Top 10 Best Selling Toy Trends For Kids in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Toy Trends For Kids in The World 2017. These items are great for teens and adults. The kids will enjoy building these toys are interacting with them. These are great for gifts to your child on their birthday or holidays. They will love you for buying it and enjoy spending lots of time playing with it no matter if it is just for show. They will show it off to their friends and family. They can take some of these toys apart and build them back. No matter what you get your kids they will love the toy for a very long time. Even if they do stop playing with it they will still love having it sit on the shelf for them to be able to look at when they want to go down memory lane.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Toy Trends For Kids in The World 2017

10. Minecraft Exploding Creeper-

minecraft-exploding-creeper, Top 10 Best Selling Toy Trends For Kids 2017

This cool little tool is great for the kids who love the Minecraft game. This figure is about five inches in scale and has a hidden button. If you push the hidden button the figure will explode into pieces. You can buy different figures from this game. The legs legs can be moved and the head rotates. To attach the head to the body push it firmly down until you hear a clicking noise. The figure exploding pretty much means it kinda tumbles apart but if you can get it to it will pop apart and really look like it is exploding. All the kids love it and want to take turns getting it to pop apart and so they can put it back together.

9. Star Wars Furbacca-

star-wars-furbacca, Top 10 Best Selling Toy Trends For Kids 2018

This toy is like furbies. You can interact with it and is motion and touch censored. Download the app and it will create another level of interaction. Create adventures and scenes from the Star Wars Universe. You can unlock Star Wars Furby Furblings. Kids who love Star Wars will love this and play with it a lot. If you are a Star Wars lover this is just something you can add to the collection to either play with or just to be on display. They pick up words that you say and it helps their vocabulary grow. If you talk rude to it it will talk rude back. You have to be very careful with the furbies in general because they go by what they hear and can pick up some bad phrases if you are not careful.

8. LEGO Creator Ferris Wheel-


Build this ferris wheel and watch it go. You can crank the wheel and turn it yourself or motorize it with the LEGO power function 8883 medium motor and triple A batteries. It measures over twenty three inches and twenty one inches wide. You can build it and place it on the shelf for show or you can build it and play with it. It is most of the time sold out in stores and sometimes online. If you see one that you can buy then you may want to buy it as fast as you can before it is gone.

7. Air Wars Battle Drones-


Battle with your remote controlled flying quadcopter drone against an opponent to see who falls out of the sky first. You have a choice between four different attack moves that you can perform. You can use the tornado attack, 360 spin attack, circle attack, and even the ram attack. You can customize weapons on your drone to use and help you take down your opponent. The propellers are enclosed for safe play and a durable frame for when it falls from the sky. You get the two drones, two remotes, and ten weapons. The batteries are rechargeable and comes with the charging cables and eight replacement propellers just to be safe.

6. Orbeez Ultimate Soothing Spa-


Using this spa will give your feet a treat with the soothing massage. The cascading waterfall of the Orbeez on your feet will make you feel relaxed and make you feel like you are at a spa. You get over two thousand Orbeez. The foot spa has a larger foot area so that all ages can enjoy the feel of it. Have your kids invite their friends over so they can all have a spa day and relax like girls should do. A built in strainer will help heat your Orbeez so they stay nice and warm on your feet. If the machine is not in use you will need to remove the Orbeez and bag them up so they do not dry out. With the fact that the Orbeez are just like small bouncing balls they tend to go everywhere and do not feel good when stepped on. Be careful when removing them and placing in a plastic bag. This is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Toy Trends For Kids in The World 2017.

5. Zing Wet Head Game-


One set includes the wet head hat water container, the water container itself, eight rods you plug into the container, and a spinner. Kids love this game. They try to outrun the water and it is not possible. They squeal and scream because of the fact the water can slosh out at any time. Teenagers, kids and even adults love this challenging game. People take it to camp so the kids can try it out. Adults feel left out so they jump in when they can and take over the game. Pull the pegs out one by one and hope the water does not spill on you at anytime. Try your luck with this game and enjoy it.

4. Fisher-Price Imaginext SpongeBob SquarePants Glove World-


It is a Bikini Bottoms ultimate amusement park, filled with thrilling rides. The roller coaster moves quickly when going down. You can move the blade or punching fist to add thrills to the rides. The swing ride pulls out from the base and moves great. The characters you get with it goes in the ride very easy and stay in the ride. If they fall out it is fine because the episode shows them flying out of the ride. Gravity takes the rides from a stand still spot to a going fast spot in no time so you can watch the cars go while playing with the other rides.

3. Crayola Easy Animation Studio-


Make it easy for kids to create their own animations. Lets kids do what they want with the character. It is a quicker and easier version of stop motion animation. You can choose from booklets of characters and backgrounds. You get the mannequin, a stand up thirty page design booklet, twelve twistable color pencils, and a device stand. Has an app that you can use for more background designs. The kids can draw whatever they please and enjoy it at the same. Can be used to take photos and show off your work or just to color on in general.

2. Barbie Hello Dreamhouse 2016-


It has four motors, automatic elevator, electronic staircase that turns into a slide, spinning chandelier, and doors that open with a voice command. Change the features within the six rooms, move the elevator and change the stairs simply by telling the house what to do. You can even record your own voice to use in any of the fifteen locations. Thirteen switches throughout the house will bring the rooms to life. It has a fireplace that crackles in the living room, and so much more.

1. Play-Doh Doctor Drill ‘n Fill Retro Pack-


Buying this for your kids is great if you do not have carpet. They can play dentist by filling in cavities, making braces, and so much more. You get an electric drill that makes the buzzing noise. You can squeeze silly toothpaste through the toothbrush. You get the head,drill, tweezers, a roller, toothbrush, tooth mold, and the list goes on with a few more things that your kids will love to play with. You can buy extra play doh so the kids will never run out. Buying different colors will let your kids make funny looking teeth to replace in the head of the patient.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Toy Trends For Kids in The World 2017. These toys are so cool that your kids will play for hours with no end. When we was all kids they had a few of these things but not as far as advanced as these are. Kids will always want to play with them and never get bored. So go find these toys and get the birthday present or Christmas presents wrapped for your lovelies before it is too late.

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