Top 10 Best Selling Tailgate Party Supplies for Summer

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Tailgate Party Supplies for Summer 2017. These are ten of the best items to buy when having a tailgate party. You will love the items and will use most of them for years at a time. No need to replace some of them for years because the durability will last a long time. Everything is sturdy and ready to use when you get it. May need a little help when setting up the tent or getting the cooler out of the truck but that is what you have buddies for. Enjoy the night with your friends or even just your girlfriend.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Tailgate Party Supplies for Summer 2017

10. Trademark Innovations Portable Folding Sports Bench


Even though this bench looks pretty cool it seems that it will not last you a long time. The fabric seems to rip easy, screws start to fall out. People have bought these for kids that are under the age of 10 and they still seem to break down. It looks like a great chair to have at a tailgate party but unless you just want to trust it and see for yourself just buy the regular camping chairs. It is a dangerous chair if it does start to fall apart so if you and your buddies plan to drink and party a little more than you should then this are not the best idea for you. The seats on some of these brands are very tiny so you will not be able to fit in them if you are a bigger person.

9. GCI Outdoor Pico Arm chair

GCI Outdoor Pico Arm chair Top Best Selling Tailgate Party Supplies for Summer 2017

This is a high quality, field-tested travel chair. Folds down to the size of a laptop for easy travel. You will love this chair because of how comfortable it is and how sturdy it is. Very lightweight so you can carry them anywhere you would like to take it. If you plan to use this outdoors you will need to make sure not to get any dirt or water on it. Sit it up in the back of your truck while tailgating so you do not waste your money. It is big enough that if you are a little bigger in the waist or thighs you will not be uncomfortable. When you first attempt to sit it up you will have trouble but after learning the way to sit it up you should have no problem.

8. GoPong Portable Beer Pong Table

GoPong Portable Beer Pong Table Top Most Famous Selling Tailgate Party Supplies for Summer 2018

This table is great for a tailgate party where you will be drinking and having fun. You can fold it down and stick it in the back of the truck to take with you. It is very sturdy. No worries of spilling the drinks because it is spill proof. It is very easy to set up and clean if you do spill anything on it. The only thing that you may not like is that it is short so maybe you can play sitting down. It is made of a dry erase top so if you want get some markers and trash talk the other player for fun. This table is great for a tailgate party that you want to keep fun and relaxed at.

7. New Orleans Saints 12

New Orleans Saints 12 Top Most Selling Tailgate Party Supplies for Summer 2019

Pack Kooler Bag-You can pick and choose from seventeen different bags. It has soft sides for easy storage. Keeps the food and drinks cold and stores up to twelve soda cans. If you do have a spill that happens then you can clean it up with a wet wash clothe. Store your drinks in this bag and take it to the party with you. If you want you can put ice in it. The ice will stay froze for a while and eve n when it does melt the bag does not leak. You can also put hot food in it and it will stay hot for a long while. People who have had it up to four years say that nothing has happened to theirs. No tears no leaks and the zipper still works great. Best bag you can get for anything that you want to use it with.

6. Yeti Tundra 65


Has a freezing style sealing gasket. It is great to replace the old marine cooler you had and works so much better. This cooler will hold so much that you will not know what to do with the extra room. Never will have to worry about packing two or more because it is huge. The hinges are very sturdy so the lid will not break off and you will never have to replace it. Keeps everything in it cold and you can take it anywhere. It may be heavy but two men can pick it up and place it in the back of a truck. You can place ice in it and it will last you days without melting at all. Even if the temperature outside is above a hundred the ice will still be good for four to five days. It may be a little on the pricey side but you only have to buy one so why not spend the money that you would be wasting on other coolers that are going to break down and not work. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Tailgate Party Supplies for Summer 2017.

5. Swing’n Smoke MVP Hitch-Mounted Tailgate Grill


It has a quick exchange, stainless steel burners with three stainless steel flame deflectors for superb heat distribution and longevity. A 34,500 BTUs of grilling power. You get 11,500 BTUs from each of the three burners. 465 square inches grilling surface. Comes with an ice chest tray. People say that it is not constructed like it should be but maybe they did not assemble it correctly themselves.

4. International Caravan Pop Up Canopy

International Caravan Pop Up Canopy Top Most Popular Selling Tailgate Party Supplies for Summer 2018

Built with a steel frame with rising truss style reinforcements. Pull pin sliders to adjust to the height you please. When putting up the canopy tent it will be so easy you will be done in no time. No grunting or force needed to assemble. Should only take two people to put together. So easy a teenager could put it together with no problems. Very sturdy and reliable so no need to replace it every year with a new one. After you have set it up the first time it should take no more than five minutes each time after that. You will get so use to how to set it up that you will no longer need to read the instructions. Set it up the first time within ten minutes and remember how to set up like riding a bike.

3. NFL 3 Gallon Tailgate Jug

NFL 3 Gallon Tailgate Jug Top Famous Selling Tailgate Party Supplies for Summer 2019

First off it is three gallons so you will be able to keep it pretty full. At parties you will have so many using it that you will not run out for a while. You can use it for cold drinks or hot whatever you may want in it will work. Keeps it cold or warm for a long time. Taking this with you to a tailgate party will be great because you and your lady friend will have no worries of running out of drinks for everyone. May have to refill up to three times but it will not be constantly because it holds so much at once.

2. NFL Royal Plush Raschel Throw

NFL Royal Plush Raschel Throw Top 10 Best Selling Tailgate Party Supplies for Summer

If you use this blanket a lot it will fade out. It will keep you warm wherever you go. So if you are sitting in the back of a truck not near the fire throw this over your legs and enjoy the night without freezing. You can use it to lay in the back of a truck to just sit on and still be comfortable. Let the kids cover up if they get tired so they can go to sleep with no trouble. Share it with your lover because it is nice and big. Having this will make you love being outside and being warm.

1. 10-Pack Of Grabber Hand Warmers

10-Pack Of Grabber Hand Warmers Top 10 Best Selling Tailgate Party Supplies for Summer 2017

Having these on hand will keep you warm so you do not get sick. Let them get warm before using them or you are wasting your time. Unpack them place on a table and come back a few minutes later to hot hand that will surely keep you from freezing any time you use them. If they have heat left when you are done with them then you can place in a ziplock bag and make sure there is no air in the baggie and they will stay warm. Place them in your jacket pockets so when you stick your hands in you will get instant heat to your hands. Place them in your mittens that you will be wearing and no worries at all. They are cheap and handy and you will love them.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Tailgate Party Supplies for Summer 2017. After looking at all of these cool supplies you should make a list and start buying. Everything on this list will do you some good. If you do not like the team that is on the blanket or cooler then just see what other teams they have and buy that one. No matter which one you buy they are still the same way as the others. I suggest buying up everything you will need before even planning the trip because of the price on some of these items. If you do not want to take your nice blankets with you then you can still use them around the house or on your porch at night when you want to sit under the stars.

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