Top 10 Best Selling Tech Gadgets for Men & Women

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Tech Gadgets for Men & Women 2017. Technology moves and changes so fast it’s really hard to keep up with it. It’s usually changing for the better and setting out to make our lives simpler and easier. There are a lot of products out there now aimed at cutting down time to prepare something, make something sound better, and help something operate better and faster and then just the really cool things that are down-right fun. These are the top 10 best-selling tech gadgets of 2017 for Men & Women for you to choose from for your next wish list, or to fill someone else’s wish list.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Tech Gadgets for Men & Women 2017

10. Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones

bose-quietcomfort-35-wireless-headphones, Top 10 Best Selling Tech Gadgets for Men & Women 2017

These are re-engineered Bluetooth technology and world-class noise cancellation headphones from Bose. You will enjoy your favorite tunes without anything getting in the way. When you simply flip the switch, you’ll hear outside noises fade away and your music soar. The technology used to cancel noise continuously measures, compares, and reacts to the noises around you and cancels them with an opposite signal. Bose has seamlessly merged Bluetooth and noise reduction technology into one premium headphone set to give you quality audio performance.

9. FitBit Alta Fitness Tracker

fitbit-alta-fitness-tracker, Top 10 Best Selling Tech Gadgets for Men & Women 2018

FitBit Alta Fitness tracker puts fashion and fitness on display. You’ll find more inspiration as this unit tracks your steps, calories, distance, hourly activity, stationary time, and active minutes. It will also prompt you to become more active with little reminders throughout the day to move around more and will celebrate when you have reached your set goals. This little unit automatically knows and records exercises for you so you can look back at your success. Using tap display, you simply tap the unit to get instant access to all your data. You will also be able to put your smartphone away while working out as the FitBit will receive and send you notifications at a glance.

8. Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 inch with Pen

samsung-galaxy-tablet-10-1-inch-with-pen, Top 10 Best Selling Tech Gadgets for Men & Women 2019

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will arrive with an S pen and more Ram than when it was released overseas. It will feature a WUXGA display, Exynos 7870 octa-core processor, 8MP rear camera with 2MP front-facing camera, and 16GB of storage. This tablet was launched in September and is expected to reach the United States by the end of October. The 10.1-inch touchscreen displays with a resolution of 1920 by 1200 pixels.

7. FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera


FujiFilm Instax Mini instant camera has new features and enhancements. This camera is exceptionally easy to carry around where ever you go and will provide you automatic exposure measurement. It will signal the recommended aperture setting with a flashing light so you can manually adjust the camera. This means every shot you take will be perfect. The new High-Key mode will let you take brighter photos that will have a soft-look making them perfect for portraits. The viewfinder will allow greater clarity with its improved visibility.

6. Amazon Echo Dot

amazon-echo-dot, Top 10 Best Selling Tech Gadgets for Men & Women 2020

Amazon Echo Dot is a voice controlled device making it hands-free and uses Alexa to control smart home devices, read the news, set alarms, play music and more. It will connect to your headphones or speakers through Bluetooth technology and play music from Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and Amazon Music. This incredible new gadget uses new technology to control your lights, fans, garage doors, sprinklers, and even thermostats. It is able to hear you from across the room with its microphones so you have a hands-free device. The speakers that are built-in allow it to work on its own as a smart alarm clock in the bedroom, an assistant in the kitchen or however you need help with control.

5. Nest ‘Smart Learning

nest-smart-learning, Top 10 Best Selling Tech Gadgets for Men & Women

Nest ‘Smart Learning thermostat learns from you what you like the temperature to be in your environment. Once it learns your likes, it will build a schedule around them. Since the Nest Thermostat was first released in 2011, it has saved over a billion kWh of energy throughout millions of homes across the globe. On the average, a single household can save about 12% on their heating bills and more than 15% on their cooling bills. Within two years this thermostat will have paid for itself. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Tech Gadgets for Men & Women 2017.

4. OtterBox Defender Series iPhone 7/Plus Case


This Defender series is specifically for the iPhone 7Plus and provides three layers of protection and a built-in screen protector. This will defend your iPhone 7/Plus from scratches, being damaged when dropped, bumps and any shock you may accidentally administer to it. It comes with a belt-clip holster that can also be used as a kickstand to allow you hands-free viewing of the screen. The Defender will also protect the ports on your iPhone from getting dirt or dust in them.

3. Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Control


Through the Fire TV Stick, you can enjoy more than 7,000 apps, games, and Alexa skills. You also have access to Netflix, Amazon Video, NBC, HBO NOW, YouTube, WatchESPN, Disney, Hulu and more. You will be able to launch and control your content with Alexa Voice control by simply giving it a command to play, launch, or search and it will respond to your voice instantly. When you don’t have cable or satellite, this is the perfect way to obtain endless entertainment and world information. If you travel a lot this will be the perfect answer to bring unwatched episodes or movies with you and pick up on them where you left off while on the road, or once you’ve settled.

2. Amazon Echo


This device will allow you to play all your music from; iHeartRadio, Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, TuneIn, and more. Using 360 omni-directional audio this Amazon Echo will fill your room with sound. It also uses voice control so it’s a hands-free unit. It can even recognize your voice, while one song is playing, from across the room and follow your commands. It will read audiobooks, the news, traffic reports, and even give you the weather forecast. The Amazon Echo is also able to control lights, thermostats, switches that are compatible with WeMo, Samsung SmartThings, Wink, Nest, and Insteon.

1. Samsung Gear VR Headset


Samsung Gear VR headset brings you amazing virtual reality anywhere. You will be able to play the most amazing games or watch the best movies in your own private cinema. This headset will drop you right in the middle of whatever action you go after. They are lightweight and very comfortable to wear with an improved fit so even if you wear eyeglasses, this headset will give you a comfortable view.

Whether you are looking for something that will only provide entertainment, or perhaps need something that will enhance what you already have; this list of the top 10 best selling tech gadgets of 2017 for men & women should provide an answer to your search.