungry phone running out of power. Convenience as well as peace of mind will be yours while charging your cell phone. This eight- pack will offer you peace of mind and let you charge your laptop and the inbuilt voltage is great to ensure that your devices are protected. They also features internal metal interfaces and they are optimized to make sure that you get the best conductivity of power.

6. Yubi Power Dual Outlet


This is the perfect travel choice which will enable you travel with peace of mind. You will use it to plug to world’s power sockets and you can charge up to two devices and no risk of short circuit or surges. It comes with internal surge protector and neon light indicators and has foldable prongs which is great for type G, C, A and I power outlets which are found in all countries. This item will enable you charge your devices when you’re abroad. Let this universal adapter be your choice.

5. Kensington K33117


You can now depend on this adapter to charge your devices. It is great travel adapter and it will meet your electronic power needs. It can be used in more than 150 countries and so when you have business trips or leisure, this compact adapter will be your companion and charge your device without any risk. You can adapt it in minutes to meet the power settings which are available and uses slide-out plugs with zero risk of losing some parts. You can now enjoy your leisure trip abroad knowing that your devices will get enough juice. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Travel Power Adapters in The Market 2017.

4. Ceptics 3 Outlet


The two-pronged adapter is fully grounded and great for electric safety. You can use it to connect 3 electric powered devices and it can work well with any sockets well as plugs except South African ones. It features a new conductivity design and the internal metal interfaces will ensure that your devices get better conductivity of electricity when charging your devices. Let your devices get enough juice while traveling by using this adapter wherever you go.

3. Ceptics UP-5KP


Each of the adapters has been carefully labeled to show the region or country which is suitable for use and it will ensure that you charge your phones with peace of mind. The adapter can also fit in both 2 prong polarized as well as standard power sockets around the globe. It comes with convenient travel pouch which will ensure that you take your adapter wherever you go. If you’re a globe trotter, then this item will impress you. Get it and it will charge your devices smartly and safely.

2. BESTEK 200W Travel Voltage Converter


When you own this item, you will be assured that your gadgets will never run out of power. It will give you pleasing results when giving your devices enough juice and also safe from any current surges. It has four USB charging ports and it includes a set of 3 international adapters that will enable you to connect the converter to any wall sockets. The unit can work well from North America to UK, Australia, Europe, China, Japan and many others. It has multiple protections to protect your devices against dangers such as surges, over-current, high temperature as well as short circuiting.

1. Ceptics GP-5PK


You will love this universal travel power adapter which comes in set to let you charge your gadgets without wait. It comes with five adapter plugs which will enable you plug your cell phone to any power socket and let it get enough juice while traveling. The set will let you charge your devices while in USA, Japan, Canada, Europe, Germany, Russia, France, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia. You can also use it while traveling in countries like Ethiopia, Chile, Italy and Uruguay. It comes with fitting travel pouch and your adapter will be replaced if it fails to work.

These best travel power adapters 2017 have been tested to ensure safety while charging your devices and you will be able to travel around the globe know that your gadgets will get enough juice without wait. You will never worry about surges, over-heating, high temperature and anything which can damage your devices while charging your devices because these adapters have built-in surge protection for you and your devices’ safety.